Top Rated Goalies and Defensemen in NHL 15

Posted August 5th, 2014 at 1:45 pm


EA Sports has now begun the process of revealing player ratings for NHL 15. In similar fashion to Madden NFL 15, they’re doing it by showing off the top five at each position before moving on to complete rosters. The first two positions are the goalies and defensemen. The most glaring omission is probably P.K. Subban, who despite making it to the finals of the NHL 15 cover athlete selection process gets shut out of the top five.

Henrik Lundqvist + Jonathan Quick (93), Carey Price + Tuukka Rask (92), Pekka Rinne (91)

Shea Weber (93), Duncan Keith + Ryan Suter (92), Drew Doughty + Zdeno Chara (91)

  • Keith.

    Top rated goalies in NHL gets its own story, but feature reveals and the first screen shot of WWE 2K doesn’t? I’m not even a WWE fan, but something about that just doesn’t seem right.

  • Luke Randazzo

    Wow…I like the way the NHL 15 is being honest in the ratings department. No glaring 99’s because the player is hyped up or on the cover. Still…Corey Schneider has top five goaltending stats surprised not to see him up there.

    • AmazinsCowboys

      As a Devils fan myself, I think the reason why Schneider isn’t up there quite yet is because he doesn’t have the track record of those other goalies. His stats are right up there with them, but he’s started far less games than all of them as well.

      • Luke Randazzo

        That’s what I think as well, hopefully he proves himself this season with a full load of starts.

        • petey

          Not to mention that his stats were aided because of the defensive style of Jacque Lemaire and his trap defense. So I feel he’s not warranted a spot in the top 5.

  • Arrowe76

    In all fairness, the top 6 defensemen are pretty close to each other in terms of talent. He would have made my top 5 though. Chara is getting a little old and was clearly outplayed by Subban in the playoffs.

  • Ryan Hartmann

    Chara is not that good.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    I think Quick’s a bit overrated to be honest. I wouldn’t argue placing him in the top-5 but he’s not the best goalie in the game and certainly not equal to Lundqvist.

  • M

    PK Subban is a glaring omission? He’s not top 10, he’s somewhere in the top 20.. He couldn’t crack Team Canada’s top 7 (You could even argue he was a charity addition to appease fans). 3 of the top 5 listed aren’t Canadian, so even if he’s next in line(he’s not) he’s outside the top 10. He should be playing Wing so that getting out of position and making high risk poor decisions don’t kill his team. The idiots that think he’s a future elite defenseman are the same fans that will be begging the Canadiens to buy him out in 4 seasons.

  • Jason

    No love for Semyon Varlamov? I thought considering he was a finalist for the top goaltender, surely he would be in the top 5. But the Avalanche still aren’t a high market team, and I’m guessing that was the deciding factor…he’s probably a low 80, where EA loves to put him.