The Daily Dish for 12/17/14

Posted December 17th, 2014 at 6:15 pm


In the latest episode of The Daily Dish summarized thoughts on Super Mega Baseball following its release, new jerseys have been added to NBA 2K15 but the Christmas ones are completely inaccurate, a patch arrived recently for NBA Live 15, make sure to vote the poll that went up to judge anticipation levels for MLB 15: The Show features, a digital deal on PS4 is available for The Golf Club, and the $30 sale on NBA 2K15 continues through Amazon.

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    Hey Pasta I have a question, the admins on WWE 2k15 have started the process of banning users who upload “controversial” created wrestlers onto the server. Among those that fit the criteria are creations of Chris Benoit, Adolf Hitler, & other dead wrestlers/political figures.

    Can we get your thoughts on this?

    • They should have specified they’d be doing this in their TOS first of all. It’s not fair to ban people for doing something they weren’t warned would warrant that result.

      But its not surprising, actually there’s copyrighted stuff that they don’t seem to delete, I’d think they would be more aggressive about it than they are.