The Line Drive for June 15

Posted June 15th, 2014 at 12:30 pm


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

Amazon has a deal on the PS4 camera for $10 off through end of today.
Amazon has a deal on the PS Wireless Gold Headset for $20 off through end of today.
Check out all the new screenshots for Madden NFL 15 in the FB album.
Check out all the new screenshots for FIFA 15 in the FB album.
Check out all the new screenshots for EA PGA Tour 16 in the FB album.
Richard Sherman is lobbying for the entire Legion of Boom to be on the Madden 15 cover.
Richard Sherman will be the highest rated player in Madden 15.
Operation Sports posted hands-on impressions of Madden 15 from E3.
Operation Sports posted hands-on impressions of NHL 15 from E3.
EA Sports released commentary samples of Dynamic Match Presentation for FIFA 15.
New video shows off the player scanning process being done for NBA Live 15.
This interview w/ Peter Moore about NBA Live’s present and future is chock-full of BS.
Arcade mobile golf game King of the Course is out now on iOS and Android.
The first look trailer for PES 2015 is scheduled to go out on June 25.
Alumni Pack DLC which includes 60 classic players is available for RBI Baseball 14 on mobile.
NCAA settled its role in the video game part of Keller/O’Bannon lawsuit for $20 million.
Here’s a good article on one of the many problems in trying to cover games at E3.

  • Keith.

    Got my first look at next gen Camden Yards in this week’s Challenge of the Week, which pitted Nelson Cruz against Mark Buehrle. Absolutely beautiful stadium, and it was a lot of fun hitting against Buehrle, even though I still couldn’t get much higher than the top 20% (again) on the leaderboards.

    I also have to give some love to The Show Live mode, which I don’t believe any of the reviews of the game even mentioned. Yesterday, I sat down and played the day’s Cards-Nats matchup a couple of hours before first pitch, and then this morning I played the 3rd game of the series after getting in some time with COTW. I love how, in The Show Live mode, you get up to date stats for all of the players in the game (and the right batting orders), stat overlays that show up to date division standings, HR and RBI leaders, etc. — it’s really immersive and great in letting you know the team you’re playing in the context of what’s going on in real life. Even the small details are there — in today’s game, for example, a lot of the guys were wearing the light blue father’s day sweatbands that I’m seeing in the real life Cards’ game I’m watching this afternoon. Great, great stuff.

  • Jese Hall

    E3 this year proved no matter what console you own or root for, it will be a great next few years to be a gamer. I thought all conferences were well done. Nintendo really did well, Microsoft and Sony did well, EA was good too. Ubisoft may have been the strangest of the group but they did well also.