Joe Montana Football 16 is mobile first and maybe later PC

Posted June 17th, 2015 at 9:15 am

Joe Montana Football 16

The chatter surrounding a complete unknown in Joe Montana Football 16 has been unprecedented within the genre, with made-up rumors fueling expectations that were unlikely to be met. The reality of the game is finally here though, and after learning for certain that it would not carry with it any NFL or NFLPA licensing, it’s now been announced as a mobile-first game which may eventually land on PC but only if it “does well”.

Montana 16 will first release for iOS devices in 2016, that will be followed by Android, and later (no idea how much later or if it’ll ever happen)┬áit could release on PC.

  • gramm

    LOL poor keith.

    • Keith.

      Disappointing for sure, but so have been the last 12 years. Life goes on.

      On the bright side, at least I don’t need to tell my wife we’re buying an XBone to go with the PS4 and WiiU!

      • bltzkrieg666

        How can 1 man make such an intelligent comment about not buying and XBONE and ruin it in at the very same time. UGH!!!!!! 12 years of disappointment? Really Keith? Your going with Madden being a disappointment for 12 straight years? I don’t know what’s worse, THAT ridiculous comment or the fact you still think NFL2k5 is relevant in ANY conversation.

      • bltzkrieg666

        Pretty Sure Keith is a disgruntled EX EA employee, or they rejected his resume. One of these things must be true, otherwise this dude has a seriously unhealthy hatred of EA.

        • Rich

          I think Madden 15 was decent but the game falls short in so many things I enjoy and have not been fully satisfied since NFL2k5. The point EA wiped 2k out when Madden knew they had a subpar series is what pisses people off. I get the business aspect for sure but it is horrible for the fans…of football games. EA should have worked on making Madden better or continue to hone what they thought gamers wanted(because obviously there are people who hate nfl2k5 and adore Madden, which is fine) but instead they decided to eliminate the competition with buying out the rights. Which to me is cowardly.

          • Ea sports has always been trash,thought they funk out on ncaa series.Sounds like.

        • Vinsanity8872

          You’re truly an idiot. I, like a sheep, buy Madden every year, and every year I am severly disappointed. The game is so unrealistic it hurts. I play on All-Madden, with the sliders adjusted to make it difficult, and I can still run for 200+ yards a game, throw for 300+, with 75%+ completion percentage and score in the 50s at will. Not bragging, just pointing out that, the football community is thirsty for a realistic sim game, and EA hasn’t delivered that in their history as a game. Even the days of Madden that people remember fondly, it was never a realistic sim game. 2K on the other hand, I just started a new season on 2k5 the other day, I lost my first game 9-10 and won my second 17-10. It was a defensive struggle and SO FUN! EA hasn’t emulated that and it is sad.

  • hungryandrew

    I had a feeling that this game wouldn’t be released on consoles.

  • Dylan Williams

    So much for competition for Madden, all that hype for a lame ass mobile game? No thanks.

    • Rich

      i was not trying to get on the hype train…i even said back in Jan. “I’ll wait for the release info at E3.” But I got pulled in some…oh well.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Hard not to laugh at the droves of people who ran with this story with zero to go on but a cinematic trailer and hope. Pretty deplorable that the team working on the game misled people, and allowed the unwarranted hype to grow for this long too.

    • Rich

      people just want a choice in FB gaming. you cannot blame them for wanting more. It has been way to long.

      • Jay (The Truth)

        I’m not blaming them. I love Madden and also want a true competitor. That being said, people took it too far. Ran with a story that had no legs. To the point, trolls were stalking Madden vids/articles touting a Joe Montana football game that hadn’t even been confirmed. Obviously, the majority of the blame goes to the team making the game for allowing a misconception to run rampant for marketing hype. But at the same time, the people who ran with it look like fools. Being excited/hopeful is one thing (I think we all were). Overhype/Trolling is another.

  • keithiskeithbutwhoami

    -quickly getting popcorn so I’m ready for when keith finally enters the room.

