Some Updates Have Already Been Made to Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise

Posted August 28th, 2014 at 1:00 pm


While EA Sports continues to investigate Madden NFL 15 issues in Connected Franchise mode related to head-to-head games not reporting results and sim stats being off, a server-side update has already been rolled out to address other areas. The changes made will only apply to “online” franchises while a patch will be needed to get to those which are started offline.

– Speed and Hit Power costs have been fixed.
– Cost of scouting speed for O-Line and D-Line has been fixed.
– Added a game prep activity all season for XP for anyone on the team.
– Added the ability to progress Power Moves for OLB and MLB.

It’s encouraging to see improvements being made so soon following release and not having to wait for a patch to realize them but those main areas of concern need to be taken care of as soon as possible in order to make the mode a satisfying online or offline experience.

  • Quay Boddie

    What about the damn coin toss? Just wondering!

    • What’s your issue with the coin toss? I know a lot of people don’t like it this year.

      I set it to kick when I win the toss, but almost always I end up losing apparently.

      • MCJedi1

        Make your 2nd choice recieve, and you’ll kick off 80 to 90% of the time

      • Quay Boddie

        It’s no coin toss. U don’t select heads or tails and then select kick or receive goes straight to kickoff.

        • Yeah you don’t see it happen. There’s a setting you choose on whether you want to kick or receive when you win the toss. You just aren’t seeing the usual scene at the start of the games where it happens. That does show up for OT.

          • agent916

            I have ZERO problem with no kickoff. Simply because it’s just another useless cut-scene that slows down the time it takes to complete a game. I have no problem. I assume you are with me Pasta?

          • I like it because it’s more like a real game on TV. You usually don’t see the coin toss unless it’s a playoff game. You come back from commercial and the teams are ready to return the opening kickoff. But I do see why it bothers people that they don’t get to choose based on how they’re feeling at the time.

  • Joshua Maffe

    Wish they would let you switch player positions whenever. Made some cuts in preseason and had 2 backup MLBs I really liked so I kept both but wanted to move one to LOLB but could only do so on the depth chart.

    • The Great Leon

      They use to allow that. It was a good way to make older cbs into safeties and some lbs to d ends.

  • warrior808

    Can we play other games in franchise that’s CPU controlled?

    • little britches

      Nope, EA inexplicably removed any option to watch or play any other games in CFM. Why they removed cpu vs cpu is beyond comprehension! We are forced to play the way they want you to.

      • warrior808

        That’s ridiculous! So basically then once your team is eliminated or doesn’t make the playoffs then the season is over? That’s bs, I would like to at least play out the rest of the playoffs even if my teams not it. Smh

  • Kevin

    formation subs… please???? PRETTTTYYYY PLEASE???

    • nunyabusiness

      I have noticed I can’t set defensive back schemes either to make sure my corners are on certain players.

  • kris

    I couldn’t understand you very well, so they haven’t addressed offline connected franchise yet?

  • Sean Conners

    no offense, but all this is minor window dressing compared to the problem where no one can even run an online franchise cause the games wont count. until that is solved, everything else is for show …big whoop.

  • Chris J. Nelson

    I’m about to return this game. The free agent salary offering is horrible if you want to change the years from what they are looking for.

    Oh, and positioning changing SUCKS. I drafted a LT at 71 overall. I move him to RT, he falls to 63. That kind of drop is insane. I move him back to LT. 52. I move him to RT just to experiment. 43. All of a sudden my first-round pick is forever horrible.

    The same goes for moving pass rushing DEs to OLB. Even if you have the right scheme and player types you’re looking for, their ratings drop so horribly they are unusable.

    • AK

      Confidence trait is big this year. You move a guy around in real life you mess with his confidence because he isnt in the same position consistently.

  • Ron

    Pasta anything mentioned about offline franchise simmed stats

    • They’ve mentioned they’re looking into simmed stats. That’s all we know at this point.

  • Ron

    Pasta, also penalties they are non existent this year.

  • Chris

    Anyone else struggling to get the running game going? I can’t do much at all with Adrian Peterson on the Vikings except for the rare break away run. Also I’m not really seeing these inaccurate passes from inaccurate QB’s they were talking about.

