LeBron and Carmelo Taking Their Talents to Free Agency

Posted June 24th, 2014 at 11:45 am


While Carmelo Anthony was fully expected to opt-out of his contract with the New York Knicks, there was some uncertainty about whether LeBron James would do so. Reports today are that he in fact will. The two could still choose to go back to their respective teams but a number of suitors will be hoping to give them reason to leave. Add to the mix the possibility of Kevin Love being traded and there could be some massive shifts in power this offseason in the NBA and the respective video games.

While NY and Miami can offer the most money to them, contracts for the big name players in the NBA end up being just a fraction of what those players can earn. With endorsements and other avenues for earnings (LeBron made over three times as much last year off the court than on it) the potential that players will take less to go to a winning team or come together with friends is made even more plausible.

Possible destinations the two will consider include the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks. A few other teams could also clear space to get in the mix. Where do you see LeBron and Carmelo ending up once free agency opens on July 1?

  • KMillsZ19o

    Hopefully on My Bulls My Nets can’t get him so I’ll go with the other option that’s the only team I want to see him on

    • j

      “my bulls”..”My nets”……pick a team man.

  • problemstarter

    And this has to do with gaming how? I feel bad for clicking this link; I’m part of the problem.

  • The Great Leon

    Not a surprise since they are both healthy and could opt out and get possibly one last big contract. Wouldn’t make sense to opt in 1 year risk possible injury.

  • The Great Leon

    Not a surprise since they are both healthy and could opt out and get possibly one last big contract. Wouldn’t make sense to opt in 1 year risk possible injury.

  • MoneyMayweather


    • Brian

      I hope that was dry humor. No way are the Lakers going to land either of the two right now. I’ve seen some crazy Laker posts too on their websites. Talk about a base out of touch. Or just plain spoiled. One was, keeping Gasol and Bryant, while landing James, Anthony, and Exum from the draft. How would they land Exum you ask? Simply telling him not to try out for anyone. Falling probably 4 spots, losing salary, in hopes of becoming a Laker. We should all be so lucky to be a Laker.

  • agent916

    Melo looks like he’s going to leave for Chicago, but I would still give the Knicks a shot as they CAN (notice I didn’t say they will) pay him max-money. Everyone assumes they will, but I’m not sold they want to pay max money for a guy who’s got 5 PRIME years left. In case you’ve not noticed, they’re rebuidling.

    On LeBron, that’s interesting but here’s what I’m 100% confident you can bank on. His name isn’t LeBron, it’s Dewayne Wade. He’s ALL you have to watch. He has until July 1st to Opt-Out of his current contract. If he does NOT Opt-Out, that means he will accept his current contract showing his unwillingness to re-work the current deal (you can argue PROS/CONS of that all day long).

    But IF we assume he keeps the current contract and OPTS-IN, I can almost with 100% surety guarantee LeBron leaves. So the good news is we will know by next Tuesday.

    I still give the Heat the edge at retaining him, and I also believe LeBron already knows what Wade will do.

    — For those that do not follow this like myself (and give a shit to know) once Wade Opts-In the Heat are on the hook for just under $20 million next year for a guy that’s not longer that type of player. Whether you agree or not, one cannot deny by him choosing to get PAID, it will prohibit the franchise from re-shaping the roster which badly needs restructuring.

    My guess — Melo to Chicago…outside shot at Houston
    LeBron — Stays in Miami — And pay close attention to what happens over the next few days with Kevin Love. The Warriors appear to have the best shot at Love, and that’s my second guess for where LeBron ends up if he does leave Miami.