NCAA Football’s Facebook page awakens, possibly teasing something to come

Posted January 11th, 2016 at 9:00 am


After nearly a year and a half dormant, the last post being made in July 2014, the EA Sports NCAA Football page on Facebook woke up today and only hours in advance of the College Football Playoff National Championship. A short video of a pulse was posted which could mean a lot of things, but at the very least something would seem to be going on regarding the series given that they have not posted to social on any NCAA accounts in such a long time.

NCAA Football of course was cancelled in 2014 after EA Sports agreed to a settlement in the O’Bannon class action lawsuit regarding the improper use of likenesses. Its return has depended on eventual finality from the legal process which is still realistically a year or two away from happening. Unlikely, but theoretically possible, is NCAA Football 14 being made backwards compatible on the Xbox One. It could also relate to new content being added to Ultimate Team though even that seems improbable given the time that has passed since it released.

A tease of this nature, especially given the timing and craving from consumers for the series to return, is going to result in wild speculation. Hopes should probably be tempered but the intrigue will be there until a definitive statement from the company is made.

Though EA is now saying the post means nothing, and they’ve edited in text to suggest it’s referencing the game tonight, it’s hard to believe that something isn’t happening, as the company obviously knows the emotions of consumers they are toying with by making such a post. That, or whoever is responsible for the post has created a storm of completely unnecessary backlash for them to deal with as the news is hitting everywhere.

  • Stanimal032


  • MoneyMayweather

    the NCAA football series was vastly superior to Madden the Dev teams on NCAA never let me down in the Seventh gen I assume if they do make a game this generation it would be the one to get over madden I assume if they didn’t fire the original NCAA team.

  • Nate

    EA Sports is the worst company on Earth. Who does this? Who honestly thought this would be a good idea? Did EA hire Damon Grow as their PR guy?

  • Just a guy

    It’s nothing. No chance they’ve been working on this game in secret for 2-3 years hoping for the lawsuit to end so they can release a game. As well as getting all the colleges and universities on board in secret without anyone finding out. Someone got bored at EA, or some new intern who was a fan of the game, and signed in and made this post and then they were forced to do damage control.

  • WilsonRamos

    always loved teambuilder it annoys me still that its still not in madden

  • Smsixx

    This is nothing…

    And if it ever does return, you can plan on having schools missing and no roster share.

    The good days have came and went.

    • Just a guy

      Why wouldn’t it have roster share? NBA 2k has roster share. People create Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller all the time and there’s no issue and both of them refuse to be in the game. Hell, NBA Live back in the 90s allowed you to create Michael Jordan. As long as EA doesn’t profit on player likeness then they have no issues.

      Now getting all the schools will be a tough, and expensive, issue. That’s true.

      • My understanding is that the settlement EA made to get out of the O’Bannon lawsuit may have actually not just prohibited roster share, but even the capability to edit names for players to begin with.

        • Jewcandy

          Can they use the schools? If so, why not make NCAA, and use “classic/historical” players for the initial 4 years years. Once that occurs users are recruiting game generated players anyway. Users still get “real” players for 4 years, and they also NCAA back.

          • Each school has to be licensed individually. When EA was planning to transition to a new name, College Football 15 because the NCAA dropped out, they were prepared to go forward until some of the schools started to withdraw. Ohio State wasn’t going to be in that game if it would have happened and others may have joined them.

          • Jewcandy

            Thanks Pasta. If that is the case my plan gets blown up. Hopefully they can find a solution. NCAA was/has always been fun.

        • Iown You

          Are you certain about that, Pasta? Because the Marvel vs. NCSoft case set the precedent that allowing users editing tools to recreate whatever they want was fully lawful.

  • MCJedi1

    This Sounds Like Joe Montana 16 hype again!