Complete Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings for AFC and NFC North and South

Posted August 4th, 2014 at 3:45 pm


EA Sports has released the complete base team rosters with player ratings for Madden NFL 15 from four of the divisions. A roster update will go out at release and another after the final 53 man rosters are set on August 31 and any shuffling is made in the lead-up to week one. However most player ratings are unlikely to change until the latter and even then there is some caution considered in making adjustments based on pre-season performance.

Check out the full rosters for AFC and NFC North and South divisions here. The remaining divisions will be rolled out over the next two days.

The Bengals lead the way in the AFC North with an 86 overall team rating followed by the Ravens (84), Steelers (78) and Browns (75).  In the AFC South it’s the Colts (83), Texans (76), Titans (74), and Jaguars (73).

The NFC North is topped by the Packers (88) and trailed by the Bears (84), Lions (80), and Vikings (76). The NFC South is Saints (86), Panthers (84), Falcons (79), and Buccaneers (77).

  • Nino

    All donny moore did was copy profootballfocus deep accuracy stats to
    make deep accuracy. That’s why Case Keenum is a 90 (based on 32 deep
    pass attempts) and Flacco is a 63, Big ben a 73. And all the bums who
    never even played are still in the 70s. Cassel 87. Idiotic approach.

    • Trey Warner

      They have Flacco at a 63???He has probably top 5 in QBs in deep accuracy.

  • Trey Warner

    Browns and Texans should be in the upper 70s…and Panthers around 81.

    • Dre2778

      Based om what conclusion I’m just wondering

      • Trey Warner

        Just overall talent….Which should be the main critera for the ratings anyways since they don’t rate the coaching staff. Browns and Texans have a lot of talent if they can get it together then they will win a good amount of games

  • taztroy43

    The Steelers being rated that low is just laughable!!!! Ravens over them lmao!!! The steelers went 7 n 1 in their last 8 games and we’re a field goal away from being in the playoffs! Donny you are an idiot…seems like you don’t watch football!!!! Also if you didn’t do anything to improve franchise/cc mode I will not buy madden this year!!!!

  • Dustin

    The player positions for the Titans are way out of wack

  • GSeagles6

    So Desmond Trufant, who finished in the top 5 of all CBs in coverage (times targeted:yards allowed ratio) according to PFF is an 82? I know EA doesn’t look in depth at how players should be rated, but maybe look a little further than just INTs?

  • Andy

    The Bears are overrated. Go Packers.


    Lol at the Saints only being an 86

    • Chad

      Tell me about it. On paper the Saints may be the most well rounded team team in the entire NFL. Keenan Lewis was underrated along with Akiem Hicks and Junior Gallette to name a few.