Crew Mode Returns – For Real This Time – With NBA 2K15 But Only Last-Gen Consoles

Posted August 5th, 2014 at 4:45 pm


Last year 2K Sports announced the eagerly-anticipated return of Crew mode to NBA 2K14 on 360 and PS3. The mode had been stripped out after 2K11, without any sort of notification to fans, which created quite a bit of animosity. 2K did those people no favors however when it turned out “Crews” was nothing like the Crew mode they wanted back.

Today the company announced proper “Crew” mode is returning in NBA 2K15 but only to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s fairly rare to see any yearly sports game release getting unique features on the old generation of consoles – most don’t even get talked about by the companies let alone improved significantly and added to – but that’s the case here. It’s a positive that 2K is treating them as complete new products rather than just dumping rehashes on the unsuspecting left behind with the same $60 price tag as the higher-profile releases.

However the more hardcore crowd and those who have supported the series helping it reach the heights it’s at today are the ones seeking Crew and details on the game right now. The majority of those have moved on to the Xbox One and PS4 already making the announcement fall flat, and being baited into watching a livestream for 2K15 news that did not apply to them is yet another example of poor treatment of consumers through social media channels.

The XB1/PS4 received “The Park” last year and that feature is likely to be expanded upon more in 2K15 if the first image the company released (above) and slogan for the 2K15 is any indication. Elements of Crew may be implemented but clearly The Park is more of the vision they have for competitively using created players going forward.

  • Khaleel Ward

    I was expecting something more. Just a lil bit more. Not a crew fan so this news does nothing for me

  • Mike Query


  • NoPUNintendo

    Lame. If NBA 2K15 lacks new additions to the current gen as opposed to the last gen, I’ll probably skip it on day one for the first time in several years. Too much to play/buy this fall and as of right now there doesn’t seem to be any real pull to this game for me.

  • alex

    Im done watching their streams after the last 2. they lie over and over on twitter to fans and ignore legit compliants people have. And ronnie2k thinks hes a celebrity and everyone wants to see him and hear him talk its so pathetic.

  • Rfwill13

    Playing the Park is fun at times but it is a real hassle. Getting into games with friends is annoying beyond belief. I just want to play a REAL basketball game with some friends with actual fouls and strategy.

  • PancakePatterson

    The Park is okay for a blacktop mode but next gen needs Crew or I wont buy.

  • famousmortimer

    I have no idea why but I’m willing to give 2K the benefit of the doubt for now even though they haven’t really done much over the last few years to deserve it. But, one of the things I found interesting was that they allowed their guest to pretty much take a dump on last year’s version of the crew, talking about how it was stupid without refs, big guys sitting in the paint for 10 seconds, etc… and they all agreed with him.

    I agree with you, Pasta, that they are likely building off of what they started last year (if not whoever put that image out of playgrounds has zero concept of advertising impact). But… I can see them building it into something bigger, where you start in street ball but it culminates with playing with your crew in the NBA, on the hardwood, with refs.

    I know I’m just setting myself up for disappointment. They are probably just gonna say that it’s the crew mode, with refs. Back of the box quote “This year all of our modes have refs!”

    • Was the youtube guest one of the ones that hyped the “return of Crew” last year in the trailer they released? Would make those comments even more ironic. 2K has the youtube personalities as part of their marketing now though so they’re no longer independent voices which is a little sad to see.

      The Park offers them more efficiency in making digital revenue. That’s essentially the idea around it and they build from there. Could still be fun if they improve on what they had (like not making people wait around to play) and add elements of Crew. But it’ll still end up probably as having to pay out to compete with all the 99 rated people who bought their guys up with inconsistent server up-time.

      • famousmortimer

        To be honest I didn’t watch any videos last year as my next gen hype was beyond just sports games… but if he was hyping it – that is absolutely fantastic.

        You’re right though, whatever they do with the next gen version will be built around the currency and it’s going to be extremely frustrating.

        All I want is online associations like last gen had… with the auto-moving calendar and a bit of a flex schedule. It worked really well and, as a comish, it was nice to just have it auto-roll and not have to play “chase the member” to see if they were gonna play or not. Play or get simmed.

        If they don’t have that, again, this year… I may not even buy it. Though, it’s a bit too early to say that. Like i said above, I am optimistic even if it isn’t deserved.

          • famousmortimer

            Absolutely amazing and reason #540350305 why youtubers shouldn’t be trusted in terms of news. Well, some youtubers, atleast.

          • Bowinkle82

            i just watched the twitch feed. i got high hopes on whats to come for next gen.

      • Bowinkle82

        sick and twisted take two is. i hope live15 has some potential this yr. 2k aint listening to their fans at all. they only doing things for the money and not doing what brought them here which is putting out good games the fans enjoy. the park is terrible. but i guess they are a business

      • CSaint

        The youtube personality that guest starred 100% plays straight next gen 2k. He never said “man i hope they bring crew back to current gen” which is why I think everything he said on the stream is 100% fake, and I think that is extremely messed up. The youtube personalities know they are mad that it is only for current gen but won’t speak up..

  • alkamist1

    It’s like the same game with improved graphics when the could have put out a dlc for 39.99. They also dropped online franchise for next gen which was stupid of them I will check out nba live 15 this yr off ea access.

  • Keith.

    Saw this news posted at IGN today after Take-Two’s quarterly financials call. Glad to see them enjoy the very well deserved success — and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for 2k15 on PS4 in October. Did Madden even crack 5 million last year? LoL

    “NBA 2K14 is the first sports game at Take-Two Interactive to surpass 7 million copies shipped.

