Improvements to Player AI Discussed in New Madden NFL 15 Video

Posted July 18th, 2014 at 8:30 am


EA Sports has released another in a series of videos meant to show off improvements and additions to Madden NFL 15. The latest is what they call “Player Sense 2.0” and relates to the intelligence of the players in making┬ádecisions and reacting to situations. “Player Sense” was introduced in Madden NFL 25 and though limited in scope it did show some promise.

Zone Coverage ratings now have a bigger impact on how quickly defenders break on throws. Defenders with higher ratings in Zone Coverage will react much quicker to throws.

Defenses are now smarter when it comes to going for a swat vs. an interception or a tackle. This improved logic will be broken down by player traits.

Improvements have also been made to zone defenders responsible for the flats. Some things to look out for include smarter principles (no more out route abuse!), improved head tracking on all players, increases in press and chuck interactions between DBs and wide receivers, as well as better pursuit and tackling ability.

Man Coverage ratings have also been tweaked to impact how much separation receivers are able to get on cuts in their routes, resulting in improved behavior of the defender.

New to Madden NFL 15 is the addition of disguised defenses, where opposing secondaries will show you one coverage but give another.

The Madden development team continues to improve the decision-making of computer-controlled players. Thanks to Real AI 2.0, computer quarterbacks understand different passing concepts, and will read defenders before making correct throws. They’ll also audible and call hot routes based on Real AI, and also have improved logic for handling pressure in the pocket.

The computer now makes the same types of decisions that a skilled user would make. One improvement is CPU Fake Snap, which attempts to draw players offside more than in previous versions of Madden NFL.

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  • vinnylmb

    those swat animations are so horrible. and I see receivers still just jump up and do nothing about the dbs that cut in front of them to intercept the ball. another year of this crap.

    • Brian

      Not true. You can gain control of the receiver this year and hit R1. Time it right and you can swat the ball away from a DB.

  • Tazdevil20

    Took less than 30 seconds to see glaring issues STILL in the game. At :31 seconds look at the left corner (right side of the screen) and the MLB. They are both standing still, hunched over and flat footed. The best part is in the case of the corner back, no one is even on his side of the field. So he is not creeping or attacking the line of scrimmage and he is not helping out in coverage. Here they are touting AI improvements, yet games like Backbreaker had enough AI done properly to handle this situation properly, and Madden doesn’t. Yet they brag about how they had two NFL defensive backs come in and help? I swear, you can’t make this stuff up, they come right out and show you how inept they are, you don’t even need to do anything. Not to mention, look at what Jordy Nelson does before the ball gets to him. Yep – absolutely NOTHING. Just stands there and waits for the ball to get there and Sherman closes from 2 yards back to break it up. Same old Madden, different year. When I tweeted Clint about it, instead of getting a response admitting it is an issue and they need to fix it, I got a smart ass comment. I’d love to do that with our customers when they report bugs and broken elements in our software. I’m sure I’d be employed long… What a joke.

    • Keith.

      Taz, I respect the level of self-restraint you show in going back and forth with CM Hooe and a few of the other OS mods about this stuff. I’m really not sure who is worse, the incompetent hacks at Tiburon — or jpdavis, mestevo, and the OS Mods who bend over backwards defending them every year.

      Then again, given the number of OS Mods who’ve parlayed that gig into a paid job with Tiburon, it’s not too hard to understand their motivation.

      • Khadeem

        like how you spread them cheeks for 2k sports right…all you guys r the same

      • Tazdevil20

        It’s difficult, I assure you ­čÖé

  • CSaint

    If they are going to improve the way a DB reads a WR, and lessen the chance of me creating a ton of space with my WR, can we get a better “guiding pass” option. I know you can choose where you want to lead the receiver, but lets be realistic. I want to be able to throw a backdoor pass if they are going to make the computer DBs better.

  • Locklan

    Little leery of ‘DB’s will sometimes react before the ball is thrown’ I’ve seen far too much magic LB in this series already.

    • LenInFlux

      The lack of solid physics is a part of this, in my opinion. There’s still to much gliding going on – they need to have realistic WR/DB cuts that slows them down a bit and so on.

      To a larger degree what worries me about all of the improvements they’ve made to the defense is that they will have over-corrected in too many areas and casual fans will start complaining about not being able to score 40+ points per game.

  • CJ

    The worst version of The Show or NBA 2k in the last 5 years (pick any) make these changes look very outdated.

    Improvement is great, but there is a gulf in quality that remains.

    • Khadeem

      ok…as far as gameplay goes what game play has 2k made recently that have been impressive

      • Iown You

        Doesn’t matter. Madden has more to improve on than NBA 2K does.

        • Khadeem

          Every game has to improve. But you cant just ignore one franchises vlaws while heaping praise on another franchise that has significant flaws.

  • hungryandrew

    Are the developers capable of creating a new engine, for the new consoles? What’s with the awful animations? No excuse, come on, its 2014, and we have this?

  • Nathan Shane Long

    I guess people are gonna cry about how defense in Madden 15 is OVERPOWERED when they can’t score 50 points at will any longer ONLINE OR OFFLINE or do the “OUT” ROUTE OR “CURL” ROUTE CHEESE ANY LONGER

  • Dylan Williams

    I wanna hear more about Franchise Mode. Last years was pretty sweet, so I’d like to see what improvements they’ve made.

    • Khadeem

      yea man…there were a few bugs they need to figure out…but connected careers was the only way i enjoyed madden last yr

    • vic

      I respect your opinion but I don’t understand it how in anyway was cfm any good there was nothing to it except play the game go sign a player that you have absolutely no idea what his ratings are because of the broken scheme ratings that do not even matter just makes things annoying and crappy draft with overrated rookies

      • Khadeem

        Thats tru…the draft classes were really awkward too. There would be corners with 95 speed, 81 agility, and 78 acceleration. is that..n the same applied to safeties, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends…it got to the point where I only would draft qbs linemen and linebackers…same thing in 2k also…I think they need to make realistic cpu generated players or allow us to customize drafts

    • Jese Hall

      being able to play the entire mode with all of its features with friends was a on next gen consoles was a nice surprise and while I love me some offline franchise mode, being able to check on my league while not at home was pretty sweet.

  • Jese Hall

    The twitch stream today really changed my mind into a believer. Rex Dickson talked Xs and Os and no bullet point nonsense and it was refreshing. If you are on the fence about Madden 15, or just a hater check out the twitch stream with an open mind and you will see that they are trying to get there in terms of sim. If we dont buy the game the investors will want to look in a new direction. Rex said this himself on the OS forums.