  • newtonfb

    Whats wierd is the EA exclusivity is consoles only. So if JM wanted to use the NFL licence they could have but decided not to. It doesnt bother me too much. Im hopefully ill beable to play this on my Android Tv Nvidia Shield which is basically a console

    • For mobile yes. And there’s a bunch of NFL mobile games out there. For PC, that’s less clear, since it was originally part of the exclusivity licensing agreement, and there’s been no indication that’s changed over the years.

    • Jesse

      BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO DO SO, that’s why…It wasn’t a “decision not too…”. They just CAN’T. Simple.

      • Iown You

        You may be right, and that’s where the bullshit lies, because getting the NFL license for a mobile game isn’t as super expensive as it is for other platforms, granted it’s out of reach for the typical indie. So this tells me their budget is utter shit which makes me skeptical about the quality.

        • Jesse

          My thoughts exactly.

    • Cesar Turcios

      Why wouldn’t this JMF16 game be playable on the Nvidia Android Shield?

  • Joshman

    Huge disappointment. If it’s just a mobile game, why not just tell us from the start. You strung us along and rumors about xbox 1. I’ll keep playing AllPro 2k8, best pro game ever made. Probably pick up Madden 16 just cause I’m pist about this stupid mobile game.

  • Cesar Turcios

    This is a joke! What nonsense. A mobile platform game? Ha! Unbelievable. If we sensible football game fans want justice, do not purchase Madden! Simple. Do not support this monopoly!

  • crix

    Damon Grow and Joe Montana are idiots and liars. If they had just said this would be a mobile game I would have played it on my ipad. Now cause of how they treated everyone I wont even download it.

  • Lake Allen

    Kudos to Pasta who covered this game the right way. He said all the reasons to believe the rumors were fake but kept an open mind to a new game anyway. So many places ran with the rumors as if they were true and got people buying Xbox Ones and talking about how it had the NFL and it was being made by 2K Sports. Irresponsible reporting from so many places.

  • Mike Anthony

    Looks like they took a page out of nhl 15 and released info late in hopes we wouldn’t get mad.

    • Poor plan then, since NHL 15 lost 50% of the sales NHL 14 had. Wouldn’t bode well for this one.

  • jwallace0317

    A good chunk of the football gaming community fell victim to the thinking that somehow, because the game had JOE MONTANA on it, we’d be dealing with something different than the usual story about a star athlete who opens a business and fails. It’s commonplace for star athletes to capitalize on their name recognition to open restaurants, start shoe/clothing lines, etc., only to fail because said star athlete doesn’t really have a solid business plan to start with. Note to Joe Montana: if you’re going to slap your name on a video game, and allow footage to be released of you hopping around in a mo-cap suit, why not try HIRING A PROFESSIONAL MARKETING PERSON for your game? And no, Damon Grow does not fit the bill. The pre-marketing of this game has been blown severely, and the “interview” released today was the cherry on top of the poop sundae.

    Also, considering that people pick apart Madden trailers until the cow comes home, take a look at the stiff arm in the interview video at 0:22. Ballcarrier touches the defender’s helmet and boom…defender acts like he was shot, goes limp and fall straight back. Out of all the tiny quick clips that could have been shown for the game, this made the cut? LOL

    • Rich

      Joe could have just been getting paid for the name and to sponsor. Doesn’t mean it was his company. But yes they could have been far more up front on their intentions.

  • Cesar Turcios

    .Nothing is going to change unless the money changes, period. If y’all real football fans want change in this monopolized industry, do not financially support Madden, period. That is the way this will change. Money talks and walks, period.

    • Sales numbers have dropped over the years. So many people are doing that. The people to blame are the ones spending 100s or 1000s of dollars in Ultimate Team. They’re allowing EA to ignore why their sales have fallen.

      • Ratsko

        Really, I thought Madden NFL 15 sold better than 25. NPD data shows that Madden was the 2nd best selling game of 2014 ( Madden 25 Madden was #3 in 2013 (

        • Well placement in rankings is relative and remember just a part of the picture since it’s only North America for NPD. Sales can go down without it sliding down spots. Madden doesn’t sell anywhere but North America, so others worldwide like 2K has surpassed it in recent years.

