Madden NFL 15 Roster Update #6 Details

Posted October 3rd, 2014 at 9:15 am


The roster update for Madden NFL 15 following week four of the season is now available to download on all consoles. Despite having topped out at 99 overall J.J. Watt continues to receive ratings boosts in various attribute categories as he flashes his dominance in different ways seemingly every week now. The roughest week belongs to the Saints who have 20 players that drop in ratings. Check out the complete details in the update with the spreadsheet here.

Notables on the rise include Gerald McCoy (+1 to 97), Jordy Nelson (+1 to 95), Tyron Smith (+1 to 95), Antonio Brown (+1 to 94), DeMarco Murray (+2 to 93), Philip Rivers (+1 to 93), Martellus Bennett (+2 to 91), Antoine Bethea (+2 to 91), Steve Smith (+2 to 90), Harrison Smith (+2 to 90), Brandon Flowers (+2 to 90), Larry Donnell (+4 to 85), Eli Manning (+2 to 85), Travis Kelce (+3 to 84), Husain Abudllah (+3 to 82), and C.J. Mosley (+3 to 79).

Among those falling are Darrelle Revis (-1 to 95), Drew Brees (-1 to 95), Eric Weddle (-1 to 95), LeSean McCoy (-1 to 94), Patrick Willis (-1 to 94), Brandon Marshall (-1 to 94), Devin McCourty (-1 to 94), Jairus Byrd (-1 to 94), Andre Johnson (-1 to 92), Cameron Jordan (-2 to 91), Tom Brady (-2 to 90), Michael Crabtree (-1 to 88), Kenny Vaccaro (-2 to 85), Danny Amendola (-4 to 78), and Kirk Cousins (-3 to 78).

  • Chiryder

    Holy crap. Kirk Cousins got screwed. Was he even that low at the start of this season?

    • He was +3 last week so now they’re taking it back off him.

  • Chiryder

    raises hand – why did the Bears BACKUP tackle get a boost over the starter…who he’s STILL rated higher than?

  • kris

    Miami murders the Raiders, lets decrease 7 players! Pathetic.

  • SteelerJosh

    Antonio Brown only a +1? He has had 2 straight games with at least 90 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He needs to be at least a 95, maybe a 96. He is insanely good.

  • McDonalds24

    DeAndre Levy named NFC defensive player of the month first month & gets no love!! Thats cold! Cmon Man!

  • Ron Hawthorne

    Vontae davis still has not received a boost. He shadows your #1 WR has only 6 receptions completed on him all season and QB avg a 22.3 QBR against him……. and they just won’t raise him

  • Sickwitit

    Teebow +3 on awesome sauce

  • CYS

    Patrick Willis and the 49ers Defense holds the Eagles to zero points, and his rating drops? Morons.

  • CJ

    Only a +1 for Rivers huh Donnie. Does he even watch the games? He starts out a 92. You drop him a point after the game against AZ (Which wasn’t a terrible game for him statistically). He’s gone on a 3 game tear since throwing 9 tds to 1 int and has a damn near 70% completion percentage and the best you can do is make him a single point higher than when the season began? He’s considered MVP league wide through the 1st quarter of the season. I don’t even know why i bother anymore. This guy is an idiot.