Madden NFL 15 Complete Player Ratings for Entire League

Posted August 6th, 2014 at 9:45 am


Earlier this week EA Sports rolled out the player ratings in Madden NFL 15 for four divisions. The AFC and NFC East and West have now joined that group to complete the league. Check out the document with the entire league’s ratings here (the newly added divisions start at page 32).

The Seahawks lead the way with the highest team rating in Madden at 91 and the 49ers are the only other NFC team to hit 90. They’re followed by the Cardinals (80) and Rams (77) in the NFC West. The Broncos are the only 90 rated team in the AFC and the Chargers (83), Chiefs (82), and Raiders (72) fill out the AFC West.

In the NFC East it is the Eagles at the top (85) with the Cowboys (81), Giants (76), and Redskins (75) trailing. The AFC East has the Patriots (88) way out in front of the Dolphins (79), Jets (78), and Bills (75).

  • Weekend Roady

    Carson Tinker, Jags long snapper, is the lowest rated player in the game. Kinda sad, he’s the same Bama player whose girlfriend died in the tornado a couple years back.

  • Taylor

    These are just the ratings for ‘Play Now’ correct? Once imported into CFM they will fluctuate? And I assume the screen caps they are using are the CFM ratings?

    • Trey Warner

      Yeah ratings fluctuate due to schemes. But they said they improved the way they do that this year.

  • Trey Warner

    Link doesn’t work lol

  • CJ

    So they obviously have been sitting on these ratings for a while. Chargers roster still have players that have been cut & no Brandon Flowers ANYWHERE. I even checked the Chiefs, but i’m assuming he was in the free agent pool when they finalized this spreadsheet. Awesome job smh.

  • Michael Simpson

    RG3 an 82??? seriously? with ryan fitzpatrick an 80?? wow…

    • Trey Warner

      RG3 was on of the worst QBs last year…He’s actually overrated based off of last year.

  • chad

    Charles Johnson was a 94 in the last madden 25 update. He is now an 88. Anyone care to fill me in on what he did this offseason to drop 6 points? Its not like he got 11 sacks even though he missed sometime, and played hurt.

    Hell, Cameron Jordan had 11.5 sacks and is rated higher than Greg Hardy(15 sacks). Someone please explain this!

    Michael Bennett only had 8.5 sacks and is rated higher than Charles Johnson.

    All this SF,SEA bias is sickening

  • Wonderboy

    Thanks for upload Pasta, saves all of us a lot of time manually entering

  • Trey Warner

    link works but the document only loads the first page.

  • Trey Warner

    Never mind I clicked open and it works

  • Trey Warner

    Never mind I clicked open and it works

  • Trey Warner

    I was looking at a few QB ratings and Peyton should be in the mid 50s for speed not 60…and I’m pretty sure Nick Foles is quicker than him and Eli. Foles should be in the mid 60s