EA Sports UFC Reviews Trending Behind Past THQ and EA MMA Efforts

Posted June 17th, 2014 at 12:45 pm


EA Sports UFC is out today and the reviews coming in early peg it as the weakest of the major games representing the sport in recent years. Lack of content and an arcade rather than sim approach are being considered – though fun factor regardless of that has been widely identified and online play appears to offer much more enjoyment than taking on the CPU.

Metacritic Scores
EA Sports UFC (2014) 69/77
UFC Undisputed 3 (2012) 85/86
EA Sports MMA (2010) 79/77
UFC Undisputed 2010 85/84
UFC Undisputed 2009 83/84

Though only a small percentage of the total reviews that will come in over the course of the coming weeks have been posted, it’s safe to expect the overall score to float in the same general vicinity of the mid-70s. Even if it rose slightly higher than that it has to be considered a disappointment that UFC, built for the new consoles with the might of the organization behind it, would struggle to top the critical reception of the Strikeforce-branded MMA game which was unable to reach a wide audience four years ago.

The reasons behind the mediocre reviews will be examined on Friday’s Press Row Hangout along with complete impressions of the game. However the questionable decision to market and design the game with casual consumers most in mind – the same group that would find the controls too complicated among other barriers – would have to be one of the biggest mistakes EA made.

  • Rayman

    I think it’s a fun game that can’t decide if it wants to be a Sim or an arcade fighter. Questionable control choices, unforeseen issues causing fighters to be missing their authentic look, and a mediocre CAF suit is going to turn off A LOT of people

  • Mike Query

    Ill continue to hook up my 360 and play Undisputed when im in the mood for a UFC game. That game was awesome outside of the submission system.

  • Keith.

    You mean we can’t trust those glowing Game Changer “hands-on” previews that popped up a couple weeks ago right after those GoodGameBro guys were flown in for a UFC event and got to spend time mingling with the fighters? The same previews that said the version they (GoodGameBro) played was so much better than the demo?


    • Keith.

      Thought this was interesting, from a non-Game Changer (i.e., legitimate) review:

      “In my experience with a retail copy of the game, I found that the game freezes every four or five hours. That might not be major issue, but it totally sucks to have to replay a match because your game froze right after you forced your foe into a submission. These freezes happened in loading screens, after matches, and during combat. I would share pictures and videos, but EA Sports specifically barred all reviewers from using captured screenshots and videos (that’s why we all have the same pictures in our stories).”


      • That’s curious.

        • Keith.

          Wonder if that’s going to be their new policy moving forward. At E3, if I’m not mistaken, the only game play videos that were released of Madden were from Game Changers, i.e., sources that EA controls. Going to be interesting to see if they’re still using the same policy come August, when Madden hits the shelves.

        • Iown You

          It’s just like how now they only allow Madden vids from select Gamechangers who have big YouTube channels, or select media who a lot of times are nothing but gamechangers like GoodGameBro.

          QJB is one of the big vid guys. All he does is promote Madden. Nothing he says about the game is worth a damn.

          • Yeah. Though to be fair 2K also is leveraging Youtube personalities too…actually making them literally part of their marketing campaigns.

  • Deus Legend

    Keith in 3…2…1…

  • beasta52

    Is the DLC characters available in career mode?

  • king

    Why would they allow for people to choose the same fighter on a rank match I hate playin against the same fighter

    • I agree we should be able to see who the other person is choosing. Otherwise people will always just take the highest rated fighters.

  • Beerhappy

    Game is LACKING. No touch gloves, no after hits, no taunt, no running, no legkick tko, no touch gloves, no ref stoppage, no doctor stoppage and ground game is weak. The graphics are crisp, but choppy. The punching/kicking impacts are awkward. Its playable, and can be fun. But they over complicated some aspects and made others too simple. Another thing that bothers me is the customization, there is very little of it. I’m glad I bought the hard copy, so when I get sick of it in 3 weeks I can sell it to someone else. I’m keeping my old PS3 for the sole purpose of playing Undisputed. But to each his own.

  • Dustin Jamerson

    I think it’s fun. I was more mad that my xbox one controller was hurting my finger from continuously pressing the right trigger!

  • barringer

    The stand up is kinda awkward, it reminds me of the first ea mma game. UFC Undisputed’s stand up game, you kinda had a feel for what a strong strike would be, this game, you never know what’s gonna end a fight. Ground game is not bad, I kinda like the system, it’s complicated.

  • Iown You

    Just another EA fuck-up.

  • rick

    what a shame… EA should’ve just copied undisputed roots and went from there.. here’s to next years version..

  • jblazepa

    i cant afford new xbox 1 , i would have spent 60 on it for 360, im bummed