    That makes NBA 2K14 the best-selling sports game in Take-Two’s history, as chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed the shipment numbers during the company’s earnings call for the first quarter of fiscal 2015. “NBA 2K14 continues to expand its global audience and has become our first sports release to cross the 7 million units sell-in mark,” he said.

    In addition, NBA 2K14 is the third best-selling title in units shipped on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the United States, Zelnick boasted, beating out the FIFA and Madden entries from Electronic Arts.”

    • Dounte

      See!!! It’s time for you guys to come on home! NBA LIVE 15 welcomes you lol!

    • famousmortimer

      The thing that bothers me about this is that they are selling more and more copies *AND* trying to find more and more ways to extract money out of us with VC and all of that stuff.

      I get it… capitalism. But when is enough gonna be enough?

    • Brian

      Hey Keith, you know what game out sold NFL2K5? Madden. Your point is invalid. That is, unless you want to admit that Madden is better than 2K.

    • Brian

      …and if you invested the same amount of money at the start of the year into EA and Take Two, your EA capital gain would be 2x that of your Take Two.

      • Tetsuo

        Don’t bother looking for a reply- factual information which doesn’t jock ride 2K is invisible to him.

    • kenmid

      there you go again, some how you always gotta take shot at Ea.

      • Keith.

        They’ve somehow managed to figure out a way to make an NFL game that sells 2 million or so copies less per year than an NBA game, here in America. After 10 years, I’d say that makes them an easy (and well deserved) target of our criticism.

        • Dounte

          The economy is bad buddy. Their are more cheap skates now than it was in past years. Your whole stock ploy is flawed and designed to keep people from buying EA titles. I wouldn’t be surprised if your were wearing an 2K polo. You sound just like their marketing strategy lol, No love at all……

  • Luke Randazzo

    Not too sure why you wouldn’t put this into the next-gen version as well…even with the park.

  • Ayo

    is this blog just a mouth piece for EA? The majority of Crew players ARE NOT on Next Gen. They’re playing CREW on last gen. It’s still the major appeal of last gen nba 2k14. I should know. I’ve been playing crews on Day 1 and most of the best ballers on 2K14 are still around. Yes, a significant amount have moved on. But I’d say more like 30% instead of this “majority.” Flat ears? Nope pretty round here! I welcome crew back and there will be plenty who are still on last gen that will be saying the same thing.

    • e44LE

      lol read twitter or operation sports forum. there’s almost no one happy about this because everyone wanted it for the ps4 + xbone. theres a reason why the games on those are outselling the ones on ps3 and 360.

      • Keith.

        Instead of relying upon what you read in the OS forums, why not look at the sales numbers? Madden and NBA and FIFA likely will all sell the most copies on 360, followed by PS4, XBone, and PS3 in that order (the last 2 may be flipped). Smart move to keep the 360 players happy.

    • Khadeem

      I was a crew player and Im on next gen. Literally of all the people I play 2k with played crew. How is that accuarate?


    there doing the same thing for wwe 2k15 i dont know why pasta dont cover wrestling games

  • SportsNoob

    Nothing to see here, move along folks

  • If they are determined to keep the “always online” aspect of the game that relies on VC, I wouldn’t expect that to be back. The reason why they made some design decisions like that one was to prevent there from being ways to farm extra VC.

  • Skopin

    Do you own stock in either company? I don’t, so I couldn’t care less about the price per share, or what games are/aren’t selling well. I care about the games being released. And if you really believe that 2k Sports is releasing higher quality games than EA Sports (or vice versa), you are out of your mind. Both companies need to get their shit together and start improving on-court/on-field mechanics and gameplay, and quit worrying about cash-grab Pokemon game modes.

    • Khadeem

      U never lied bro

  • Antwoin Prater

    this is stupid. Bring Crew Mode back. another example of a game with no competition, being useless for a year

  • Keith.

    During the investor call, T2’s CEO said:

    “Over the past 5 releases, the NBA 2K franchise has grown at a compounded annual rate of 35%, reflecting the consistent ability of 2K and Visual Concepts to raise the bar for excellence and build the series into one of our company’s most important and durable franchises.”

    If 35% annual growth in sales for the last 5 years doesn’t indicate to you that people love the game, I really don’t know what else to tell ya Khadeem.

    • Khadeem

      It tells you that there is no alternative. Simple and plain.

  • oh shut up

    This is my favorite game series. I’m one of the best players on this game online, and I have been an avid fan since ’09. I still don’t have a ps4 and have been jamming on the ps3. I want to get the ps4 with this game, but I’d rather play crew on ps3. You all need to rethink not putting crew on next gen. Many people specifically play for myplayer. Also PLEASE force all shooting/dunkslayups with the right analog. So tired of the three point button pushers. I still kick most of their asses, but If you have a players shot down on square you can make ten shots in a row.

    • jPeEzY12209

      I have the shots down with the analog stick as well. Game is just easy as hell. Especially the people on PS4. Cakewalk. Easier than the PS3 players.

      • oh shut up

        Yeah, but if you play against good competition that knows defense then its more difficult to get off a clean analog shot than it is to simple press square.


    there’s alot of people who wants crew mode back and the new people will enjoy it better than any online mode. crew mode was the best feature on any sports game

  • afridgetofar

    I’m done.