Press Row Hangout Clips: Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise News and The Importance of Franchise Modes

Posted August 11th, 2014 at 5:45 pm


In the final two clips from the most recent Press Row Hangout the panel discusses the details that were released for Connected Franchise mode in Madden NFL 15 and how companies are now approaching Franchise/Dynasty modes. The first segment is primarily about Madden’s upgrades and what might still be lacking while the second examines how 2K Sports is putting effort into Franchise with MyLeague in NBA 2K15 while EA Sports believes its relevance is slipping and instead is shifting focus to other modes with NBA Live 15.

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  • Geodude

    I do hope they have fixed the bug where if a CPU team hires a new generate coach, that the new coach doesn’t retain the old coach’s player schemes despite going from (e.g.) a 3-4 to a 4-3 and moving their players around and then trading them away… very annoying for realism…

  • swimfunk

    good job fellas, I do wish they talked about the presentation of online CFM. I noticed that they had the nice QB intro video at the start of the game but I highly doubt that makes it into an online gm. One thing I enjoy is the offline presentation compared to the online presentation.

    The one thing I wish they added that they didn’t was more commish options. I wish we could set a winner or reset a gm if needed. I am glad they have multiple commish’s now. That was big pain to get online and set an owner on auto. Even lg wide suspensions in a private lg could have been nice.

    I am excited to try out the new practice/confidence mode. Glad mini games made it into practice. I hated last yrs practice, normally I just did the quickest one to get it over with. I do wish they would make owner money mean something.

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I agree the commish needs more authority over game results.

  • Thomas O’Connell

    My thoughts on the
    mode are simple:


    need to include solid AI for each GM that will have them attempt to build a
    solid team logically with each GM with characteristics such as always sticking
    to the draft board or going for need or spending in free agency or even going
    after lots of UDFA players like Seahawks. They also should do the same with
    trading logic and have user approval for CPU-CPU trades.

    Game Rules:

    need to include all of the nuances of the NFL such as RFA and waiver claim that
    have been missing.


    Part 1 OVR via Flux Points:

    player progression and confidence should look something like 2k basketball (1,
    2, 3 or 4 OVR point boost/decrease with moral and player performance from Flux
    Points. Points down with low moral from not enough play time or just unhappy
    with other stuff). Players should keep 2/3 of increase in overall from
    confidence or flux points (ex: if player is 90 OVR but very happy and performs
    well and ends season with a 93 because of confidence and moral boost, they
    should start the next season 92 or maybe 91 OVR.

    Part 2 Training Focus::

    off season is a perfect place for young players to make big strides in OVR
    (They don’t actually get better from the regular season like Madden thinks they
    do). Every player should have a direction in which they should train for called
    “Training Focus” (eg 3-4 DE is going to 4-3 DE and needs to lose
    weight, get faster and increase speed rush to play in 4-3. The user should have
    the player focus on changing weight and improving speed/agility and then his
    skills increase from that. The player’s “training focus” options
    could be like increasing strength, lowering body fat (keep same weight), speed
    training, form training (works on specific skills like route running, footwork,
    fundamentals) or film study (AWR, Play recognition etc). The young players
    would improve the most, vets would just be attempting to prolong their
    downfall. The amount of improvement or loss of skill prevention would depend on
    a players work ethic rating (use the player motor stat). Coaches that have XP
    upgrades for certain positions could focus and improve the effectiveness of
    Training Focus. Certain skills can be improved easily for a short while but
    have a ceiling (speed could be improved 2 or 3 points at a decent XP cost
    before becoming massive cost) unless the physical attributes change (losing
    weight would raise the ceiling but also would alter and decrease attributes
    like strength or power moves). This doesn’t create value to initial size but
    puts value on it once in the game. As a result in-season improvement should be
    toned down somewhat and only major improvements should happen to only certain
    players that might be categorized as having “breakout seasons”. XP
    gains would also occur with much more benefits for the backups than the pros so
    that it shows how experience can be critical to young players. If there
    are too many opportunities to upgrade player progression then it can be toned
    down appropriately.

    3: Practice

    reason practice sucks is that it is the same thing as the regular season just
    against a group of generic players. What needs to happen is that players would
    be in shorts and t shirts and do drills that don’t feel like they are playing
    madden (mini games etc). This would gain XP but for a group of players (players
    could only be chosen once ever few weeks so it forces you to give XP to backups
    as well. The main point here is make it interesting and quick so it isn’t a
    waste of time. This can also include a practice scrimmage just to work
    on certain plays to train the user or try out certain moves.

    Game Prep

    game feature should be based from the 2k5 concept. You have around certain
    number of prep hours a week and you should allocate those hours to certain
    drills or position groups. You would just walk through the schedule Tuesday 8-9
    am players in this group do this, in that group do that. Maybe at 10am we have
    team scrimmage. Practice could be full pads, shorts or just helmets etc.
    Determine how much time is spent on the field, in a walk-thru, in the film
    room. This would have overall effects on the team on things such as moral,
    physical condition or how fresh they are, confidence/AWR and attribute ratings
    (each drill would improve certain attributes somewhat and as a short term
    boost). There is something as too much, as in practicing too hard results in
    injuries, lower moral and less significant XP yield. Neglecting film study
    would reduce AWR greatly as well.

    Owner Mode:

    mode, as mentioned before, should put use to the money. In addition to buying
    new stadiums (more stadium models needed as well and improvements should also
    be visible if applicable (new jumbo-tron/extra seats). Things such as building
    a new practice facility (more XP gain), better trainers (quicker recovery),
    nicer locker room (higher moral), higher quality hotel and air travel (lessen
    impact of road games), quality of scouts (less points used to scout),
    scouting budget (can scout more frequently).

    It’s a long paper that
    I just wrote but it comes down to making the AI logic fundamentally sound by
    using characteristics behind team actions, including all the NFL rules and
    clauses, redoing in season progression to moral and play based flux points on
    OVR, using the off season as the main method of improving players, redoing
    practice to unique mini games while football based but also unique, reproaching
    game-prep to a schedule based menu that would cause changes in attributes,
    confidence and other stats, and lastly putting the money in owners mode to use
    by purchasing certain behind the scenes upgrades for the players to improve or
    reduce other factors