NBA 2K15 Getting New Offline Association Mode on Xbox One and PS4

Posted August 7th, 2014 at 2:00 pm


2K Sports today announced a mode for NBA 2K15 called MyLeague exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Operation Sports has a detailed interview that goes over everything and offers a few other pieces of relevant information.

MyLeague is essentially a more customizable version of the Association mode that was lost with the transition to the new systems where MyGM replaced it. Unfortunately the mode is offline only but on the plus side the number of options are staggering and it doesn’t involve the Virtual Currency that severely harmed the entire 2K14 experience due to its implementation in all the major modes. It’s likely that MyGM remains, and the assumption should be that VC still plays a part there and elsewhere unless the company specifies otherwise, but at the very least there would be this one respite from all that.

Other things noted that suggest positive changes potentially extending elsewhere include the return of Create-a-Player and the ability to save roster files locally to hard drives instead of having everything stored in the cloud. The focus on revenue from selling VC and “always online” nature of 2K14 was why those options were absent.

  • Buddy Milkshake

    I hope you can make the seasons shorter than 82 games. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

    • Lefteris Aslanoglou

      You can.

  • Bowinkle82

    MyLeague sounds like the greatest thing ever. and NO VC in this mode. praise!!!

  • Brian

    Or in otherwords, the game we deserved last year. Think I may give The Golf Club or NHL 15 a try this fall.

    • Dominic Brody

      Don´t buy The Golf Club. Graphics are horrendous. Waste of money. I regret having bought it.

  • little britches

    Awesome news! This is exactly what it needed, and is how a certain football game needs to be built. I love the ability to watch or control ANY team during my franchise. EA sports should take notes!

    • bltzkrieg666

      Obviously you never played Live 14.

      • Skopin

        Live’s Dynasty mode was fairly lackluster. There weren’t a lot of options. It got the job done, but the customization announced here is definitely ahead.

      • little britches

        Sorry, I was comparing it to the Madden franchise which EA stripped those features. LIVE 14, LOL didn’t touch it.

  • Adam

    This is very welcome news for me, since I don’t ever play online. I had to give up on the game last year because I could barely ever get through it with all the online issues. Being able to play an offline association mode actually just put me back into buying this game when I was going to pass this year.

  • buster-MPC

    This is just fantasy land nonsense to Keith. He must be so disappointed with 2k right now lol

    • Keith.

      Probably won’t spend a minute in this mode, but good for the people who wanted this stuff and got it.

      Maybe they’ll hit 8 million this year and double Madden’s sales numbers. Wouldn’t that be something to see, here in the US. Best part is, it conceivably could happen.

      • Skopin

        Keith on Madden franchise mode:
        “Seems like a bunch of fantasy land nonsense to me. If you enjoy franchise mode stuff, then have fun. But to me it’s a snore.”

        Keith on 2k franchise mode:
        “Probably won’t spend a minute in this mode, but good for the people who wanted this stuff and got it.”

        Clearly, he’s not a fan of franchise in any game, but the tone and wording say a lot. Hard to take you seriously when you are this biased.

        • Trey Warner

          People are beginning to catch on to Keith and his biased views. While some of what he says makes sense, most of it is exaggerated or one sided.

    • Khadeem

      or can be another innovative, futuristic, and heart warming move by the company that has me by the balls

      -Signed Keith

  • MBird

    As I complained over and over about the various drawbacks of NBA 2K14 since the PS4 release, I continuously hoped that 2K would at least listen to the consumers better than EASports has, and already, with the next year’s release, they may have genuinely listened (unless of course, 2K14 wasn’t a finished product, and this is closer to what they had in mind). Good call 2K. I only hope in MyLeague we can have the option to start season from today’s date and also keep injury lengths set from the roster you use.

    Now, if they could just do something with Ronnie2k, I really dislike how that guy treats consumers, especially with the train wreck that was the early months of 2K14.

    • little britches

      I agree, 2nd year on a completely new platform and it looks like 2k has really listened and delivered a much more polished franchise mode for the offline crowd. Sure does put a big black eye on the “other” company that has no desire to listen to the consumer.

      • Brian

        Is it really listening when you’re simply putting things back into the game that should have been in it last year? Well thank you 2K for “listening” to your fans and putting back in create-a-player and the ability to save rosters and franchises offline. All things in which the other major sport franchises had. Oh the dichotomy of this message board.

        • MBird

          Yes, this message board may be almost like two warring factions (okay, it really is), but the difference I see so far is that it took EA 8+ years to slowly put features back into their Madden game, of which, some still have not made it back in that I enjoyed, while touting “new features” that are actually old features for years, but then you have 2K who seemingly fixes and adds the features back to their flagship game the next year.

