First Footage from NBA 2K15 is a Slow Motion Kevin Durant Highlight

Posted August 7th, 2014 at 10:45 am


2K Sports generally releases an official trailer for the upcoming NBA 2K games in late August. They got a jump on that today by pushing out a clip (PS4/XB1) likely pulled from that future trailer through cover athlete Kevin Durant’s Instagram page. Unfortunately that means it’s limited to 15 seconds and isn’t great quality, but it still represents the first look at the game which doesn’t even have a screenshot out with just over two months until release.

There’s not much to go on from the footage except for the presence of “big heads” in the crowd.¬†Gamescom is next week where some actual gameplay footage tends to emerge from each year. Leave any observations on the brief video in the comments!

  • Jakk

    That didn’t look very good. An unrealistic dunk and KD looks more like Perkins than himself. Surprised they didn’t charge VC to watch this video too.

    • Bowinkle82

      i was thinking the same thing. this looked like live

      • Dounte


        • Bowinkle82


    • Dounte

      Where is those 2 new NBA LIVE SCREENSHOTS? They look way yay better than this trailer but I bet Pastapadre don’t think so ( biased site ). No love….

  • Luke Randazzo

    Dribble the ball: 500 VC.

  • BANE

    Looks fantastic. Nice to see they’ve added the compression tights. That was overdue. Can’t wait to see more and hear what’s being added to Assoc mode this season

  • Josh

    Looks similar to 14, which is expected. I like the heads in the crowd, and the new leg sleeves. But KD’s face isn’t great, nor is the overpowering dunk animation, especially on someone like Iggy. I don’t like how the crowd is fully seated the entire time, even after the flush (although, we can’t necessarily tell) & no one else on defense is even paying attention to the driving KD either, which is a major concern.

    • Jackson

      I attend Indiana Pacers games regularly, and the entire crowd is seated at least 95% of the time, especially in regular season games. The crowd only gets on its feet during the last few minutes of a close game, or sometimes in the playoffs when the team is in need of a run. NBA crowds sit almost all the time, especially in the regular season.

  • Khaleel Ward

    Looks like last year, they had a fathead in the crowd but there were like 3 of them. Pointless trailer. The crossover was nice but they cut the video and he was at the basket with no other dribbles and that dunk looked fake, if you are driving pass someone you won’t be able to do a two foot gather like that. The motion was not fluid.

    • Rare gucci belt

      Damn what does it take to satisfy you people smh

      • Khaleel Ward

        I just don’t like teaser trailers like this. At least give me a full Kevin Durant trailer showing different moves and animations. Teaser trailers don’t do anything for me

    • Skopin

      I was more displeased with the rubber band defense and bad AI. Durant beats Iggy off the dribble, but by the time he goes to dunk, Iggy’s back in front of him, meaning he slid right back into place. Coupled with the fact that no one else even seemed to notice that there was a ball on the court, and we see that AI hasn’t been improved much. Perkins standing on the three point line, and Bogut closely guarding him instead of helping defend the paint.

      Same old, same old.

  • SwagRat

    i’m excited for MyPlayer to wear those compression tights.

  • Jese Hall

    Pasta did you do a write up on how PC will be exactly the same as PS4/XB1 this year?