Press Row Hangout: Reviewing EA UFC

Posted June 21st, 2014 at 12:45 pm


The launch of the EA Sports UFC franchise was highly anticipated but has been met with disappointing reviews and fairly poor consumer word of mouth. Check out the 74 minute segment from last night’s live Press Row Hangout where I’m joined by Rich Grisham and T.J. Lauerman to break down our experiences with and assessments of the game!

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  • jabbre

    Watched last night. Good job of pointing out all that’s wrong with this game.

  • Keith.

    Just saw where IGN gave the game a 6.8 — ouch! LoL

    Gotta believe that if this game drops to the 60s on Metacritic, these clown developers are going to be shown the door. Forget getting another game in 2 years if that happens.

    • They can’t just bail on the investment they made, the contract they have, in the UFC license. But I think clearly they will have to reevaulate their approach.

      • Tazdevil20

        I have to wonder what kind of hiring process EA has for their programmers. Honest question here. It’s not very good whatever it is.

      • Keith.

        I don’t know what kind’ve “investment” they made. In this day and age, though, I’m sure UFC must have some kind’ve out in their contract that allows UFC to bail if EA’s shitting out games that are scoring in the 60s on metacritic. If that’s the case, it won’t matter whether EA wants to “re-evaluate their approach” or not. No business partner not named the NFL is just gonna sit around and allow its brand to be tarnished by lousy EA games.

        • That could be possible…though the options for UFC would be very limited. It’s not like there are other companies chomping at the bit to pay for their license and spend the money it takes to develop such a product.

  • Details

    They should’ve just stuck with Fight Night. I hope we get another one soon.

  • Thatdude1994

    Not surprised it only took me 1 minute of actual game play to see it was nothing special.I skipped all sports games this year, gonna take a lot more than visual upgrades for me.

    • Calvin Reynaud

      u are a casual sports fan that why they should please hard core sports gamers with realism

  • Austin Binish

    I started playing this game with my roommate and both of us just had to laugh at how bad this game was. Straight button mashing with a minimal tactical aspect. Punches that look like they land solid don’t do anything and weak shots drop you. All I really wanted was a simulation like the previous UFC games allowed you to do.