The Situation with College Sports Video Games Examined

Posted June 9th, 2015 at 9:45 am


Though the developments related to college-based video games have been covered extensively here over the years, the reasoning for their disappearance and the potential of their return remain the most inquired about subject from readers. It’s difficult to summarize everything that led to their downfall or the chances of another being made without going through the entire history behind it all and how we got to where we are now.

With that in mind, one of the launch articles I put together at Hit The Pass last week focused on the topic. The idea was to trace the developments of the past to understand what led to their extinction and whether, or maybe when, we’ll see one return.

  • Keith.

    Not sure when we’ll see a college football game again, but —

    “In speaking with Damon Grow, who is working on the game, it has been revealed to us that Joe Montana Football is back and will indeed be revealed at this year’s E3.”

    • jake

      looks like a real legit source.

      cant wait to see reactions when people realize what this game turns out to be. so many people going to have their dreams crushed lol

      • Tazdevil20

        Why don’t you try to explain to us what you know it will be. Nothing better than a moron trying to play an internet “smart” guy.

        • jake

          the morons are the people who are expecting this to be something it’s not going to be. im the one being realistic not the people dreaming up stuff and believing fake posts on message boards.

          • Keith.

            I haven’t seen anybody “expecting” anything, except for people like you who “expect” it to fail. Many of the rest of us are just hoping for a good football game, that’s it.

          • Jesse

            It’s not a matter of “expecting” it to fail…It’s a matter or when and how fast it will fail. Because IT WILL FAIL. Miserably. It doesn’t fucking matter if it is the most mind-blowing football sim ever (which it won’t be…)!! it does NOT and will NOT, EVER, have an NFL Licenses.

          • Tazdevil20

            Doesn’t need the license. For those of us who prefer something other than kiddie football that insults our intelligence, this will do just fine. Madden can sell however much it wants, as long as there is an alternative for people to play football instead of a COD bastardization of football, we don’t give a fuck.

          • Jesse

            Yeah, like I said…tell that to Backbreaker or All-Pro Football…Hahahaha!!

          • Tazdevil20

            No – no one believes the OS post. However, there is no reason to rush to judgement in either direction. No one actually knows, and the potential for something as an alternative to the embarrassment that is Madden, we ALL should be happy about that and be open minded about it until proven otherwise. You have no idea what level the dev team is operating at on Montana. We DO, however, know that the developers who work on madden operate on about 1/100th of the brain capacity of a newborn.

          • Jesse

            I never said that Madden was GREAT or their dev teams are encouraging…This is NOT the case. I’m simply saying a pro football sim, no matter how good, WILL NOT SUCCEED at any level, unless it has an NFL LICENSE. PERIOD. It’s a proven FACT. That is reason enough to rush to judgement, my friend.

    • Jesse

      And, NO ONE will give a shit…Ask Backbreaker and All-Pro Football how that worked out with no NFL License…Yeah, thought so…

  • irshh

    Really good read. Thanks for this.

  • Des

    I hate that there is no college game on the market. When it left, it felt like someone just shut down McDonald’s or something. Such a great game I favored over madden is a shame that these people could not get on the same page and create an ultimate experience for the fans. Sad sad

  • kyle

    I would do almost anything for the NCAA football series to come back. I’ve moved onto the PS4, but I still play NCAA14 on the 360 more than any game I have on my PS4: The worst of it all was my favorite team (Georgia Southern) moved up to FBS the year that would’ve been NCAA 15.

    Honestly, I don’t think we see the series reboot anytime soon. There’s just way too many hurdles. Even if you were to get the schools to sign on, I don’t see the players ever being in the game, not even “QB #15”. The bright side is that theres an NCAA law in the works that proposes that schools can pay players stipends (an affordable one that couldn’t pass a certain number of I remember correctly). Now, if this were to pass, that would change everything. Last I heard on that stipend law was it was something that will happen, the question is just when.

  • BravesFan24

    Would love to see the NCAA Football series return. I believe we will see another college game some day, just a matter of when.