Gamescom Trailers for NHL 15 and FIFA 15; NHL Demo Out August 26

Posted August 13th, 2014 at 1:45 am


New trailers for NHL 15 and FIFA 15 have come out of Gamescom coinciding with the Electronic Arts press conference and the first day of the event.

With less than four weeks to go EA has yet to show gameplay or clarify the feature set even with rumors swirling that EASHL and GM Connected may not have made the transition to the Xbox One and PS4. That didn’t change at the press conference but some other news was made.

There will be a demo for NHL 15 and that is set to release on Tuesday, August 26. It will feature a Stanley Cup Finals rematch of the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings with two minute periods. The demo will also include practice mode, adjustable difficulty and camera angles.

For FIFA 15 the new trailer focuses on goalkeepers which are said to be revamped with “over 50 new save animations, improved AI and a new realistic player model”.

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  • matthew

    These two games will justify my xbox one purchase last year.

  • Kevin Gesterling

    Same day as the Madden release? Seems odd, but hey, once my Xbox One Madden Bundle comes in I can use XBL to DL the demo and play if for a bit before I dig into Madden 15. Or maybe while it downloads onto the console, is that even possible to play a demo and wait for a game to DL in the background? I am pretty sure it is on PS4 but I have not really tried to figure that out.

  • afridgetofar

    So I take it they fixed goalies just smacking balls right back into play or into the cheap seats? That was a pretty huge legacy problem.

  • Bowinkle82

    i dont even play nhl but this game looks awesome

  • Luke Randazzo

    Wow NHL 15 is looking really good. I’m not getting Madden 15 on release day so that demo is going to be awesome.