College Football 15, Having Lost The NCAA License, Would Have Released Today

Posted July 8th, 2014 at 9:45 am


Under normal circumstances today would have been all about the release of the latest edition of NCAA Football. Unfortunately the series was cancelled last September in the midst of player likeness lawsuits that scared the NCAA, several conferences, and even some schools into abandoning EA Sports. Were it not for the loss of actual schools (which would have gotten much worse as others wanted to drop out) the plan was for the franchise to continue with this year’s title named College Football 15. However with the game out of the way EA was able to settle their way out of the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit for a relatively paltry $40 million.

The series ended on a high note with NCAA 14 but fans will miss out on getting the College Football Playoff (or a replica of it) in a game which severely damages its long term appeal, while CF15 and beyond could have taken advantage of the power and features of the new consoles in a way that would have been especially beneficial.

As it stands now there is very little chance any college video games will be developed for the next 3+ years as the lawsuits are ruled on, appeals processes play out, new systems are put into place allowing for athletes to make money, and publishers determine if college-based video games can still be profitable. If the answer is yes even then it’ll take a significant investment of time and money to get back off the ground with a product.

So instead today presents an opportunity for reflection and the topic was discussed in the most recent Press Row Podcast. Leave comments regarding your favorite aspects and memories of the series over the years, what you’ll miss or maybe not miss about it, and your hopes for the cloudy future of college sports video games.

  • flip334

    So sad!!!! Lol

  • Jimmy Kraft

    I think my favorite part will be not seeing Ben Haumiller (sp?) spewing out misinformation each and every year. He’d come out every April-June tell us all the great features in this year’s edition and went into hiding as soon as the game dropped in mid-July.

    As for the series itself, it became stale and too slanted toward the offensive side of the ball. Also, there was just no fun way to recruit players. Finally, since the series really appealed more to the casual crowd in recent iterations, my interest waned.

    • fedNT

      Yea but now hes working on Madden but im guessing EA muzzled him which would be smart since he had no credibility anymore.

    • SwaggyP

      Sweet hat bro

      • Jimmy Kraft

        Only the best for the inter webz

        • SwaggyP

          And to keep your virginity safe

          • Jimmy Kraft

            Awww how sad… Maybe next year

    • Casor_Greener

      Game was wack last year. It needed to die

  • Daniel Hruskocy

    The NCAA series was a personal favorite for me. They did things in NCAA that Madden never dared to even try let alone implement, The features were sometimes just as hit or miss as Madden (HFA, Impact players…I’m looking at you!), but at least there was an annual difference in the NCAA games that felt more than a simple roster update. Its encouraging to see that Madden is stealing some of the NCAA 14 features (coordinator cam, player lock cam on D, no huddle system – though I do hope they keep the Madden restriction of no using no huddle off of incomplete passes or OB plays)…I am missing a new college game this year and from what it sounds like for a few more (or even ALL) years to come…

  • Iown You

    The graphics in NCAA 12 were very sick.

    I always thought NCAA had more upside than Madden. NCAA 14 was better than Madden 25 and was a good way to go out. Even so, the game never reached its full potential but was closer than Madden in my opinion.

    • Yeah, some of the best screenshots I ever grabbed from a sports video game came out of NCAA 12.

  • The Great Leon

    I probably wouldn’t have played it without the actual college teams and feel. NCAA was my favorite sports series since the dynasty mode was long and didn’t get bored recruiting people.

  • SlickLiving

    sad day 🙁 / I’m a huge collage NCAA football fan & madden fan / will not be the same this yr / with just madden only

  • LenInFlux

    NCAA was the only game that I would buy new. While the series hit some major bumps on the PS3/XBOX360, it was (and still is, in many ways) a great game on my old PS2. For this reason alone I won’t be getting rid of my old hardware and games for a long while.

    Life will go on without the game and I’ll probably find myself playing the older versions less over time but it was a great series and in my opinion they did more with this game than they did with Madden. I seriously doubt that we’ll see another NCAA game – it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

  • Keith.

    Tiburon’s college game — like Madden — never even reached the level of a game made 10 years and 2 console generations ago (2K5) or another game made by a handful of Brits on a shoestring budget (BackBreaker). So Good Riddance, I say.