        • Keith.

          Madden’s “2nd best selling game of 2014” claim is deceiving.

          Madden releases in August and is off the sales charts after January, selling 5 million or less total.

          NBA 2K releases in October (usually) and stays on the Top 10 list through July of the following year, selling over 7 million total. It’s only because 2K’s sales are spread over 2 years, while most of Madden’s sales occur in 1 year, that they’re able to make that claim.

          At the end of the day, 2K sells around 2 million copies more than Madden, which is embarrassing given that we live in an NFL country.

          • Brian

            You say how embarrassing it is for Madden to be #2 to 2K despite being a football country, but that doesn’t make a lick of sense. 14% of people call baseball their favorite sport compared to 6% who say it’s the NBA. Does that mean The Show is a crap game? It’s not. The Show is better than 2K at this moment in time. I think to say it’s fairer to say that the current demographics of those who play sport games are more partial to the NBA. Let’s create a poll on O.S. and we can see how skewed the demographics are compared to the population.

          • Jesse

            Well, considering the NBA Season is actually longer than an NFL Season, this doesn’t surprise me…DUH.

          • Cesar Turcios

            Wow, great explanation and point made. Very true.

        • newtonfb

          Mcdonalds sells the most cheeseburgers in a year, does that make them the best cheeseburgers you an buy?

      • John Anderson

        It AMAZES me that people are willing to blow their cash on something that is digital. All that money spent on M.U.T. becomes utterly useless the moment the next Madden game comes out (and definitely when the servers shutdown).

        And then people literally cry the moment they realize all the stuff they “bought” can’t be transferred to the new Madden game and has gone to waste. SMH!

        • I don’t get it either. But there are tons of people who do that with mobile games too.

          • Jesse

            The WHOLE problem with MUT is this…and it is simple. If they kept the concept the way it is, BUT, allowed the user to create their uniforms, stadiums, logo, etc. FOR MUT ONLY, then, it would be quite engaging…Sorry, seeing Andrew Luck in a Buccaneers uniform and playing at Foxboro, is just fucking stupid…

      • Cesar Turcios

        What is Ultimate Team?

        • stevvvvvve

          Something you’d should never play …it only makes it inevitable for EA to focus all their times and efforts on money grab modes instead of focusing on the actual game’s sad really when you have idiots spending hundred of dollars making madden millions in the process and we still don’t see advanced improvements in their games ……EA as a whole is a sham, creating SCRIPTED games on their online based modes I.e ( Madden, and ESPECIALLY FIFA) it’s sickening and sad to see the video game industry going down thiS road ..Pathetic …their is nothing artistic anymore to these games,.mithing creative …they have become advertising platforms for EA,s super league of sponsors…we may see it as a game but best believe the higher ups are more worried about getting their ad dollars more than anything and their money grab modes with a scripted a.i, To manipulate scores and outcomes to manipulate the user into dropping more money down then they should be…For what exactly? It’s a shame and a sham and I hope one day you’ll see this same exact argument as they are getting sued into the Stone Age ….screw you EA this year will be the first year I will not support you have shown me nothing but utter disrespect and treat us the fan the consumer as idiots who made you what your are today that have seen you grow into what you are lost my respect years ago but you now you will lose my 60 dollars to go along isth it …or is it 75 dollars now for a “SPECIAL EDITON” …big middle finger in the air to you madden team and EA

    • Keith.

      Another Madden Monopoly lawsuit is another way this could change, now that we know for certain they still have the exclusive license. They paid $27 million to settle the last one, and afterwards signed a new deal with the NFL which means that any new class claims would not be barred by the old settlement. Personally I believe that’s why they held off confirming the exclusive as long as they did.

      They’ve got to know another class action lawsuit is coming. Just a matter of time.

