Press Row Hangout: Troubling NHL 15 Rumors and Gamescom News

Posted August 14th, 2014 at 10:15 pm


A special Press Row Hangout came together Thursday night to discuss the news out of Gamescom before turning to the scorching hot topic of the moment. Despite mounting circumstantial evidence that paints a distressing picture EA Sports will neither confirm nor deny the presence of EA Sports Hockey League and GM Connected modes in the XB1/PS4 version NHL 15. The company has only now stated that news related to modes will be discussed next week. The audio from this show will also be featured on Friday’s Press Row Podcast.

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  • jake

    I cant believe theres even question about this and EA leaving people to wonder. No EASHL means no buy from me.

  • Keith.

    Rich, if you read this, do you know whether NHL on PS4 is going to have the TV Broadcast camera angle for game play, like the 360/PS3 versions have? I love playing from the TV Broadcast camera angle in all sports games and read this week that the demo for NHL is only going to offer 3 gameplay camera angles, and none of them were TV Broadcast. Have you heard anything? I’d hate to hear that the TV Broadcast camera angle didn’t make the cut, either.

    • Rich Grisham

      I haven’t heard at all about this, Keith. Sorry man!

      • Keith.

        Thanks, Rich, much appreciate the response.

      • Keith.

        Think I got my answer — EA posted a couple of new videos today, highlighting their “all new” high dynamic cam, medium dynamic cam, and low dynamic cam. (To my eyes, these cameras look no different than the traditional overhead cameras from all prior NHL games.) Given that these are the 3 cameras that will be in the demo, I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that EA removed the TV Broadcast camera, for reasons I’ll never understand.

        Somebody at OS also posted pics of the back of the PS4 NHL box — seems to confirm that online is 2 vs. 2 players (max), and offline is 1-4 players. No mention whatsoever of EASHL.

        • Twelve(One)

          Did they seriously take out the Broadcast angle? Im not happy about this, I didn’t buy NHL 14 because I was saving my money for a ps4. I became infatuated with the broadcast angle in NHL 13 and was really looking forward to this next month, now Im kind of disappointed.

        • Jon

          It’s a demo, lots of options are not available — I don’t see why they would remove that specific angle from the complete game.

  • Keith.

    And on a completely unrelated note, the new monthly NPD numbers were released yesterday, and July marked the 10th straight month that NBA 2K14 has appeared in the NPD monthly Top 10. For any game, that’s amazing. For a sports game, that’s unheard of. Good for them.

  • Yausser1017

    Not good fellas, check out the box art for the back of the nhl cover. Only says 1-4 players, whereas the xbox 360 version says up to 12 players…

    EA I have supported you for years and bought your crappy games. If no EASHL in this years game, I will no longer be an EA customer. That is the mode I play more than any other game.

  • Rob Hestar

    Who ever decided to take out EASHL should be fired..I know none of my friends will be buying this game now.

    Edit: now that I look at the pic you tweeted out for the xbox box it says online multiplayer 2-12 players or is that from an old NHL box?

  • Tyler_Costain

    The league in question at the end is Leaguegaming, which has a signup number of 3218 people, most of whom only play one particular mode, now take that number and multiply it by $69.99 + Taxes and that is how much you lose just day 1.