Gameplay Improvements for Madden NFL 15 Presented in Detailed Live Stream

Posted July 19th, 2014 at 10:15 am


EA Sports held a live stream yesterday for Madden NFL 25 to explain and show off the improvements to gameplay that have been the marketing focus since E3. It turned out to be a fairly valuable watch with a lot of information relating to the new features, issues the development team attempted to address, and the thinking behind it all. There’s a difference between reading about all the various gameplay-related features and actually having them shown and discussed in a manner that gets across how people will benefit from them while playing.

There are still plenty of deficient aspects even seen on display in the stream, and the “Tackle Cone” would seem to be a gimmick that doesn’t really justify its presence within the context of actual gameplay, but the nice thing is the issues aren’t being hidden and some are even flat out being admitted to. There’s no attempt being made to mislead consumers and instead the effort is to inform of where the game actually has improved and what that means for addressing other areas in the future. It may not be enough to convince those who are skeptical to get on board, but it’s how the process of regaining lost consumer confidence needs to begin.

  • Chiryder

    still no Franchise information.

    • I wouldn’t anticipate there being much of anything big new/changed for Franchise. Given that they’re already turning to ratings reveals this coming week. I’m sure they’ll have some info on Franchise, they still have Ultimate Team to talk about too, but wouldn’t get my hopes up for improvements of significance.

  • M

    Luke “Kootch-ly”, huh? Wouldn’t it be cool if the guy making the game had watched a football game in his lifetime?

    • JAProfroc

      This is an idiotic comment.

  • hungryandrew

    I’m not impressed.

    • Jese Hall

      Then you never will be. You’re asking for more than can be done in a virtual video game. These guys are owning up to mistakes not even made by themselves, they are being honest, and are tackling legacy issues realistically and not with band aids. If that’s not good enough for you than what is?

      • OMGnara

        Supposedly. I’m sure two weeks in everyone will be familiar with all the new problems and exploits.

      • CJ

        The only major video game for the largest North American sport doesn’t hold a candle to MLB the Show, NBA 2K (even with VC issues), FIFA, or NHL.

        Two of those games are produced by the same corporation…

        I’m not impressed either.

      • flossbee

        ” You’re asking for more than can be done in a virtual video game.”

        I disagree whole heartedly. Nothing about this game screams “next-gen.” To say that Madden appears to be taking full advantage of next-gen hardware would be naïve in thought. I’m sorry but Madden continues to build on an engine that just seems to be sorely outdated to say the least.

        • LenInFlux


          Everything they showcased in that podcast (spare the more detailed uniforms and grass) should show up on the last gen versions.

          While I think they are making decent strides with what they’re working with, I think a lot of the angst comes from the fact that these are improvements that should have been in the game a while back. That is, they are way behind in bringing this game forward to where it could be and to say that they know that there are still issues with the absence of gang tackles and that they’re working on it is great to hear (the admission) but if you’re implementing a new tackling system and a much improved A.I. then there’s no reason to have to wait until next year or the year after that.

          • Tazdevil20

            While I can certainly appreciate the honesty with all of this and their effort, the problem I have is that everything that is still missing in the game was already implemented by games like NFL Fever and NFL 2k4 (yes not even 2k5, but before that). It was then easily polished in APF 2k8. I guess what I find most frustrating is how a small studio with about 1/3 of the developers and probably 1/10th of the budget can build a football game that has a lot of the fundamentals that seem to be so incredibly difficult for the Tiburon engineers. Who are the actual programmers writing the code here? It just amazes me how we could have come so far in 2004 and 10 years later we are now trying to catch up to what we had 10 years prior. That is what is really unfortunate about football gaming. 🙁

          • Jay (The Truth)

            Easier to iterate with smaller teams. Bigger studios and more oversight traditionally lack the flexibility to be effective. Studios like Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto/Red Dead) have hovered between 50-75 employees despite making legendary games. Contrast with Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed. They have thousands of employees and hundreds who work on AC games across studios. Less change and more of a factory style development process sticking to template.

      • hungryandrew

        I am asking the wrong developer/publisher for more.

      • vic

        I’m a huge skeptic of ea Madden team but I will admit I have renewed hope for the game going forward however they have alot of work to do to get me back as a supporter if they do not have some sort of custom draft I will not buy.

  • Knowself5

    Why do those that hate EA and Madden always find time to post on Madden articles?? That would be like me seeking out COD articles just to bash the game, if you dont like it cool! I will enjoy because its just a video game.

    • Greenblood60

      Because there’s no other alternative, and the people who hate Madden can’t enjoy video game football. Why do people keep asking questions like this ? It should be obvious why people who hate EA continue post on Madden articles.

