Brief Look at The Gauntlet in Madden NFL 15

Posted July 10th, 2014 at 2:45 pm


EA Sports today released a quick video offering glimpses at “The Gauntlet” – a new feature made up of various extreme arcade-style mini-games that end in “boss battles”. One example seen out of a clip from E3 (later pulled down by EA) included kicking a 110 yard FG in hurricane force winds. The video is complete with an annoying voiceover that you’d expect out of an arcade game although the footage makes it look more like a typical tutorial-type skill building mode.

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  • Joe Lukes

    It’s sad that that video is probably the best madden promo video I’ve seen in years. No unrealistic truck moves or helicopter tackles

  • Khaleel Ward

    How come when Madden has a bunch of ppl on screen, most of them don’t look that detailed? Hope the Gauntlet is fun because Madden needs more mini games and extra things to do instead of Ultimate Team

  • Brian Mann


  • Chip1010

    I’m fighting a losing battle here, but hey, EA, the word you’re looking for is “gantlet.”

  • Rfwill13

    So it’s basically that virtual madden mode and the old Madden Training Camp mode mixed into one?

  • The biggest annoyance is the brief glimpse of the main menu. Same as last year? Ewww.

  • TheMusicStash

    looks pretty cool but man, that voice over is annoying

  • lp81

    “O-V-E-R. It’s over.” It is over, me ever buying Madden again.

    • guest

      yet you ppl come here for madden content day after day

  • Mike Query

    Please take that voice work out. How did they think that was a good idea and that it sounded “cool”?

  • Tazdevil20

    Sweet – they complain that there’s never enough time to get football fundamental features, yet there is enough time to build worthless shit like this? I swear, everyone needs to get a job at Tiburon. Land of fantasy…

    • Jese Hall

      They did not spend any time on this. It is skills trainer re skinned and with voice over work.

    • Keith.

      Sadly, I saw where EA had its annual “let’s cozy up to the reviewers” gathering in New York yesterday, giving them a chance to play their fall games early and all but guaranteeing some more falsely-inflated, and paid-for reviews in the months ahead. The fix has been in for 10 years, and it’s business as usual at fantasy land down in Orlando and the home of Tiburon, the most incompetent studio around.

      • keith’s mom

        ^^^ This guy sounds like a scorned ex-wife. Pretends to hate him but still secretly loves him and still wants it.

  • Danny

    H.O.R.R.I.B.B.L.E, Horrible! Same crappy bounce off the player tackle annimations. Shameful.

  • Brian

    EA finally suck-ceeded in one thing for me, this is by far the hardest I laughed at a video today. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the night pin-pointing the moment in life where this company lost all brand-loyalty from me. Was it the end of MVP Baseball? Madden 2007? Any game from the PS3 era? Sad. EA is the video game publishing equivalent of Van Halen. Just move on already! You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • young squadda

    Basically bringing mini games back
    ….I did miss mini games tho

  • Jese Hall

    So they spent time on skills trainer but not franchise mode? Screw you Tiburon

  • MCJedi1

    EA Sports….”If It’s Lame They’ll Put It In The Game”

  • Khaleel Ward

    I swear people hate everything smh. No pleasing some of you

  • Smsixx

    As I stated before…

    EA is more interested in selling fantasy (Ultimate team, and this garbage) then making a true realistic simulation.

    Things continue to get worse.

  • hungryandrew

    Give me a break. How about improving the overall gameplay, and low grade animations.

    • dmitch74

      I think this looks sweet . you guys bitch about everything . we haven’t even played the game and you hate it lol. I do think madden has been not great the last few years .however its still the best and only football game out .

      • dirty browns

        I agree with the 49ers, um I mean Dmitch.

  • Guest

    Anyone got a screenshot of the Bucs new uniforms in this game? I can’t ind any