Hangout Video: E3 2015 Day Zero Reactions

Posted June 16th, 2015 at 9:30 am


The first day of E3 is in the books and it was relatively uneventful, though quite informative, in regards to the upcoming crop of sports games.

This year at E3 expectations were tempered as far as the yearly league-licensed games go and there were few deviations from what was anticipated. Madden NFL 16 got a new mode announced, NBA Live 16 made some big promises, and FIFA 16 had one of the longest presentations in recent memory. Meanwhile the oft-rumored, and perpetually teased, Joe Montana Football 16 was nowhere to be found. The biggest surprise was EA’s COO Peter Moore finally confirming they still have NFL and NFLPA exclusivity on consoles.

In the first Live Hangout hosted by Hit The Pass the crew discusses and evaluates everything that took place on Day Zero of E3 2015.

  • Keith.

    Chris Sanner is such a tool. At first I thought he was serious when he started running his mouth about how much better Madden is than 2K football, but then I remembered he works for OS and is probably just gunning for a job with EA, like so many other OS mods before him. What a clown.

    As for RM PGA, I’m guessing the reason why EA didn’t show much at their E3 presser about the game is because they’re trying to hide it the same way they hid NHL last year. Polygon already has a story up that says there are only 7 real courses in the game. 7 courses? Lol. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see EA’s back to their paid-DLC courses scheme again. Look forward to watching it bomb next month.

    • BravesFan24

      Saying Madden is better than NFL 2K is like saying Blaine Gabbert is better than Peyton Manning. Can’t take OS seriously.

  • orron

    enjoyed this when i watched live last night. good show

  • Keith.
  • PPerfect_CJ

    For me, the best thing to come out of E3 is news of a new South Park game!!

  • Keith.
  • MCJedi1

    Pasta, any Madden16 vids from the E3 floor?

    • I haven’t seen any go up yet. The past few years they’ve prevented people from recording. Not sure if that’s the case again this year.

  • Skihawks

    More excited about Battlefront and backward compatibility on One. NCAA 14 lives again (fingers crossed). College Hoops 2K8 had 54 votes to bring back. Damn!