NBA 2K15 Is Following Typical Information Release Schedule; Will Have to Address VC Concerns Early Though

Posted July 10th, 2014 at 1:30 pm


Many have recently expressed frustration with a lack of information on NBA 2K15 whether that be on social media, various forums, or in direct correspondence. The fact is though 2K is right on track with their usual marketing schedule by only having put out official releases on the pre-order bonus and cover athlete by this point in the year.

Those two specific things, the pre-order bonus and cover athlete, are all that the company has produced by mid-July regarding their upcoming NBA title for many years now. Big feature announcements have been held until early-mid August along with gameplay details and the first screenshots. The first gameplay videos have come out of Gamescom (which this year runs 8/13-17). That is then followed by a trailer in late August and news on modes like Association, MyTeam, and MyCareer in September.

It may be that the absence from E3 is what has caused the perception that more is being withheld. NBA 2K was at the Sony press conference in 2011, 12, and 13 but passed on appearing this year. Those presentations were never for anything significant however.

One thing is certain regardless and that is that 2K must get out in front of the concern over its handling of Virtual Currency and “always online” nature of 2K14 even if that means a change to their M.O. of when certain info is released. Having VC tied to the pre-order bonus only stirred up emotions again and any news is met by every other comment wanting to know about whether changes are in store for the in-game currency. Waiting to address it will only raise suspicions that serious changes haven’t been made to the severely damaging implementation that resulted in many consumers turning away from 2K14 and claiming they will do so from the series entirely if the system isn’t dramatically altered.

  • BvH2

    If vc is same as 2k14 then Im not buying 2k15. Simple as that.

  • Venbo

    2K is far worse than EA now. They havent done anything as bad as 2K did with VC.

  • CL7

    I don’t care what the game is, I’m not buying another $60 “free to play” game ever again.

    • Jese Hall

      No Battlefield then either?

  • Chris

    Any news on whos replacing Steve Kerr?

    • Not sure if we’re going to have a replacement this year. The news came fairly late in the development process for that. Unless they had planned ahead with the expectation he would be leaving.

  • Jese Hall

    VC as is will not be going anywhere. You guys should know this by now. 2K made it plain and clear when they reduced the amount you could earn in franchise mode by 40%

  • Khaleel Ward

    I hope they don’t just show nice graphics. They need an improved GM and Myplayer mode. Plz add some more create a player features.

  • mbrink12

    I hope they really fix this one up. 2k14 had promise, but always online, poor servers (like usual), and VC really ruined it. I had 2-3 characters get corrupted cause of the servers.

  • Ray D

    Hated the intrusive VC last year. If GM mode and My Player mode continue to show improvement, I’ll be happy this year.

  • Bowinkle82

    Death to VC. worst 2k idea ever

  • rorad

    I just want to be able to play in career mode with my brother. It’s still amazing to me that they took away this “feature.”

  • Just a guy

    Take VC out of MyGM and that’ll go a long way. I shouldn’t have to use 500VC just to adjust my lineup. THAT was the biggest mistake any sports video game has ever made.

    • Honestly, if all they did was take it out of MyGM, that would be a pretty big deal. The main issue most have always had with VC is that it affects how you can play multiple modes, since VC is all in a single pool. If you just stuck to MyCareer or MyTeam it’s not as much of an issue.

  • Wxs

    Any news on live?

  • CJ

    I will be waiting regardless.

    If VC is anything like last year I will just play something else.

  • kp

    I hope that you will be able to change your damn # in my career mode because wearing #22,31, and any other sorry number will make aperson mad

  • Dapimp Ofdayear

    2k is going to mess around and give a chunk of its market share to NBA live if they’re not careful.

  • Live 15

    I look fwd to live. VC should only be used to purchase legendary players and some teams. I like the no VC in myGM, but also I like to see it limited in mycareer, at least limited to maybe using it for dunk packages.

    So much has to change in mycareer. Less scripted, starting quicker, etc. Great article. Maybe it’s time to show up at the HQ.

    • Jeromy Hodges

      The scripted stuff annoys me to no end. It’s cheating, IMO, and I never cheated in games in my life and won’t play against anyone or anything that cheats.

      Cut scenes should be based on results. This crap of causing results to occur based on what cut scene is coming up really is a lousy idea and totally makes the game not fun.

  • MARZ76

    2k can not and i repeat can not leave crew mode out the real crew mode the best feature 2k ever had. not that horrible black top save that for the birds