      That being said, even some of the same issues still remain, this live stream has renewed my hope for Madden. They’re clearly trying to make this game as Sim as possible. It’s now just a matter implementation.

      There are no gimmicks this year. The tackle cone is not a gimmick; it’s there to assist people with tackling and it can be turned off. I love the disguised coverages. I love the animations in the trenches. Hopefully ratings actually make elite players stand out, and hopefully the CPU ( on offense ) will actually be confused be the disguised coverages.

  • Anthony Suriano

    pretty cool how they’re showing the game and talking about replays to illustrate, instead of just releasing info on it. I don’t get the part at 55:45 when he says Rivers got hit and it’s an inaccurate pass. The pass was right in stride and hit WR in the hands. If anything the pass should’ve gone straight up if his arm got hit.

    • chex_mix

      Eh the receiver had to stretch out pretty far to make that catch. His arms were fully extended. But I know what you are saying. The way the defensive player hit him it looks like the pass shouldn’t have even been close to being completed.

  • Sean M

    I normally don’t post but I’m genuinely proud of EA on this. Admitting faults, they had an answer for every question, less gimmicks (besides the tackling cone thing), and they really did tackle some legacy issues. Prior to this video I was feeling mostly indifferent about the things they put out but seeing these things in play and explained has me feeling pretty good about M15.

  • M

    My question was rhetorical. Defend this clown all you want, but while a baker has to understand the ingredients, chemistry, and the effect of heat, it doesn’t mean anything if he can’t tell good bread from bad.

    And maybe your point holds up if we were talking about some obscure player.. say Jaguars Fullback Will Ta’ufo’ou.. But not the guy that EA has been using to showcase next gen graphics. And he doesn’t even have to watch real games, he just had to play Madden 15, 25, or 13.. He came off in this video just like the phony big mouth guy at every Superbowl party I’ve been too who says his favorite player is Brett Fav-ree..

  • Nino

    The negativity of the comment community is unbelievable. This stream was incredible and they went down the list of everything wrong about the game and went in detail about how it is getting better. What else do you want from them my god.

    • Keith.


      Have you played The Show, or NBA 2K? Playing those games is like controlling a real game on TV. Watching this Madden video is still like watching Madden…and a real bore.

      • Skopin

        The Show I agree with. Outside of that, I don’t think I’ve played a sports game that is close to what happens in real life.

        Madden has definitely got its work cut out if they want to get back in the consumers’ good graces. Too many years of the same old thing. It’s good that they’re making some effort finally, but a lot of this should have been in the game years ago.

  • The Great Leon

    They have no competition so they have no reason to really try. The tackling thing seems like a repeat, still see some of the old tackling animation. The better defense AI probably has a glitch. They never seem to expand on franchise they do once every new gen which sucks. I don’t know why the NFL gives them exclusive rights, they can probably find a way to make money with any company trying to make a game. I want to see the MLB Show people make a NFL game. The days we had Gameday, QB Club, Madden, Blitz were fun because each had something different.

  • DollaRob

    will the ps3 version have the same features as the ps4 version

  • DollaRob

    will the ps3 version have the same features as the ps4 version

  • DollaRob

    will the ps3 version have the same features as the ps4 and xbox 1 version?

  • Skihawks


    What do you think of the LOB loading screen? I think it would have made a great cover.

    Yes, an insignificant detail but a good compromise.

  • Skihawks

    This is the most excited I have been for Madden in a while. I am not one to break down videos and look at all the “flaws”. You can do that with any video game. All that does is suck the enjoyment out of it. There are no perfect emulations for many reasons but the biggest is the players aren’t human.

    I think this year’s game looks outstanding. If I had a wish it would be to destroy MUT, bring on classic teams and allow users to create their own team without obtaining cards. Instead, give the player credits, coins, etc that can be earned throughout playing the game across all modes and allow players to purchase the greats. Assign a “monetary” value to each player.

    I would prefer this to the randomness of cards. And, a pipe dream request, get rid of micro transactions just one time.

  • Dave3979

    I haven’t played Madden in 5+ years, but I’m actually getting excited for this game!
    With Madden, FIFA, and NHL I will be moving to Next Gen. It’s going to be a great couple of months coming up!

    I like this Rex guy, he seems very sincere in his comments and finally seems like a guy dedicated to making a great game.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Does anyone have any details regarding what they’re going to do with draft classes now that EA NCAA is dead?

  • Alvin walker

    Do they have the create a team feature back this year

  • Michael Simpson

    im a madden fan…… and i just feel like…. They keep saying ” if you dont like some of the additions weve made to the game in the last couple of years.. its because you dont know football!”