Madden NFL 15 Release Day Roster Update Details

Posted August 23rd, 2014 at 2:15 pm


The first roster update for Madden NFL 15 is already out in preparation for release on Tuesday. The next update is expected out for the start of the regular season when the 53 man rosters have been solidified. Check out all the details on the first roster update in spreadsheet form here.

Notable movers on the rise include Kennan Robinson (+6), Kyle Long (+5), Jonathan Grimes (+5), Nate Allen (+3), K.J. Wright (+3), Antrel Rolle (+3), Kelvin Benjamin (+3), and Desmond Trufant (+2). A number of players who were not on the original roster were also added in the update.

  • Jackson

    How about Ryan Shazier? He had 9 tackles and a pick for the Steelers in only one half of action in his first preseason game

  • Ryan

    Haha Landon Cohen and Seantrel Henderson have both been lights out in Bills camp and they are bringing both of their ratings down?!? Never ceases to amaze me with these updates

  • Brian

    Jimmy Garoppolo played better then Manziel in the pre season and he didnt get a rating boost lol

  • keith

    Demarco murray went from a 93 trucking to a 74…. what the …. grrrr

  • falcons yup

    why is matt ryan rate is only a 86 ? should be higher. top 6 in passing yards last season…

    • Dre2778

      Because Ryan is overrated and freezes literally in the clutch…Matty Ice my @$$. More like Matty Iceberg

  • Matt

    Teddy Bridgewater has done nothing but get better and throw touchdowns as the preseason has worn on and he drops a point? Doh’kay

    • Shalom Hotep

      I was thinking the same thing….lol…what in the hell are they looking at?

  • smsixx

    I have no clue why people still get their panties in a wad over ratings.
    Its been proven time and time again that the ratings system has little effect on actual gameplay, and when a players overall is boosted or lowered there is normally just adjustments to the awareness column (which as stated…has little to no effect during gameplay). Take a look at the bulk of the players adjusted…Most of them just had the awareness increased or lowered.
    Its just a number…that’s all…a number to make all you fools have meaningless debates.
    If you play on All-Madden a 63 OVR rated MLB can play like Patrick Willis.
    I still can’t believe that these debates are still happening…wake up!

  • Ryan Thompson