          • Skopin

            Not sure I would go that far. It took them 4 years to add crew back in. But I agree that Madden has definitely been slow on the uptake. Guess that’s what happens when competition isn’t there.

          • MBird

            True, I forgot about crew since I mostly ignored it in the first place.

  • Rhoades

    Hey pasta I know its kind of a long shot but what are the odds any basketball game this year does what NBA live used to with the game simulations in dynasty mod? I loved being able to just play the last 3 minutes of a game to boost certain players stats.

    • Yeah interesting feature to have…not sure but wouldn’t expect to see that in either.

  • PancakePatterson

    NBA 2K is conning you all. They put features in a game, take those same features out and re-release those same features as “new” features every year. I really hope NBA Live releases a rival product this year.

    • vic

      What?! Dude did you even read the features?????? With ‘Injuries 2.0’, every player has a unique durability rating for 16 different body parts (think left foot, right foot, left ankle, right ankle, etc.).  This level of control allows us to pick a player like Russell Westbrook and say that he has a right knee with a significantly higher chance of getting injured than his left knee, or any other body part for that issue.  In short, player injuries are going to be a lot more relevant, and a lot less random. Plus injury progression

      • Skopin

        I wonder if they injuries will be realistic though. For example, will I have a guy hurt his elbow by landing awkwardly on a jumpshot? I would love to see physics and momentum play a part in injuries. If a guy gets fouled hard and goes down on his arm, that’s what should be hurt.

        • vic

          True Im skeptic as always I’m just hoping everything works the way they are making it sound will be great if it does

    • little britches

      Heck yeah, I don’t know about a con job, they at least listened and that counts for a lot! I hope LIVE is awesome too, nothing like good healthy competition to drive innovation and better overall games. That is exactly why Madden is the same game year after year.

    • BANE

      Its highly unlikely. 2K is just too far ahead and this season will no doubt continue that gap between the two franchises. EVEN with all the internet hate that next gen 2K14 got, it was still one of the best selling titles the company released and was still one of the better sports titles released on the platforms. Much better than EA’s outings save for FIFA.

    • Lefteris Aslanoglou

      You didn’t read the interview.

    • agent916

      It’s called Old-Gen to Next-Gen, and you don’t have a clue as to what goes into programming from one system to the next. It’s not apples-to-apples. Would you have rather 2k NOT released last years game at all? Exactly.

  • vic

    This is great news they actually listened to us and gave us everything we asked for the full feature list is incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited over a game very good news after my disappointment with Madden 15

  • bltzkrieg666

    It seems to me that 2k is doing nothing more but juggling with old features and calling them new content. At some point you 2k fans are going to actually demand more than just rehashed features that should have never been removed from the game.
    You also might be demanding something other than the canned animations you’ve been playing for 15 years. Every sports game is utilizing real time physics except 2k which continues to peddle out canned animations.
    2k is falling behind the curve here and as EA is getting better and better with its physics based game engines, where does that leave 2k? The way I see it, 2k will have to make that jump at some point and when they do, they will be where EA was when they tried to make Elite 11.

    • Lefteris Aslanoglou

      No. Read the interview. It contains a pretty good glimpse, -glimpse- of everything that’s new in our Franchise modes this year. We didn’t just put something back in.

    • Skopin

      I partially disagree. While this is essentially bringing back Association mode, it does seem to be offering a lot more than previous iterations. Yes, Association should have been in 2k14, but at the very least they’re adding to it while bringing it back, rather than just bringing it back as it was in 2k13 and calling it new.

  • BANE

    Thats all I was waiting on. Next Gen 2K14 built such a fantastic base that all it needed was the return of some old gen features to be truly extraordinary and we are getting that and then some. Fantastic, fantastic news.

    • Skopin

      I’m more interested in what has been done to improve gameplay and AI. They can tout all the modes they want, but if the on-court action is still as bad as 2k14, it won’t mean anything to me.

  • ooga booga

    HAHA YES! now hopefully ea sports follows and hopefully both will be able to add a guest online!!!!!!!!!! because lets face it fifa online with the add a guest feature was fun to do.

  • Chris

    So there’s still no online association mode, where I can play through a league with my friends?

    • Skopin

      There’s not online association, but online leagues will be there, and they suggested that improvements have been made in that area.

    • Kevin Gesterling

      Currently no, but there is still 3 months left for that info to release so I would not be too down yet because there is still a lot to discover.