    At least today’s a good reminder that EA can’t get another exclusive NCAA license until 2019, at the earliest, per the Pecover settlement. By then, I’m sure all the old hacks at Tiburon will have moved on to something for which they’re far better suited, like flipping burgers.

    • king

      Madden 05 was better than nfl 2k5

    • Iown You

      I agree with everything except BackBreaker. That was a terrible game. It wasn’t football at all. It was just a mess. The RTP was nice, but other than that it was a disaster of a product.

      • Keith.

        From a guy who played more than 200 games of BackBreaker online, I couldn’t disagree more. The game’s just as dead as 2K football now, though, so it doesn’t really matter what you or I think.

        • Iown You

          We can agree to disagree on it being a good game, but you can’t deny that the wide consensus favors my view, and that stretches across the spectrum of both the sim and non-sim, so that says a lot about how widely BackBreaker was panned.

          Also, while the game being good or not may be subjective, football simulation is not. BackBreaker was not a proper simulation of pro football by any stretch of the imagination. The “interesting” style of player models, the poor AI, the lack of playcalling depth (the playbook and playcall system was laughably thin), lack of injuries, lack of fatigue, the number of over-the-top tackles, the issue with proper rules. The patch bottle-necking the run game and seriously harming the passing game with dropped passes galore (people said to hold down a button, but that didn’t seem to work for everybody). The lack of presentation. There were tons of problems, and they killed the game. It was a valiant effort, but it wasn’t pro football.

          APF was the last true sim of pro football, and may wind up being the last one for a long, long time.

          • Daniel Hruskocy

            Backbreaker still has more fluid movement and organic impacts than Madden and that is including the Ignite Engine and the other attempts EA has made since 2007-2008.

            It was not close to a complete NFL sim or even a football sim, but the stuff it had continues to impact the football game world to this day. Just compare a screen cap of the “new” defensive player lock in Madden to the camera view of Backbreaker for playing Defense…I know that NCAA implemented this earlier than Madden, but either way its still a nod to the fact that Gamebreaker offered something to freshen up videogame football.

            I have always thought and still think that had EA hired the 2K programmers to handle the gameplay, the Natural Motion guys to handle the physics and tackling and interactions, kept the franchise guys in place but gave them their own Blu-Ray to stuff with content and used their existing player models that we just might have gotten a game that would be worth $60…never gonna happen of course, but all the tools are out there for a kick-ass simulation game – the tech, the animations, the physics engine, the stadium renderings, the sideline interactions, the on-field little details, the OL-DL interactions, the WR-DB interactions, the studio shows, the RPG-elements of Franchise/Dynasty…there is so much out there that was done well or even done right…just no where that it was all pulled together.

            Shame on EA for not even trying. Shame on consumers for continuing to buy it year after year after year after year…

    • Dre2778

      And IMO 2K5 wasn’t all that great of a game besides the presentation visual……the NCAA series had the Pro games beat in every aspect possible

    • Casor_Greener

      Backbreaker was garbage and one of the worst video games ever made

  • Jese Hall

    The way I see it is that the game went from casual niche community to super niche community. You get the guys who will buy it every year because they love the game, and then the people who just love football, then the people waiting for Madden, and then the College hardcore. Now, if they go just customization route, which group will that satisfy? The football, or College group? Either way they lose a ton of money without the actual 116 schools in the game.

  • dhall

    Man, what’s this world coming too?! Haha…One Hockey game, one Football game, one Baseball game, one Basketball game…I remember the days of choice and competition. Now, we are forced.

  • My favorite aspect of the game was that I could take my college players and import them into Madden. Since this has happen I won’t be buying another Madden game. I like to be able to have as must customization as possible. I continue playing last year madden and NCAA FB for as long as I can.

    • hp215

      Same reason im so disappointed I can’t import my players from ncaa to madden me and my brothers have been doing it for over a decade now thats over with and sadly might never be again. Cue the violins

  • Justin

    Just glad we have updated rosters so I can feel as tho implaying a new game

  • jmbrew420

    honestly I remember some of the best times I ever had gaming were online dynasty with my friends and some people I met at operation sports. we played about 3-4 games a week for about 6 seasons before people started dropping out…..memories

  • Chris

    my favorite game was NCAA 13 I loved college football video games and had ncaa 12 13 and 14 and loved them all NCAA FB games will be missed across the nation