MLB The Show 16 Giveaway

Posted March 16th, 2016 at 1:30 pm

MLB The Show 16 Josh Donaldson cover

Thanks to all those that entered. The winner has been contacted through email.

The biggest sports gaming release for the first half of the year is nearly here with MLB The Show 16’s arrival now under two weeks away. The site giveaways return to celebrate that with the winner receiving a copy of the game on PlayStation 4. Look for a second giveaway of the game coming within the next week through the Hit The Pass Twitter account as well.

There are several ways to qualify and each one counts for entries so the more you complete the more chances to win. The giveaway is open now and will run through March 25 when the winner will be randomly selected and contacted for delivery details. Good luck!

*If you don’t see the giveaway applet try refreshing the page. Occasionally it doesn’t load completely. You can log in either with Facebook or your email address. Names drawn as a winner have their entries verified before being contacted. The winner is immediately emailed for delivery info and their name may appear within the app if approval is given, otherwise their identity will not be publicized. Residents of the US and Canada are eligible. 

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  • Jeremy Schmidt

    I’m looking forward to playing a baseball game again. Just got a PS4 after owning Xbox only for 7+ years.

    • Big Frank

      good for you man! what got you waiting that long! you missing out a lot of fun! glad you are on board with the Show fans! 🙂

      • WilsonRamos

        i miss my old PS3 no baseball on XBONE

      • Jeremy Schmidt

        I stuck with the 360 and now the XBone since that is what my friends had. I have a few that have joined me in getting both the PS4 and XBone now so I’m starting to expand my PS4 game library.

  • Brian Dillon

    Looking forward to the graphical improvements the most!

  • Tony

    Most looking forward to winning it all with the Cubs! As much as I want to see it happen in real life, I doubt I ever will.


    Looking forward to the new features of Franchise mode

  • Interested in the new diamond dynasty modes

  • Greg

    Playing it on PS4

  • Michael

    I’m most looking forward to trying the Show on PS4 for the 1st time.

  • Darth Red Raider

    I’m looking forward to franchise mode and graphics improvements, as well as the stat updates as well that’s been long overlooked.

  • seth c

    looking forward to playing on ps4 for the first time

  • mbergh22

    Looking forward to presentation improvements.

  • Keith.

    Looking forward to seeing the classic stadiums.

    • Keith.

      Just read on OS that this boy’s 50+ GB…giddy up!

  • Michael W

    Looking forward to rebuilding the Brewers

  • HustlinOwl

    Looking forward to Battle Royale and Digital Deluxe incentives for DD

  • Casey Koizumi

    I haven’t played the show in over 3 years so I’m looking forward to the upgraded graphics and animations. Also MLB the Show always has great game play

  • Miguel Garcia

    Road to the Show is the best career mode in sports. Can’t wait to play it


    Looking forward to NOT wasting $60 of my hard earned money again this year on what is essentially a roster update and a few gimmick modes & features.

  • Darrin

    I’m looking forward to the franchise improvements!

  • Brian Mann

    Looking forward to updated graphics.

  • Anthony Prows

    Noticeably updated graphics is what I am hoping for.

  • Jeff

    Love Donaldson on the Cover. Looks great!

  • T.J. Brown

    I’m looking forward to the new gear, graphics, features and improved gameplay.

  • TJ Drwiega

    playing as a good mets team for once

  • MrDad Gamer

    Updated graphics.

  • Brian

    Am looking forward to graphical improvements, closed roofs option, classic stadiums returning to PS4 and Battle Royale !!!!

  • Brian

    I forgot to mention: Am looking forward to the many new animations and different umpires, with differing strike zones etc. !!

  • cubs223425

    Honestly, I just want to be able to play baseball again. I’ve not done it since MLB 2K12, because I wasn’t giving money to that 2K13 joke, and I never got a Sony console until recently. It’s probably the only thing I’ll play on PS4 this year, with the exception of Horizon (if it makes it to market).

  • Zach

    Favorite features so far are Player Morale, Roof Open/Closed, Commentary Improvement, new branching animations, and Human IK

  • BravesFan24

    Looking forward to seeing all the improvements to the “little things”, which The Show has always been so good at doing.

  • Kyle

    Looking forward to finally playing the show on the PS4

  • Mike Gutierrez

    Cant wait!!

  • Michael Singleton

    Would love to play this game…never even purchased a game in this franchise but heard its great!

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    I’m waiting for the better graphics and updated mechanics

  • Aaron Jones

    Looking forward to no loading screens between games now.

  • piffman11

    Can’t wait to see how they improved franchise mode

  • JC

    can’t wait to see the personalized home run celebrations… especially Joey B’s batflip and Edwin Encarnacion’s parrot walk 🙂

  • Ryan Francisco

    Better RTTS mode

  • Zach

    MLB 16 The Show is the first video game I have ever pre-ordered. I am pumped

  • Chris

    Looking forward to one of the best sports games of the year!

  • Shane D. Loose

    Long time fan. Love that you write for Sporting News now. Cannot wait for the release. Thanks for the streams and fingers crossed for a raffle win

  • Kyle

    Really looking forward to the RTTS without loading screens in between and all the new DD modes

  • ConCity Soldier

    Who won?

    • The winner was contacted right after the drawing, didn’t want his name publicized.