    • little britches

      Inaccuracy? 100% gimmick. Thats why they give us sliders, so we can create the game they hype before release.

    • little britches

      All you can do is fiddle with the cpu tackle slider and user run blocking slider to help. Only thing is whatever sliders you get comfortable with are not what is imported into your CFM. They change once you start your CFM so there really is no end to the experimentation that has to be done to produce good consistent gameplay. Also some games seem very scripted. Just my 2c.

      • michael

        the need a campaign mode instead of a connected carrears and franchise mode,maybe like history of the superbowls or something like nfl magzines covers in the game it self. maybey around the nfl league and sponsers from real real nfl hall of fame playlers and more like studio update sounds like what they are mising like ncaa 14 was showing the scores around ncaa 14 did or nba 2k 14 did a little alright

  • RG85

    they need to let us disable autosave & lets pick the teams like we use instead always going back and forth. EA SPORTS NEEDS COMPETITION ASAP So we do not have to put up with the same ole BS every year..

  • Dean Snock

    Why are the ratings on Connected franchise different than on play now

  • mike

    has anybody noticed the terrible trade logic glitch, every middle linebacker, defensive tackle, cornerback or receiver gets green trade interest and gets valued like a first round pick regardless of what rating they are i traded 3 free agent corners who are low 60’s overall for peyton manning.

    • 2012p

      Yes. It kind of ruins Connected Franchise. It needs to be fixed.

      • best GM

        there is actually a worse glitch that allows you to dominate a league…im in my first season, my starters are almost all 90 overall, and 5 1st rounders this year and 5 first rounders next year…thought im hesitant in sharing this secret 😉

        • fsu55

          yes, you can trade low rated wr/cbs for 1st rd picks that ive seen. what other glitch do you speak of? A XP glitch or game prep?

  • nunyabusiness

    I just want them to fix coverage…They said average quarterbacks wouldn’t be gods, yet Geno Smith(an under average QB) can go 20/21 and the only missed pass was a pick. I play as the patriots and Darelle Revis can’t cover anyone and is always getting beat, as well as the rest of my secondary….how about fixing that?

  • Derrick Freeman

    Pasta any word if if they are gonna fix my bucs new unis we need the Mg patch on jerseys and facemask needs to be chrome not grey

    • They’ve added patches to unis before, but I don’t know what any plans they might have for that are right now.

  • LuckyTime

    I have a question about the CF as a owner. I cannot keep team funds about 0. By the end of the season I may have 2 or 3 million over 0, but by the time it comes to resigning players it takes all my funds to do so, even though I have around 30 mill in cap space. This seems very unrealistic and makes it impossible to play as a owner. IDK if its just small market teams, or any owner that doesnt go to the playoffs. but it ruined that CM. hopefully I am just missing something.

  • billy

    why is cody parkey not on the game?

  • nick

    Let two players play the connected franchise who cares bout online I want to play with the people in my household

    • michael

      its’s about time for then to make a nfl gameday 2016,lol for the xbox one only

  • Doude

    My Biggest issue is my players rating in connected career mode I can’t even play the game because of that my backup rating be higher then the starter.also permanent substitution in certain formation bring that back.

  • Doude

    I can’t play connected careers cause the players rating are terrible.there is no point of uploading custom roster if a 89 rated LB drops to 58.

    • michael

      connected carrears and franchise been on there for three fuckup years since they went over there ten years duration thoght since nfl gameday 2004 and nfl gameday 2005 was last game thought so?

      • The Butcher


  • Doude

    Seriously fix the sub packages I like Joique Bell as my goaline back every game I have to sub him in.Its getting old

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Are they going to fix the offline connected franchise freeze up soon?

    • marc

      My Fanchise Keeps Freezing When Trying Start Games Too Offline! THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW!

  • Trickyrick

    Does anyone know if I can add a created player to my franchise in the middle if the season? If so, please let me know how I could go about doing it.

  • The Chosen One

    Im dealing with the Freezing issues, any one else has this issue? It is getting very aggravating…

  • michael

    madden 15 sucks since nfl Gameday 2004 or 2003 duh since the ps 2 days, madden nfl went way over there ten duration,duh

    • The Butcher

      What does “madden nfl went way over there ten duration” mean?

  • jake

    What about unconnected franchises? We can’t play head to head games….