Former 2K and THQ community manager goes on Twitter rant dismissing the value of community feedback

Posted September 16th, 2015 at 7:15 pm


Aubrey Sitterson, former community manager at THQ and 2K Sports for the WWE franchise, had a bit of a meltdown on Twitter today in discussing the usefulness of forums – something he says he argued to be shut down during his time with those publishers. That later would move on to how consumer feedback is approached and stating that companies put out the products that they do, in the state they do, because they believe people will buy it regardless – and that consumers are not entitled to anything more than that. 

Having been involved on some QA teams many years ago, yes tons of bugs are found and then prioritized. Hundreds of them are never fixed, either because they can’t be replicated, there isn’t time, or diving into them could cause greater issues to emerge.

That being said, not everything can be found in the QA environment. When a game goes out to market, tens or hundreds of thousands, or millions, suddenly become testers in their own right. People will find new problems and help hone in on the important ones that need to be fixed.

EA Sports, SCEA, 2K Sports (who certainly would not want to be associated with these opinions being shared publicly) and many publishers pride themselves on being involved in the community through different avenues, and taking that feedback in order to improve their product. It’s just one of many resources at their disposal.

Consumers want to feel like they’re being heard, that they have a role in helping to improve upon or shape the product now and in the future. Ignoring that has led to dismal results for companies in the past and that’s why it’s all looked at so closely now.

It’s interesting to wonder though if this is a prevailing sentiment within some studios. One of not caring and belittling the consumers who support their profession. In examining the quality of the products that have been coming out, or are about to, that’s pretty hard to believe.

  • The truth

    I’m not shocked at all by this. This is the culture of EA Sports as well. And it will always be this way.He’s just saying what I have spoken about and seen for years on forums lol.

    • bze

      I dont know if I agree with that. EA is pretty active with community. You can even talk with the developers on Twitter. 2K and Sony wont let their devs do that.

      • The truth

        That is true. I will give you that come to think of it. In fact, come to mind their streamline is impressive now. Sony for MLB the show communicates on OS.

      • BravesFan24

        The Show has its own website and forum, and one of their devs sometimes comes onto the forum to answer questions. They’re pretty active with their community as well.

      • Jay (The Truth)

        Yep. One of the things I respect about the EA Sports team. Good or bad, for the most part, I always felt like they were transparent about their products. The NBA Live demo this year let’s you try Pro Am, the old Madden demo’s always were a slice of the full game, thus you got to try the new features (which was never the case for 2K) and form a concrete opinion about whether or not their products were for you. And, it’s a greatprivilege for me to be able to talk to them on Twitter and ask questions.

  • vercil

    this guy is an idiot. he was a horrible community manager and he’s just butt hurt that no one liked him.

    • FGNJeffsdomain

      i just sent this to him on twitter the thing with him is that he thought the world revolved around him and his nonsense lol. I think he’s just mad that he more likely got fired and Vore is doing a much better job than he did. Vore has been posting regularly on the forums lately. he’s asking us what 2k dev vids we’d wanna see next. so yeah.

  • oli88

    I dont feel these companies are always genuine in the community stuff they do. The community days are just a joke meant to get free pub from youtubers or whoever else they wine and dine and try to make feel special. But still theres a lot of good stuff that has gone into the games or changes to things because enough people asked for it.

  • MoneyMayweather

    This guy is dumb as rocks. wonder how he got his job with that type of people skill.

  • Rich

    And that is why that guy is out of a job. What a dousche.

  • The Great Leon

    Not shocked, if they have no competition they have no reason to change. Games like Madden, UFC, and WWE are monopolies so they can make a crappy game and still make money because some can’t control the urge to play the sport they love. I tried Madden and was done with it in 3 weeks sent it back to gamefly. Just doesn’t do it for me like it use to.

    Many developers/managers are a holes. Cliffy B comes to mind, he argues with people and makes sarcastic jokes to people online.

  • Iown You

    EA Sports devs feel the same way, too. It’s just that they’ve been mandated from the top to participate in the “community”. I say this having heard practically the same words verbatim in private from a number of Tiburon’s devs.

    And let’s not forget the classic OS meltdown by Simon Sherr. Thing is, Madden’s animations were at their absolute worst at the time, so Simon should’ve just shut up and kept working harder to fix that, because his area of the game was such crap that he had no room to spout off like he did. Madden’s animations are a lot better today, but they’re still not great, and certainly not where they should be after all this time.

  • Guest

    What is the point of a community manager if what this guy says is true? Is he saying his job is pointless?

  • DarthObvious

    This guy had to manage, in my opinion, one of the tougher communities to deal with, the wrestling community. Just read all the “where is my favorite wrestler?” tweets whenever 2k makes a roster announcement. I tend to agree with him though. I’m sure there are a handful of great ideas in the community, but they are near impossible to pick out of the millions of terrible ones.

    • The truth

      No one in their right mind would agree with this. He’s keeping it real though, but what else is real is that he’s an asshole.

  • BCYa

    He’s right. Look at all the dumb, biased asinine comments people make on this site.