War in the Trenches The Focus of Latest Madden NFL 15 Video

Posted July 9th, 2014 at 2:45 pm


EA Sports today has gone further into the improvements to offensive and defensive line play in Madden NFL 15 with a new trailer. Features shown off include the optional defensive gameplay camera, enhancements made to how an offensive line plays as a unit, getting a jump off the snap as a d-lineman, and the various pass rush moves at a player’s disposal.

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Some of the NFL’s best pass rushers like Robert Quinn, Robert Mathis, and Von Miller use their quick first step to get off the ball and gain an advantage by timing the snap. That’s now possible in Madden NFL 15, as players can make successful (or unsuccessful) speed rush moves by pressing RT at the correct time during the snap. However, mistiming the move will result in a slow first step and a win for the blocker, or even an offsides penalty.

In Madden NFL 15, Players can now trigger power pass rush moves by pressing the X/Square buttons while engaged with a blocker. These moves used to be triggered by flicking the R-Stick, which sometimes felt unresponsiveness. With the new controls, players will have more control and ability to get off blocks. Use these moves with powerful linemen like J.J. Watt, Chris Long and Julius Peppers.

Power pass rushers aren’t the only guys getting love, as finesse pass rush moves have also been improved. Players can now press the A/X buttons while engaged to trigger finesse pass rush moves from players such as Cameron Wake and Brian Orakpo.

Contain the scrambling abilities of quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick by keeping them in the pocket and getting off blocks when they try to leave the pocket. New QB Contain pass rush logic and animations have been added so that defenders will pressure the quarterback while keeping the outside of the pocket contained. Pass rushers can now easily disengage by pressing A/X while moving the L-Stick away from the blocker. Playing defense offers much more control and responsiveness when attempting to get off blocks.

  • jakeTLE

    Oh look its Rex Dickson the guy who blew all his credibility last month.

  • Mike Query

    Havent bought a madden in years, but the effort they appeared to put on defense is nice at least.

  • SENZ

    That looked fucking terrible. 15 straight years of garbage.

    • Keith.

      After yet another year of declining sales this year, I’m sure Cam Weber, Rex Dick-son and company will be out the door, and yet another new lead will be introduced with yet another “3 year plan.” It’s like Groundhog Day in Hell.

  • Sam

    the movements still look robotic

  • Nathan Shane Long

    I like these new pass rush mechanics

  • Iown You

    Same shit-ass animations from last generation, smh.

  • curtis Jackson

    does this mean they added more sack animations?

  • Jese Hall

    Hey EA and Tiburon thanks for all of the great new Franchise mode news. As a loyal fan of your game I really appreciate the fact that you guys go above and beyond with all of your modes. (sarcasm)

  • Ian John

    Sounds good but it always seems like the weight shifts too much too one side or the other. I hope this doesn’t mean pass rush dominates the world with tissue paper linemen.

  • Jimmy Kraft

    The animations haven’t changed, players look stiff and un-lifelike. I just can’t understand why Madden is all show and no substance. I truly want to play this series, but the core gameplay looks like it’s the same as last-gen, but with the defense getting a vision cone and gimmicky button timing windows. It’s only a matter of a few hours before people exploit that system online and make it impossible to run or pass to that side of the field. I haven’t trusted Madden on “small boosts” in years. They always overdo it in one way or another.

    Is it so much to ask to completely revamp animations or possibly put in a complete physics-based system? Maybe it is, but it looks like more of the same from this series and that’s tough to swallow. I had high hopes for Madden on new gen. It was a golden opportunity to completely start over…

  • Juraider88

    I was excited when they announced greater pass rush controls, but after watching this video, I feel like EA has taken a huge step back.

    Instead of emphasizing true DE/OL interactions, these moves look like the exact same win/lose battles of the past, only now you have a say in the outcome. Every single battle ends with the d-linemen shoving the o-linemen aside and getting a free shot at the QB. That’s not realistic, but more importantly, it’s really boring and repetitive.

    Last year they incorporated a lot of QT pass rush moves that simulated running-the-arc that were forced, but at least they got QB’s to step up in the pocket. So far, this looks like there will be a lot more 30 step drop backs again.

  • Tazdevil20

    Same shit different year… Once again, year two of rewritten line play. Which means they started writing the code for it about 3+ years ago and it STILL isn’t right. Lineman instantly quit right after getting beat. Not to mention, defenders engaged are completely useless. DLineman can still do there job while engaged with a blocker, but in Madden, it’s either a win, super win or a loss. Watch how the lineman just give up when getting beat. It looks ridiculous. There is no sense of the pressure in Madden because the pocket still doesn’t collaps like it does in APF 2k8. You either have all day or you instantly get sacked. The talent level there is so bad compared to other studios. They really have no idea how to do it. Another year of the 2k devs laughing at Tiburon because they still can’t match 10 year old software on 2 console generations prior. Another embarrassing display. 2014 and we still don’t have a legitimate football game. By the time we get a football game worth playing, the other sports games will have reinvented themselves and Madden will be right back where it is now.

    Good for O’Gallagher to leave EA and go work on 2k basketball. He saw the light just like others in the past like Mike Wang.

  • The Great Leon

    mehdden 15

  • MoneyMayweather

    there adding features that have been in NCAA football series and calling them new? Im done.

  • hungryandrew

    What year is this? I’m confused. Animations are terrible, looks like Madden 07 release on ps3. Unacceptable today, I’m at a lost of words. Are EA developers lazy due to exclusive license, or are they just incapable of programming a football game?

  • Mike

    They make this same video every year.. Every Freaking Year. They say the same things, and show the same things. The video always includes the OL making awkward blocks with no representation of contact at all. In this video, it’s 2 interior linemen using a true double team while pass blocking, something that NEVER happens, the second lineman would help while maintaining gap and level. They used a combo run block on a pass play in the video, and then show a completed pass to really drive home the point that the QB is in fact, not sacked.. It’s the same old garbage every year, robotic animations, that weird upright running style, getting sucked in and out of sticky blocks… And this new button timing mini-game(which as something mentioned will make online ridiculous once the glitch kids make use of the “small boost”).. Even if it seems to make sense, in football there isn’t a strong correlation between coming off the line quickly, and pass rush moves being more successful unless you’re talking about beating an OT around the corner off the edge, but that doesn’t really exist in Madden, and you can make a pass rush move until you’re vacuumed into the sticky block anyway.. Bottom line.. They still know nothing about line play, it’s still garbage, you can fully expect your OL to stand and watch guys run right past them and your 72 rated LE will lead the league with 57 sacks, while your 99 rated pass rushing RE gets 4 sacks.

  • Khaleel Ward

    It’s a nice feature. I hope you can turn them off after you get used to them.

  • MCJedi1

    Yeah, m15 is pretty much ncaa with the nfl branding. It’s looks like, if you hit (or glitch) the button at the right time, the o lineman will back off. it’s call a animated cheat. Yep, I can see it now, some glitcher(s) will start off with a 100 wins within a week without a loss after launch. EA Sports….”Same Arcade Football Game”

  • Madden 09

    Yawn…..revamp Madden 09 special “hit stick.”