First Look at EA Sports PGA Tour 16

Posted June 9th, 2014 at 12:50 pm


At the E3 press conference for Electronic Arts today the company unveiled EA Sports PGA Tour which will be out next March. The series has dropped Tiger Woods – not just from the cover but from the game altogether. The first look at it coming back from a year off includes mentions of no load times between holes, detailed courses, and fantasy environments.

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  • tsb

    Ridiculous fantasy environments seems silly and desperate on EA’s part. I guess that’s what would happen after you loose Tiger Woods from the title. A carrier crashing into the course, really? If you had told me this was a rumor I would have laughed it off.

  • Mike Query

    EA is such a joke. Shoot over a battleship, so damn cheesy.

    • Trey Warner

      There are regular courses and fantasy over the top courses.

      • Mike Query

        Im aware, I can hear. Doesnt make it any less lame. They feel the pressure from Golf Club. We all know EA cant handle pressure very well and there is nothing they can do to get rid of the competition in this case, so their best idea is to have a battleship crash onto the course.

        Honestly, if I was 2k or something, I would be working on making a hockey game and football game based off the EASHL mode. No need for licensing as EASHL is all fake players and what not anyway. Just make it fully customizable with awesome gameplay. They could really put the pressure on EA.

        • Skihawks

          How about 2K get back into baseball as well. They couldn’t screw that up.

        • Love Is A FIST

          I cant wait til 2K actually tries to make a game other than “NBA 2K11” with prettier graphics every year… Then when they do and its average, just like NBA, we can see what all you 2K suck offs say.. NFL ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 NFL ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 NFL ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 NFL ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 NFL ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 NFL ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8.. Just in case you guys forgot.. Which you tend to do when talking about this very subject..

          • Mike Query

            I dont like NBA 2k, there goes your argument. Hate to break it to your simple minded views, but just because someone doesnt love EA, and would like each game to have some competition because it forces the companies to be better, doesnt make us 2k fanboys or any other lame thing you wanna call people.

    • Skihawks

      Fantasy courses have been in the games prior. I have issue with adding extra content to add an arcade mode. MVP had awesome mini games that didn’t detract from the main game modes.

      People will hate, I suppose.

      • Mike Query

        MVP baseball’s mini games were batting practice and pitching practice. Not comparable in the slightest.

        It is good for you that you dont have an issue with it. I do, I think its a slippery slope that will start to take away from the gameplay.

        People will hate other people’s opinions that differ from theirs, I suppose.

  • loan.raven

    Golf Club > EA PGA