Press Row Hangout: Reacting to the News of No EASHL and GM Connected in Xbox One and PS4 NHL 15

Posted August 19th, 2014 at 7:15 pm


A full panel was on hand to discuss the confirmation that there will be no EA Sports Hockey League or GM Connected modes in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of NHL 15. It’s tremendously bad news for the game and some of its most hardcore fans who would never have even contemplated this as a possibility, and the way EA Sports has handled it could have even longer-lasting ramifications to the series than just a single year. The show is now archived to watch for those who couldn’t make it for the live airing.

The goroup includes myself (@Pastapadre), Rich Grisham (@RichGrisham), T.J. Lauerman (@ThatSportsGamer), Chris Sanner (@ChrisSnr), Pete Dodd (@atPeteDodd), and Samit Sarkar (@SamitSarkar).

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  • vicctor

    great hangout guys. really like that you do these. ive already canceled my preorder and i may not buy the next year either after this ill spend my money with a company that actually cares.


    Is Rich Grisham being paid off by MLB 14 to continually say good things about that game!?!? It’s so annoying. Every podcast he has to slip in some sort of praise about how spectacular MLB 14 The Show is when in reality it’s likely the biggest online piece of garbage to have been release in more than 5 years. Constant lag, visual anomalies, disconnects, freezes, etc…. With regards to online gameplay MLB 13 was 10x better than this years release. Wake up Rich!! Tell it like it is!!

    • Rich Grisham

      Ha! No, I am not paid off by MLB The Show. I can’t even get them to come on the Press Row Podcast to do developer interviews. 🙂

      In all seriousness, I do love MLB The Show. And it does have issues online, although – for me personally – they have diminished a lot since the patch. T.J. and I have played a few games online post-patch that have been pretty good. For the MOST part I play it offline, though, so that is the bulk of my experience. Which has been spectacular.

      It is interesting how I kind of separate my games. Madden and (in the past) NHL have been almost-always online experiences. NBA 2K I play single-player My Career almost exclusively, especially since the online leagues were nerfed on PS4. I hope those come back, because that will be almost all I play of NBA. And I play FIFA almost exclusively offline because there are no leagues and the majority of people I play online destroy me.

      All of these color my perceptions of these games. I try to be very up front about how I play all of these, though. Hopefully that comes through.

      • D-DAWG-ROCKS

        Hey Rich,
        I can appreciate that you play offline and I agree, offline the game is good, however, most of us can only play vs. AI for so long before it gets stale and lame. For those of us that purchased the game strictly for online gameplay it has been a complete disaster. It was like taking 10 steps backwards compared to MLB 13 which I find to be completely unacceptable.
        Upon purchase (PS3 in April) I tried to play about 10 online games and wasn’t even successful at completing one of them. Since the last patch I have tried 3 or 4 games and only completed 1. I cannot be bothered to even try anymore as there is no point in wasting 1 hour of my time getting to say the 7th or 8th inning only to have the game freeze or disconnect.
        IMO your review score of 8/10 was completely off the mark. I feel it would be generous to give it a 6/10. Other than the occasional comment regarding online being broken, I’m surprised that you and the rest of the crew have not addressed or exploited these issues in greater depth.
        Sony has screwed 1000’s out of $60 and has done nothing to man up for it. They’re not even willing to respond to their consumers inquires with answers on what and when fixes were being worked on. Instead they continually elect to either ignore or lock threads.
        Where else would you purchase a flawed product that doesn’t function as advertised and not expect the manufacturer of the product to be responsible for it?
        I think you should be blasting MLB developers a hell of a lot more for shitting the bed on this years release as opposed to praising them for it.

      • D-DAWG-ROCKS

        FYI Rich…just out of curiosity and also to verify my previous posts, I tried 2 games over the weekend….results….both froze. One in the 4th inning and one in the 6th. Complete waste of about 90 minutes of my time. IMO, MLB The Show owes you, me and all other online users a $60 refund for this piece of S%IT game. 8/10?? Not even close!!!

  • Jason Lewon

    Great job guys not buying this year i’ll get Destiny instead

  • Rodrigo

    Is it me or does that Samit guy ramble? Even with the audio problems that OS guy had, at least he was on-point.

  • Jon Gregory

    This is so drastic, c’mon guys……you’re shunning an entire franchise over an online mode? Can’t you just say your disappointed and move on? It’s to the point where we fly off the handle if the jerseys aren’t updated when we turn the game on. Totally silly.