Details on More of the Visual Improvements for NBA Live 15

Posted June 24th, 2014 at 12:45 pm


EA Sports today released a new developer blog and video detailing enhancements to graphics that have been made for NBA Live 15. Prior to E3 the company released the first image which showcased six player faces that had been dramatically improved due to the head scanning process.

Areas that have received significant work besides the player likenesses include arena lighting, jerseys, shot clock, shoes, and LED boards.

The poor visuals were far from the only thing wrong with NBA Live 14 but certainly presented a barrier to many that they were unable to get past – particularly as the series was built solely for the new systems where consumers were already being dazzled by other games including Live’s direct competitor. While EA has a lot of convincing to do with other areas this had to be the first step yet the wait will stretch on as first gameplay details aren’t being discussed until August.

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  • Skopin

    I’m looking forward to hearing more details from both camps. Graphically, Live is looking much improved this year from the small pieces they’ve shown, but we still have to see it in motion. Hopefully they are able to improve the responsiveness of the controls without sacrificing realism, and the player movements are more lifelike.

  • Keith.

    I’m certainly no fan of the GoodGameBro guys, but their leader posted this on twitter this afternoon:

    Douglas Veney @WhoIsDo · 32m
    Not sure where @ScottOGallagher is heading, but that’s a big loss for the NBA Live team. Scott, do you care to comment? DM me if you want!

    Douglas Veney @WhoIsDo · 33m
    I’ve had two sources confirm that Gameplay Designer @ScottOGallagher is no longer with the NBA Live 15 team & has voluntarily left.

    Douglas Veney @WhoIsDo · 42m
    Whoa. I may have some CRAZY news for sports gaming fans, specifically basketball, in a few minutes. Working on a confirmation atm.

    • Tazdevil20

      He left EA and is going to 2k to work on NBA 2k. Wonder why he would do that??? LOL.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    The arenas and hardwood courts look amazing far better than NBA 2K anyone who disagrees obviously is a typical ANTI-EA HATER AND 2K FANBOY

    • guest

      and that has nothing to do with gameplay

  • Ian Ballinger

    It looks better graphically… can’t deny that. Let’s just see how it plays.

  • CJ

    NBA 2K has definitely stagnated, so hopefully this stokes some competition.

  • hungryandrew

    They can show all the still shots they want, it will not matter at all. Once the gameplay is in motion, I assure you all that the animations, yet again will still be horrid. Pretty faces, shiny courts, and windex cleaned backboards will not save this upcoming travesty. Don’t get fooled for the 8th year in a row. Minus the off years.

    • live 15

      At least it won’t cost VC to olay

    • BCYa

      I thought Live 10 was really good. I wish they had continued to build off of that game, instead of going into a bunch of different directions. I thought it was more fun than any NBA 2K game I’ve played, no matter how many things they do right.

  • Juukbox

    The visuals for EA are on point this year. At least we know it looks like a next-gen game.

  • Dounte

    Pastapadre is too hypercritical and bias when shelving out details about EA products. You seem butthurt about something and you take it out on EA for some reason. I know they’re money hungry and have let us down numerous times but give NBA LIVE 15 some credit this year and aim all your negative insight toward 2K SPORTS this year my friend. NO LOVE FOR 2K15 iight? Don’t forget

    • You must have missed all the coverage of 2K14’s harmful VC and server issues. Ultimately I hold all these companies accountable.

  • 2K’s shoe game is Weak!

    it’s all about the little things good job EA. 2k needs to step there shoe game up stop trying to polish turds.

    • LBJ

      When are Fifa and Madden gonna start doing this? Fifa looks so dated it’s embarrassing and we all see the reebok gloves and lack of cleats in Madden they make so much money yet don’t put any money back in. Bad business model EA at least your artist know how to make you look good.

  • Wassupdun

    It finally looks Next-Gen, do they really need Kudos for that? Shouldn’t that be the aim and the standard??? Last year game was so visually underwhelming until any improvement they’ve made this year would be seen as a come-up.

    Nathan: Why don’t you compare apples to apples, compare 14 to 14, This is EA’s new offering, have you seen 2K’s? That Kanye ALL CAPS hollering doesn’t make your point any more valid, chill dude. The game looks next-gen now, period.

    • Nathan Shane Long

      First of all I DIDN’T KNOW FONTS HAD EMOTION second of all i can tell NBA 2K15 will look nearly identical as 2K14 with very little visual improvement there is a reason why 2K15 has not been revealed by 2K they are obviously worried about Live 15 and how the graphics have been vastly improved this October Live 15 will make an impact that will hurt 2K

      • Wassupdun


        “I can tell NBA2K15 will look nearly identical as 2K14”

        And you know this how, The Force?

        If 2K doesn’t touch anything visually, that’s fine, 2Ks visuals are not a problem, they have other issues.

        Lastly, Basketball games traditional don’t show this early. You start to get info in August. Live has about 5-6 million in sales to make up so they would have probably started showing in March if they could.

  • The Great Leon

    visuals don’t equal gameplay, but it maybe a step in the right direction.

  • pbe

    wish there was a option for football comp is good

  • slgrant39

    Whats the purpose, the gameplay will be subpar as always.

  • hungryandrew
  • PPerfectCJ

    Well, this is the year that they have the best shot of getting back into things. 2K has been in decline, so hopefully they can at least compete now and push each other to improve. That will only benefit US.