Madden NFL 15 Six Hour Trial Now Available Through EA Access

Posted August 21st, 2014 at 8:30 am


Madden NFL 15 through EA Access on Xbox One is now available to download as a timed trial. Subscribers to the service will get six hours of play time, with the timer ticking down whenever the game is loaded regardless of whether a game is being played, menus are being navigated through, or if there is any activity taking place at all. So make sure to exit out and close the application from the Xbox One home screen when not in use.

The trial will expire at the turn of Tuesday regardless of whether the six hours have been used when a full copy will be required to continue playing. Game saves are stored on the hard drive so progress in Connected Franchise, Ultimate Team or any other modes will carry over. The complete game is accessible during the trial period.

EA Access was announced in late July and is exclusive to the Xbox One because Sony decided against offering it to PS4 consumers. It includes the “Vault” which offers unlimited play with some older games from the company’s catalog, 10% off all digital purchases, and the ability to play games up to five days before they release for a limited timed trial. EA Access is $30 for a full year or $5 month-to-month.

[Update]┬áThe latest in the long line of mishaps by EA recently – you can download Madden through EA Access but you can’t actually play it. At 100% fully installed, the game won’t start because it says it’s not fully installed. So if this is happening to you know that it’s happening to everyone.

[Update #2] 3 1/2 hours late but the Madden trial is now playable through EA Access.

  • ninnyjams

    Not showing up for me just yet.

  • Gary Keith

    I will burn my 6 hours after work!

  • ninnyjams

    I wonder if sharing works via the home console stuff? I know EA Access is shared itself. Also wonder if the six hours thing is shared or if other gamertags get it, too. Hm.

  • SimplyCJ

    Any word on if you can just fully unlock the game by paying on Tuesday or will I need to purchase it and redownload it from the store or buy a disc.

    • Skopin

      It’s the full game, so you won’t need to re-download it. You just need to purchase the license I believe.

  • John Andrews

    So first free demo. Then no demo. Then you can get this ea access bs for 4.99 then play the demo. Now you only get 6 hours. Now you can download it but it doesn’t even work. This is some is grade A bull sheet! # ea license # video game monopoly

  • Antwoin Prater


    • The Great Leon

      what else is new?

    • Iown You

      I thought EA meant = Eternal Assholes?

  • Nathan Scott Baker

    Just downloaded it and you are correct. It said 100 percent but when it flashed it still says install trial. What a joke.

  • thomguy123

    Is anyone else having trouble connecting to EA servers?

  • Thrizy

    Installed twice, still not working. Maybe my 6 hours is up.

  • Thrizy

    Installed twice, still not working. Maybe my 6 hours is up.

  • Skihawks

    Yep. It reached 100% and it reads INSTALL TRIAL instead of PLAY. I see guys playing in TWITCH. WTF?!

    • People playing have the full copy of the game. EA seems to have sent it out to even more people than usual this year.

  • Ryan Schechtman

    Hey Pasta, your site is a nightmare to use on mobile. Just sayin’.

    • Is the mobile version of the site not coming up for you?

      • Ryan Schechtman

        It is, but pop-ups come up in the middle of the screen that can’t be closed, and it’s very clunky.

  • Skopin

    Is there any way to see how much time you have remaining?

    • Just when you fire up the trial it’ll tell you a vague number of hours. So mine says right now that I have “under four hours” left.

      • Skopin

        Oddly enough, I still have access to the trial, even though I haven’t bought the game. So I can still play for about three hours even though the full game has been released.

  • Madden 15 is bad

    Defense is not improved, same announcers. This game just has new graphics and they changed the sliders and called it a new game. So disappointed, may not buy it.

  • Madden 15 is bad

    Not impressed. Game is the same with new graphics. Improved defense is just adjusted sliders in my opinion.

    • Yuri

      If you’re saying it’s the same game then you either didn’t play the previous Maddens or you decided a while ago you were not going to like any new Madden games ever. You didn’t bother to bring up the improved presentation either which makes me think you have an agenda.

      This is the best Madden game since 06.

      • Mecca

        finally a decent halftime show…

  • Madden 15 is bad

    Y won’t u post my comments?

    • mikeyaris

      My game just sits at the loading roster-official. Please dont turn off your system screen. Wont go any further. I have uninstalled reinstalled. No luck.

      • Kemet0

        Mine does the same thing. I tried reinstalling it and everything. It loads when I’m not signed in tho