EA Sports UFC E3 Demo Presentation Featuring Bruce Lee

Posted June 9th, 2014 at 12:40 pm


EA used the opportunity to promote EA Sports UFC during their press conference today and to no surprise leveraged the inclusion of Bruce Lee to attempt and reach the non-hardcore MMA crowd. He is available as a pre-order bonus through all retailers and digital and otherwise could be unlocked by completing Career mode. The gameplay demo featured Lee against B.J. Penn.

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  • Thuggen Jones

    I don’t even understand why you put BJ PENN VS Bruce lee … no offense to BJ PENN but there are plenty of other UFC Fighter thats could have generated more buzz. The gameplay footage basically just showed bruce lee’s basic and advanced striking ….. They were better off showings us something new and informative, anything to help the consumers know the game is worthy of being the first true mma game on next gen console…. kinda dissapointed

  • Keith.

    This game looks worse with every new clip I see. And this was the developer playing?

  • Details

    The more I see of this game, the more disappointed I’m starting to get. Every fighter seems to have a limited & similar arsenal of attack. Bruce Lee should be quicker & he should have a huge variety of attacks smh. Punches & kicks don’t seem to have enough pop to them. All take down animations are the same. Idk, I’m starting to reconsider my purchase at this point & might cancel my preorder. I’ll wait to see more gameplay vids this week to make a final decision.

    • Goldie

      He was quick for being in the fifth round.

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    Can you say NBA Live