How Much Interest Is There In The Ultimate Edition of EA Sports Games?

Posted July 2nd, 2014 at 12:00 pm


EA Sports officially announced the Ultimate Editions of Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, and FIFA 15 this week – though the details on them had been posted three weeks earlier by retailers. For $10 over the standard price consumers will receive up to $40 in Ultimate Team content. They’ll only get the full value of that however by sticking through the 10 weeks (Madden), 25 weeks (NHL), and 40 weeks (FIFA) in which the packs will be distributed.

This is the first time the company has attempted to leverage Ultimate Team mode as the sole driver behind special editions of their games. Offering¬†bonus UT content has become a staple for pre-order bonuses but here the idea is to capture $10 at the outset and keep those consumers especially engaged in the mode (where they can spend more) for months following release. ‘ThatSportsGamer’ T.J. Lauerman has even surmised it’s one of the reasons why the EA Season Ticket program no longer exists. That’s either the reasoning or the company pivoted and came up with the idea after that was deemed unsuccessful.

By making it only $10 more EA is hoping to entice Ultimate Team players who will see the obvious benefit in paying up. It shouldn’t be a hard sell to that crowd. The question is whether it can overlap to those who are unsure of any commitment they’ll have to the mode. Will those people be¬†able to justify spending $10 more? At least anyone who doesn’t care about Ultimate Team can pass on buying without hesitation or feeling as though they missed out on content which is refreshing compared to most special editions of games.

Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Will you be buying an Ultimate Edition of any upcoming EA Sports game?

  • doug

    Got both the NHL15 and Madden 15 pre-ordered as the ultimate editions. I find the ultimate teams in both games are fun and definitely worth the extra 10.

  • I’m definitely considering it for NHL 15 because it’s not an annual purchase for me (though maybe it should be instead of Madden…).

    Madden, I’ve never completed a single collection or whatever they call
    it because fielding a full roster for a football team is much more of a
    headache to manage than say an NBA or NHL iteration. But I haven’t decided yet, I might have to give it a second chance.

  • huntt26

    The best ultimate edition was last year’s Madden, which included NFL Sunday Ticket. Now, that WAS an ultimate edition!! Such a great idea. Not interested in these editions, although it does provide value to those that play Ultimate Team religiously.

  • wEEman33

    These are a good deal for people who put a lot of time into Ultimate Team, but completely worthless for everyone else.

    I’d rather have the old Season Ticket program back, since its DLC discount and early release access were more beneficial to a much larger group of people.

  • MoneyMayweather

    So I got jipped out of my 25 dollars I was supposed to get tiger as my last game and NCAA football so the wont honor the season ticket anymore FUCK EA

  • benjamin archer kent

    the only thing that would keep me from doing the ultimate edition for NHL 15 is the fact that the promo packs carry no value and cannot be sold in game. The NHL game is the only one that operates in this fashion. Season ticket promo, preorder promos have all been the same for NHL. You’re stuck with getting duplicate cards and can’t take advantage of posting to auction or quick sell. Madden and FIFA allow you to obtain coins for selling cards from packs given as promotional items. Unless their formula changes this year, I’m in for Madden and FIFA ultimate editions only.

  • MCJedi1

    I’ve never gotten into the UT stuff, too time consuming. Because there’s no NCAA football this year, I recently downloaded NC14 off the PlayStation network to get my July fix and it looks a lot like M15 (the E3 demo) interesting.

    Pasta, any word on when we’ll be able to pre-order Madden on the PlayStation network?

  • Mike Mckenna

    Kind of in the minority here… I don’t find UT very attractive anymore. I used to love it on FIFA, but since these websites started popping up everywhere that allowed the user to purchase unlimited coins for use in the game, it killed the fun out of grinding your way to achieve the ultimate team. Now, 2 weeks after the game’s released, you have full inform teams and Ronaldos everywhere. All in all, it is a good concept, but people always find a shortcut which kills the point of the idea. WIth that said, I don’t think FIFA will really see a revenue jump through this offer. With the whole online coin purchasing trend that is sweeping the community, I can’t see guys spending an extra $10 to get a weak gold pack every week (they usually never have anything worth keeping in them anyway) also, you can’t trade or sell anything you receive from the pack. Nice write up, bro!


    The problem with the free packs is that you never get any good content. No team changers as most are discards and not worth anything on the auction block. I bought the Marshall Faulk Ultimate Edition a couple years back and the special edition legendary players got a collection after there regular cards that were both auctionable /tradeable were better overall cards to use and I ended up discarding the bonus cards because there was no collection when the game dropped. I have seen no benefit to buying the Ultimate edition except for the Sunday Ticket which I could load on my HTPC and show on the big screen but even then the first four weeks of the season the online had an issue and was out for 1-3 hours.
    With season ticket going away how much are bundles? $60-$75 for the chance to get 1-3 decent cards. Thats more than the game. I can’t see myself going forward with this mode without the discount or better odds of building a team with pack pulls. EA has continued to show over the last three years this additional content just has no value. The Direct TV bonus packs were garbage and the loyalty packs were even worse.

  • NeetoCheeto

    Dont like Ultimate Team Mode

    Everyone has the same cards

    I played someone who had 12 Tom Brady 99’s

    I injured one same brady back out

    Very easy to get all 99s

    they need to make cards much rarer and harder to get

  • smsixx

    I despise Ultimate Team…
    Madden needs to put their efforts in to offline and online franchise modes…Better gameplay, and better quality of product in general…It seems over these last 4 years these guys are more concerned about you having a super cyber team that consists of 9 Dan Marinos,12 Jerry Rices., and Bo Jackson (yeee haaa)
    Any hardcore sports gamer wants a truly great simulation game…How is anyone ever going to take Madden seriously when they have made it their effort to make fantasy as their selling point?
    Madden has been bad for awhile…but it started to get REALLY BAD as soon as this mode was patched in during the 2011 version…

    • Keith.

      With almost 35% of Pasta’s readers saying they will not buy ANY of EA’s upcoming sports games, you’d think somebody important at EA would get the message. They should.

  • flip334

    I tried to get into UT but I just can’t. There is nothing interesting playing with and against teams with all players rated 90 plus. Same players on both teams is a turn off. Two All-star teams going at it with a lot of cheese!!!

  • MCJedi1

    Pasta, has EA cancelled “Season Ticket” on all platforms or is it just next gen?