Change to PATs May Be The Best News for Madden NFL 16

Posted May 19th, 2015 at 3:15 pm


It may not be a new feature or mode for Madden NFL 16 that lifts potential enjoyment of the game the most but rather the effect of rules change. Today at the NFL owner’s meeting a new rule was passed related to the most boring play in football – that being the point after touchdown. Not only will it greatly benefit NFL games but the video game that represents the league will also become more fun due to the ramifications of the change. 

The new procedure allows for the choice between kicking a 32 yard extra point or going for two from the same two yard line as in the past.

In recent seasons over 99% of extra points were successful and in Madden that percentage would be even higher. The only way to miss an extra point has been to do so on purpose, and there’s no chance of them being blocked or botched due to a bad snap unlike real life as rare as those occasions happen to be. The extra point has been maybe the biggest time-waster in Madden and now that should no longer be the case.

In the NFL kickers have been making 32 yard field goals at a 91% clip. That may not be reflected properly in Madden, where that range would be closer to 100%, so hopefully some adjustments will be made to make it slightly more challenging. Otherwise the extra point attempt would still be practically automatic and do little to encourage two-point attempts.

The other element to this is the defense now will have an opportunity to score on the play like in college. A turnover returned the distance will grant the team two points of their own.

If represented properly in Madden NFL 16 the new rule will provide additional opportunity for coaching strategy and ramp up the drama. It won’t be “cheesing” to go for two often or after every TD and there will no longer be several instances every game where Madden would have been better off just granting an automatic point rather than making people play it out.

  • RandomGuy

    Do they have time to put it in tho?

    • Yeah it’ll be in. Everyone has known this has been coming for months, it’s not like it’s a surprise today. Even if it did come as a surprise it’s not a lot of work. They just bump the XPs back from the 2 to the 15 and change it so the defense can return for 2 point scores.

      • MBird

        I don’t know, that sounds way too simple for the Madden team, maybe it will be an “exciting new feature” for Madden 17.

      • Casor_Greener

        How does this make the game better? You could go for 2 anytime and a 15 yard field goal is still automatic on madden

  • Ray

    What about a fake fg does thAt go from the 15 or 2 hmmm???

  • Iown You

    The NFL will impress me when they decide to ditch the XP altogether. The XP is a gimme play, and there should be no gimme’s in pro football.

    The XFL sucked, but that’s the one thing it got right: abolishing the Extra Point kick.

    • Yeah, I thought it would make more sense to just make the XP automatic, unless a team wanted to go for 2 then they’d only get 6.

      • Iown You

        I’m saying forcing every team to run a real play for points like the XFL did it. I think it was like 1-point from the 2 yard line and 2 points from the 5 yard line.

        But at least this is a good start that the NFL is recognizing that the XP kick is essentially BS.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I doubt any defense will be able to score on a XP from the 15 but going for 2 on the 2 makes it worth while.

  • All FGs in Madden are automatic under 40 yards anyway. They need to make kicking more difficult (I’d make it harder to kick straight, reduce the width of the accuracy cone to make it more like a golf game style swing where if it’s not perfectly up and down you can pull/slice it)

    • redhawk360

      I think thats a great idea. Why not use the golf swing method. This will also make a good kicker stand out from a poor kicker.

    • MoneyMayweather

      they should go back to the timer like in the old maddens

  • Mike Query

    Half of madden players go for 2 anyway, this only increases that.