      • agent916

        Actually, maybe NOT true. The link above does elude to having a fully functional online mode. It’s NOT going to be an association mode (HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT), but here’s to hoping it’s not garbage.

        This is going to be the make or break feature for me personally. If there’s no association, I’m passing unless you can play thru a full season without having all 30 spots filled with real players (so stupid).

        Don’t you remember last year, you could play an season online but if you chose 14 games and only had two players, you each played head-to-head 14 times (sad…and hilarious).

  • Lefteris Aslanoglou

    People calling this out as 2K just bringing back what was already there have no idea how much work has gone into taking what we had in the previous generation into new heights. The new levels of customizability, the new injury system, the per-opponent gameplans, and so many features that we haven’t even announced yet that are new and common in both our Franchise modes, MyGM and MyLEAGUE, plus core improvements across the board. We’re just getting started and people that clearly didn’t read the interview posted on OperationSports are already dissing this as nothing but an old feature brought back.

    We haven’t been working our asses off all year just to say “oh look, this thing that didn’t make it into 2K14 is now back in”.

    I for one am really proud with what we’ve accomplished and for having the most customizable franchise mode that has ever been in the series be part of 2K15, and I’m really excited for the announcements of the rest of the Franchise features.

    • eric

      The fact that you took online association out is what is unacceptable. OK so it was missing last year in the transition to next gen. Okay understandable. But year 2 and still no Online franchise/association is ridiculous. Honestly a game breaker. I play madden Online franchise. Baseball online franchise. I did NCAA too. I did NBA too until it was taken out. Unacceptable

      • agent916

        They do announce in the OS article that online association has full functionality (whatever that means). That’s honestly the part about gaming I have no idea how game-makers continue to miss out on. EA figured it out years ago with FIFA, and has carried that over into the Madden series.

        For 2k to NOT have an association mode Online (if that’s the case) is just completely amazing to me. I know there are a lot of smart people working on that game. But they completely missed the boat on thousands of copies sold had they implemented it online.

    • swimfunk

      Last year’s online leagues were embarrassing to say the least. That game mode had 0% chance of succeeding with 0 options. It was disrespectful how little time seemed to be put in that mode. Was it really hard to at least have the mode somewhat playable??? Most of your league players have been with you guys from the start and we feel we are being pushing aside for money making opportunities.

      I am not holding my breathe that the Online Leagues will work this year as evident by the many glitches in past OA’s and last yr’s OL. It’s gotten steadily worse every year. Even if online leagues are decent it’s a major step back in what was considered next gen. You guys had online leagues in 2k9.

      What makes this worse is when Ronnie2k lies to me and tells me all the fun people are having playing in online leagues. It was an awful dream last year, hopefully it’s not reoccurring.

  • Khaleel Ward

    Hey no VC is a win. Baby steps for 2k

  • Bowinkle82

    how are yall saying this mode has been in the game before? we’ve never seen anything like this. sure there has been association modes but not to this extent at all. 2k has never had anything like this although they shouldnt have taken out association mode in 2k14.
    2k14 actually took out a bunch of features that previous 2k games had. gonna be interesting to see how they add them back and if they call them new. if they start doing that then i will agree but this MyLeague mode is like association on steroids.

  • Kevin Gesterling

    I love this announcement, I was disappointed in MyGM as I played through multiple seasons because the overall reliance on VC to improve on your skills instead of earning unlocks by completing tasks and accomplishing feats.

    Additionally I got sick of interacting with my staff because they said the same time over and over. The interactions are a neat idea, but not varied much at all which made them seem more tedious to go through instead of enjoying it.

    Just from this announcement NBA 2k15 went from a pass to a possible buy once it goes on sale. I just hope VC is removed from MyGM too because that would be a better experience for me than the old association mode, but either mode would be sufficient to me in terms of a GM mode.

  • The Great Leon

    Great news, I usually like playing offline. Also it should be 2 players or more. Looking forward to this new mode.

  • PPerfectCJ

    I can’t believe it. They CARE. Seriously, I’m really happy with this. Wasn’t planning on buying this year, but it looks like plans may have changed. Thank you, 2K.

  • jaye_will

    why is “created” spelled wrong under the title?

    • Skopin

      Because they weren’t try to say “created.” “Curated” is the word they were going for.


    crew mode please on the next-gen

  • frezza

    is it gonna b multiplayer like the xbox version that was 100x better

  • frezza

    the association mode

  • Keith Hickson

    Yess!!!!! About time they brought Association Mode back!

  • Keith Hickson

    And Create a player!

  • Nick

    Will there be multiplayer in this mode?

  • JForReals

    offline only…. sigh…. I only play this with friends and that’s the only reason we buy this