What Game Moved Anticipation Wise Up or Down Most From E3 Showings?

Posted June 14th, 2014 at 12:00 pm


In what was a relatively uneventful E3, EA Sports pushed its slate of upcoming titles by focusing mostly on the fundamentals instead of hyperbole. Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15, NHL 15, and PGA Tour all debuted new trailers, appeared at the Electronic Arts press conference, and had additional feature details released.

Madden went heavy on defense accompanied by some gimmicky visual indicators and new cameras. There was also info on aspects like QB accuracy finally mattering and long overdue presentation enhancements Рbut videos that followed (in particular the one of the halftime show) were somewhat deflating outside of the improved look and flow of the game.  FIFA debuted its gameplay and presentation features, and in doing so caught up with the other fall titles. EA had been holding back due to the World Cup.

NHL didn’t have much new in the way of details but the impressive trailer and only gameplay video to make it out was worth it. EA Sports PGA Tour 16 meanwhile opened with an apparent attempt to present itself in a more arcade-style light, which may be its way of trying to appeal to the casual crowd now that Tiger Woods is gone as the face of the franchise.

What game of the bunch impressed you the most? Which was the most disappointing? Vote in the polls and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • TMack1986

    How did Madden get over 30% for excitement and then also for disappointment? Lol seem like some people can’t make up their mind.

    • Really not surprising to me at least to see that. There are a lot of people who like Madden, there are a lot who dislike or are frustrated with it. I see this every year in sports game of the year polls too. High number rates it as the best, and a high number rates it as the most disappointing.

      • mbrink12

        Madden is up there with 2k for the most polarizing fans. You have some that love it, and have some that hate it.

  • Madden Replay 15

    NBA Live 15 actually has me excited. Until I hear that Madden Replay 15 has a true franchise in – game experience, I don’t care for it.

  • Keith.

    I don’t understand the talk of new cameras with Madden. Last year, they said they were devoting a bunch of resources for new cameras — yet, I haven’t seen a single new camera I’ve never seen before in any of the videos. What’s up with that?

  • Smsixx

    The Order: 1886 is my most highly anticipated title. I know you only do sports here but that game is going to be killer.

  • Robo COP

    SMH. The polls are still newish so I’m hoping they start to pan out and make more sense. I was going to come in here and talk about how I like that the NHL team is continuing to trying to build on what they already have and perfect it as much as they can rather than building hype through trying to make different game modes or introducing some “ground breaking” feature that won’t work. But seeing these polls, I just have to get into it…

    WHY!?!?! Why is anyone excited about playing Madden? What in the heck did they show that got people excited to play? This is literally the worst game EA puts out every year! It’s terrible. I am a huge NFL fan and sure would love to play a good NFL game but I can’t. Madden has continuously disappointed since the move to 360 and PS3. I haven’t actually enjoyed the game since 08 on xbox.

    So what is so exciting? The tackle cone crap they introduced? How does that get anyone excited? It’s just another feature they are going to lazily implement that barely works right and guess what? In 2 years they are just going to take it out of the game and add some other new, stupid feature (see QB vision cone). Madden is a pathetic attempt at an NFL game and it’s sickening that people still buy into its crap. What about owner mode, a feature that was on old gen. Like xbox and ps2 old gen. And they finally brought bac)? Are they going to fix all the issues with it? No, of course not. The Colts and Skins and half the league will still let their franchise QBs walk away in free agency, because that always happens in the NFL….give me a break

    As long as the general public keeps buying into maddens crap the game is going to continue to be an absolute joke. Pathetic. Unbelievably pathetic. I’d rather listen to Tony Kornheiser up in the booth on Monday nights for the next century than play more than 5 minutes of Madden

    • Weekend Roady

      Probably because, in our country, the NFL has more fans (and obsessive fans) than any other league. Couple that with the longevity of the series, Madden was the first real go-to sim sports game and it didn’t really trip up until Madden 06. Madden will sell blindly year-in and year-out to people who have grown up with it. It has a very established user base and it’s the only choice for the huge overlap that is football fans and gamers.

      I personally feel NHL and FIFA are much better games, but those sports are still considered No. 4 and No. 5 in the U.S., so their sales only go to fans and a few curious onlookers. I find those games fun to play even if you really don’t like watching the sport (I hated watching soccer until relatively recently, but have played FIFA since the series began).

    • Love Is A FIST

      IM buying it!

  • Jay (The Truth)

    What’s up with 2K not showing anything Pasta?

    • They don’t really feel they have to. Last year they debuted a look at next-gen, but the previous two years their showings were actually pretty worthless. They tend to hold things back that matter until later.

    • VC reasons

      Not enough VC

  • HeatFan786

    FIFA 15 won the game that least impressed me. It was “what features belonged in FIFA 11.” Really, jersey degradation and newer reactions, big whoop. NHL won best looking game since the graphical jump is huge along w/ Doc Emerick and NBC being featured as the presentation. I haven’t heard Doc’s voice in a video game since NHL Faceoff 98. RIP 989 Sports.

  • Details

    You didn’t have it as an option but UFC has me extremely disappointed. So much so that I went to Gamestop & cancelled my preorder yesterday. I was very hyped for the game when it was announced. After playing the demo I started to get skeptical. Now after watching numerous live streams of the retail version & getting more in depth info about the game, it just disappoints on so many levels.

    Let’s see where do I start….
    -Every fighter fights too similar
    -Not enough variation in attacks
    -Not enough variation in take down animations
    -Not enough signature animations to separate fighting styles
    -CPU doesn’t use much strategy & fighters don’t fight like there real life counterparts in terms of strategy
    -Not enough pop in punches
    -Stamina regenerates way too quickly between rounds
    -Last but not least, there are NO GAMEPLAY SLIDERS! WTF?

    I was willing to look past some of the gameplay deficiencies but when I found out there were no sliders that was a deal breaker for me. If I can’t adjust the game to my liking & try to mask a lot of the issues then it’s a definite no go. Leave it to EA to always find a way to disappoint smh.

    • I’m with you on a lot of this, and it’ll definitely be reflected in the review I put together. It’s really disappointing as someone that had really high hopes for it.