The Line Drive for June 8

Posted June 8th, 2014 at 12:30 pm


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

Only a few days left for entries in the EA Sports UFC giveaway!
First special live E3 Press Row Hangout is scheduled for 11ET Monday night.
In a rare smart decision in handling the series NBA Live 15 won’t be appearing at E3.
EA Sports has confirmed Tournament mode and Guest Play will return in FIFA 15.
The PC version of FIFA 15 will run on the next-gen EA Sports Ignite engine.
Polygon explains why Colin Kaepernick is the only tattooed player in Madden NFL 15.
Screenshots released of Madison Square Garden and Joe Louis Arena from NHL 15.
The EA Sports UFC demo is running at 900p despite promises the game would be 1080p.
EA is investigating bumping EA Sports UFC’s resolution to 1080p on the PS4.
Check out the latest fighter screenshots for EA Sports UFC in the FB album.
NBA 2K14 now has a pair of in-game shoes that cost $5 worth of currency to buy.
HB Studios has released a new trailer with PS4 footage for The Golf Club.
EA will testify in O’Bannon case they would have paid college athletes to appear.
Sony blog post includes 51 new details on DriveClub.
Forza Horizon 2 has been announced for Xbox One and 360 this fall.
The dark days of the NBA are here in the finale of hilarious series NBA Y2K.
Sony has released an app for E3 2014 on the PlayStation 4.
45 new apps including ones for Twitter and Vine are coming to Xbox One.
Blu-ray releases this week include Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Non-Stop.

  • Keith.

    I continue to be addicted to Challenge of the Week, i.e., one of the best modes in sports games today. They either upped the difficulty this week, or CJ Wilson is just that good. After 25 attempts, I topped out at a lowly 167,440, while the high score for the week is a comparatively low 5 million-plus. I’ve really enjoyed hitting in Houston’s Minute Maid ballpark this week, and as always can’t see what the new featured match up will be starting tomorrow.

  • Keith.

    More from SimFBallCritic today on twitter re: the NFL 2K rumor:

    Got an update on the NFL 2K stuff, quick vid coming later. Remember, still a rumor though.

    ‏@SimFBallCritic 2h
    @69TossPowerTrap Got an update coming later. Pretty much is suppose to happen, we’ll see.

    @69TossPowerTrap I got you man. If it goes down you know I’m going to yell it, lol.

    @SimFBallCritic · 1h
    @Ronnie2K @LD2K @2K Would love an invite to your E3 2014 Conference. Anticipating what you guys may be showing.

  • sca1994

    I think that is fair and understandable by EA in regards to their implementation of tattoos.