LeBron James Heading Home to Cleveland

Posted July 11th, 2014 at 10:00 am


The decision has finally been made – LeBron James is going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. James spent four years in Miami after crushing Cleveland’s spirit, getting to the NBA Finals every year and winning two championships. The details of the contract with the Cavs are still unknown.

This single signing will have a monumental affect on the balance of power not just in the NBA but in the video games as well. The Cavs will go from being one of the least used teams to likely the most used, while the ripple effects could see other talent move like Kevin Love possibly joining LeBron via trade, Chris Bosh moving to the Rockets, and Chandler Parsons to the Mavericks if Houston chooses not to match his restricted offer though they are expected to do so.

(Update) The first domino has fallen with Houston trading Jeremy Lin to the Lakers to open up cap space for signing Bosh and Parsons. And now, surprisingly, Chris Bosh is staying in Miami.

Meanwhile the heavily used Heat will no longer be a favorite among gamers. That roster right now looks as though it could end up being the worst in the whole league and potentially dismal in video game terms. The Cavs though will have the somewhat unstoppable force in LeBron, combined with talented young point guard Kyrie Irving, and other young high potential players (some may have to be moved for cap space). They’ll also look to surround LeBron with more players he likes with the talk being Ray Allen and Mike Miller as likely targets.

  • agent916

    What a story. If you have not read the letter by LeBron you should. It’s going to be nearly impossible for you NOT to root for his continued success. Great letter.

    • Biggaveli

      It was a well written letter for all nba fans and a great redemption story for the future.Get a ring for cleveland King James!

    • Rob

      Agreed. I disliked LeBron when he was in Cleveland(in his later years). I hated him when he went to the Heat. I stopped hating him(and back to disliking him) when he went back to Cle, then I read the letter, and I was just neutral. That letter was very moving.

    • The Black Halo

      You mean great PR stunt. The letter? The decision? There is no difference. Players get traded every year, without drawing the limelight to themselves. I can’t remember a player who felt like he needed to explain to the world why he made his decision, except Lebron…twice.

  • antoniogaud

    He has fixed the unfixable!

  • CSaint

    Goodbye Heat abusers, hello Cavs abusers.

  • smsixx

    How about that…
    Lebron returns to Cleveland to bring them their title…and will now be working with one of the biggest young talent pools in the NBA because he left in the first place.
    You couldn’t write a script any better then that lol.
    Im a Detroit Pistons fan and have been waiting 5 years for my team to get turned around (which finally looks like it could happen with Stan Van Gundy now at the helm) but holy crap…We now have to play in a division that has Lebron back with the Cavaliers, The Pacers, and The Bulls…This is just scary right now…Hopefully we can find a way to win 38 games this year and “slip in” to the playoffs somehow lol

  • Skopin

    It’s going to make for an exciting season. After watching the Cavs do so poorly the last few years, I’m excited to see them become a contender again. It would be nice to have Love too, but I hope we don’t give up too much for him.

    • Biggaveli

      I dont see why the cavs would give up a potential elite 2 way player with a high ceiling for love.Surely Love is an awesome player but David Blatt will have to hide both him AND Kyrie in the defensive schemes if that trade were to happen.If im the cavs i hang up the phone if they ask for Wiggins.

  • clubsteve

    to go back to a team that hated you….now that’s something. kudos to lebron. will he go back to #23? who will join him?

  • dhall

    I love this city!!!! Welcome home, LeBron! Next…Kevin Love!

  • Cle

    So I assume 2K is going to boost the ratings of the other Cavs players more than they would have since Lebron is on the team, 82 rated player jumping to 88 when they would of stayed the same or got a 1 point boost.

  • The Black Halo

    Glad I was able to read this this morning while drinking a giant glass of who gives a fuck.