  • Michael Palmer

    Sorry, but I love Madden. I would probably have bought this the first year out of sheer curiosity, but it’s doubtful any new football game would be anything but a massive disappointment compared to Madden, despite everyone hating on it. (Kind of how people always think the backup QB is going to be somehow better than the starter).

  • Errol Flynn

    What a waste. Why bother even developing this nonsense?

  • Jesse


  • Jesse

    Seriously…Did you clowns actually think a dog shit studio, with Joe Montana working with them, would actually be “competition” for Madden?? Or any licensed NFL product, (video game) if there were others? After a few years of development…??!! C’mon, now…Don’t be obtuse. Like, I always say, ask Backbreaker or All-Pro Football how that worked out…Hahahaha!!

    • Tazdevil20

      I never believed it would be a licensed product or any of that nonsense. I simply believed it would be an alternative game on consoles and/or PC. Their target is the sim community (people who like realistic games). The opposite of what Madden is or will ever be. You don’t target realism fans on the most casual gamer platform available. I knew a TON of guys interested in this game that fell off the earth as soon as it was announced it was mobile.

  • MCJedi1

    Whatever! Pasta, Any Madden 16 vids from E3? Post something that we can talk about…c’mon mannn! LOL

    • There’s been a few. I’ll probably round up tomorrow. I made a few cool GIFs though in the meantime!

      • MCJedi1

        Thanks, You’re the best!

      • Kristopher Cash

        What do you think about Madden 16 after seeing and reading things about it.

        • No different than most years, I see things that are encouraging, and see others which continue to be discouraging. The things being done to gameplay appear to be positives but I’m not real pleased with the direction in Franchise.

          Beyond that it’s hard to assess, since so much ends up being does the fun of the game overshadow the issues and deficiencies? Can’t determine that until later.

    • joey2

      Played it yesterday, you want vids just watch last years game. Theres one catch animation that keeps repeating even when not appropriate. The big deal this year is fantasy draft, basically a watered down MUT. Lots of one handed attemps and catches.

      First E3 in years i didnt go back next day.

  • bltzkrieg666

    I can’t believe I have to say this but, YOU DON’T PLAY LOOKS. Every time some new game drops people immediately comment on its worth by saying it LOOKS this or it LOOKS that. The bottom line is, you don’t play looks. The game good be the most authentic looking game on the planet, and once you play it, you realize that its complete garbage. NBA2k comes to mind. Every time someone sees a video on NBA2k15 they always comment on how the game looks and they equate that with being authentic basketball when in truth the only thing authentic about NBA2k IS its looks. The game play is not even close to authentic. So this Montana football game could never be anything more than a football looking game. It will never be able to compete with Madden in terms of authenticity of gameplay.

    • stevvvvvve

      You obviously have that special authentic edition of madden that came out last year..where can I scoop one up

  • Smh

    Well at least I don’t have to get a xbox one. Hope u didn’t fap to hard writing this news Pasta.

  • smh

    Jessica, I already had the One. So shut up

  • stevvvvvve

    poor guy just looked uncomfortable when he said it was to be released on the mobile .. its as if he had tell his parents he got a D in english…. being a 2k football fan this sucks for sure but idk hoping one day we get a 2nd licensed game on the map but i dont think it will happen NFL has it to cushy it seems like ever since the exclusivity the NFL has a lot of input into the game…. with ads from their endless sponsors being promoted thru out the game, the addition of a player they want to push by putting some tats on them, the actual OWNERS in the game, personally dont care for their Personas to be in the game. The NFL has a game they can control and push their brand on , i feel as if the game is secondary to them. I see MADDEN as a MCDONALDS, its not about the actual food but more about the actual property and brand is that brings the people in weather they are selling 12 cents to the dollar burger patties or kobe beef , to us its a restaurant…to the higher ups its just a brand and a piece of property, and thats what im starting to see with madden over the years with this exclusivity, look past the players and teams and look into the moneygrab options and ads that are constantly pushed on us while we play a game..just saying…

  • Stupid,madden sucks