Players Recording Audio For Roles in NBA 2K15 MyCareer Mode

Posted June 27th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


Real audio was introduced to post-game interviews in NBA 2K14 and that helped establish just how well fans respond to hearing the actual voices of the league’s stars. For NBA 2K15 there will be voiceover work completed by a number of players for MyCareer mode which glaringly lacked them for all but your created player in 2K14. The audio will accompany the roles and storylines that involve the respective players. Operation Sports noted all the various tweets over recent months that featured players in studio to record lines.

The involvement of NBA players in the 2K14 MyCareer storylines were often cringe-inducingly cheesy and coupled with having no voices (just subtitles) the interactions were even more awkward. Having the actual players recording their lines could eliminate the latter issue, but ultimately the writing in the story mode along with having more options will drive how grounded, realistic, and rewarding it may be to play through.

  • jake

    To hear LeBron James voice, please pay 1000VC.

    • VC bonus

      With a free bonus of Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4 not 5

  • BvE3

    All 2K cares about now is selling VC so it doesnt surprise me they put most of their time into myCareer and myTeam now. But its also why Im probably not going to buy until things change.

  • Iown You

    Obvious problems. Won’t be able to record enough audio of enough players for enough seasons to be satisfactory to the whole.

  • HeatFan786

    The worst is when you can drop 50 points on that sorry POS Jackson Ellis and he can score 2 points and he will be drafted before you. Some bs script if you ask me.

    • SwagRat

      Jackson averaged 454534535 ppg a game in college thooo. GM’s just can’t past that up.

  • jr

    Waiting on Keith to talk about this being game changing.

    • Tetsuo

      Hahahahaha, true.

  • VC only

    Thank you Mr. PADRE for being a legit reviewer/non PC’er when it comes to these sports games and whatever else you may do during this money only era. Good info to know but I always appreciate your 2cents if you will. Peace

    Now if 2k can make mycareer less scripted with the few added voices then your on to something. Like everybody else said, VC killed this series.


    DIE VC

  • The Great Leon

    I don’t play myplayer seems like it is bugged as fvck every year. Plus the whole VC thing makes it worse.

    The audio is probably going to be repetitive.

  • Khaleel Ward

    This sounds cool but the dialogue last game was the worst. Why did your player sound ghetto? The story in MyPlayer would be cool if every single person didn’t do the same thing. Just another gimmick

  • Dre2778

    If this game is reliant on VC once again I’m going to be highly pissed. I like the Myplayer aspect but having to rely on VC crippled the game for me. Also the fact that you can be be the best player on the Team and never receive Star status. Currently on the Timerwolves I’ve won Two MVP trophies scoring titles and Finals MVP and 99 overall but still not a Superstar…WTF

  • Dounte

    You can’t tell me that don’t look sweet? lol

  • RHThree

    Seems to me to be bad news. More scripted storylines that are the same for every play through. Just like how they gave me a “choice” to wear that rubber nose this year…… Or to play Robin to Josh Smith’s Batman…. I’d just prefer more situations like arguing with refs, fighting/or not fighting teammates in practice, or protecting other players from hard fouls. More locker room “situations”? I’d Steve Nash that idea (pass).

  • All I care about is finally getting an option to change the MyPlayer voice. Can’t stand the way the only option speaks and they have used the exact same guy for years.

  • truth

    Forget this voice over stuff I am on my 10 season 3rd career mode and no free agency. I did not play for my team and it looks like 2k sports script the whole fun out of career mode to show off some graphics

    I feel robbed. I feel like you workers at 2k sports took all our money with VC points and made us believe we was working to a goal. I don’t care about a voice if it not going to pack a punch. I cant even see if I am winning in a reward race. You guys took everything out of the game.

    We the consumer are angry, because we loved where you was taking us and we now feel like you sold us out for graphics And VC points. If you know anything about sport you should know what we want.

    I said my peace.

    P.s. f@ck voice over.