Press Row Podcast: EA Access, Ultimate Team Interview and More

Posted August 1st, 2014 at 2:00 pm


The latest Press Row Podcast features the piecing together of a few different recordings. The show opens with a discussion dedicated to the announcement of the new subscription service EA Access. It then transitions to a few of the segments from last week’s Press Row Hangout (which can be also be watched in full here or clip-by-clip here). It ends with an interview about Ultimate Team for Madden NFL 15 with producer Joe Alread.

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  • Keith.

    Why is it that microtransactions in NBA2k get criticized so much around here when the grand-daddy of all microtransaction modes (Ultimate Team) get such promotion? I mean, I listened to this interview with the MUT producer and it’s basically like listening to a paid-for infomercial. With free promotion like this, it’s no wonder why Andrew Wilson can get away with whacking the marketing spend each quarter.

    And while I’m on the subject, why is it that The Show’s Challenge of the Week mode (which is both fantastic and 100% free) and NBA2K’s The Park (also fantastic) get completely ignored by the sports gaming media? Is it really as simple as EA knows how to get their paid talking heads out there, and 2K and SCEA don’t?

    • Please don’t act like you don’t understand the difference. That MT are contained to a single mode, that people can avoid if they wish and never be affected by it, with Ultimate Team. But VC infects the entirety of 2K including its franchise (MyGM) mode and prevents people from being able to play more than one mode at a time without making sacrifices or spending money.

    • Rich Grisham

      Hi Keith – thanks for listening. I am regularly asking all of the development teams for all sports games large and small for interview coverage. We bring on everyone that we can to cover whatever subject they can discuss. Hopefully soon we have some additional devs from this fall’s release slate across the board.

      Trust me when I tell you I ask for broad coverage for all games and all topics within each game.

      You know how consistent I have been with NBA 2K14 and The Show. I love them both and mention that on a regular basis because it’s true. I really only focus on a few modes within each (Online Franchise in The Show and My Career in NBA 2K) so that’s what I bring up.

      I believe we are even in our coverage and criticism of things we like and don’t like about all the sports games.

      • Keith.

        Thanks, Rich — I hear ya. But I guess bottom line is, SCEA basically has 1 guy (Russell) to promote everything there is to promote about The Show, and NBA2k has Ronnie2K, whereas EA has at least 1 guy each year who’s all oiled up and ready to talk to the press about the latest with Ultimate Team. Makes sense, I guess, that Ultimate Team marketing is one area of the budget that Andrew Wilson wouldn’t want to cut.

        And I still say COTW, The Show Live, and The Park are long overdue for the love and credit they deserve. All Outstanding modes enjoyed by a lot of us.