MLB The Show 16 suffering from crippling server drag in primetime hours

Posted April 7th, 2016 at 9:30 am


Yesterday Sony San Diego released a server-side update that fixed some online related issues with MLB The Show 16. What it did not do, however, was address the biggest problem the game is facing right now as it buckles under the server load being faced in primetime hours running from about 3PT-10PT every day.

Yesterday offered up the worst experience yet. MLB The Show 16 was essentially rendered completely unplayable unless disconnecting entirely from the internet before starting it up. While connected, it took upwards of five minutes simply to load to the main menu, and navigating to any other page took several minutes of their own. It probably would have taken over an hour to complete a single “Attack” cycle in Conquest – not that anyone would even attempt such a thing given the circumstances, as there was no point to even trying to play in any form or fashion during that whole time period. For part of the evening the game’s servers were even down completely, returning a “Server Error Encountered” message.

This trouble can no longer be explained away as simply being a challenge faced the day of release or even the week of release due to high demand – a popular excuse most publishers tend to lean on these days. The game is into its second week now with no sign of improvement. There hasn’t been an issue comparable to this one since NBA 2K14 was down and unplayable for a full week over the holidays in 2013.

MLB The Show 16 is a fantastic game with a number of compelling ways to play. However if consumers can’t rely on it to be available to them at all times, and work as intended, it could have longer term ramifications for the series.

  • jake

    Im not able to play after work during the week cause of this. I’m just going to sell my game if its not fixed by next week.

  • Adam Lathrom

    Yeah it’s pretty bad when I get off work but it’ll go away once people go away. It always does.


    I hate to say it but….”I told you so”. Year after year after year this game shits the bed when it comes to online gameplay. What amazes 3 things. 1) After all these years are they still not able to get it right. 2) That consumers still invest in this faulty product prior to or on release day without waiting and doing the research to find out if anything has been corrected. 3) That Major League Baseball continues to allow Sony San Diego Studios to use their license in marketing and producing a product that clearly doesn’t function as advertised. MLB should be ashamed to be associated with this product. Sure is looks pretty but who the hell cares about appearance when it’s next to unplayable. Every year it’s the same crap from this development team. They sell this game on form before function when in reality it should be the complete opposite.

    • BravesFan24

      If MLB didn’t care about allowing 2K to use their license to make terrible, buggy games then they certainly wouldn’t have any problem letting SD Studios use it for an otherwise great game that unfortunately just suffers from online/sever issues at launch.

  • Zach

    This game I have discovered, has tons of bugs. Some of them for me are major, so that is why I am not going to start a real franchise until they are fixed. I can’t believe no one else noticing the commentary audio fluctuating which is highly annoying. The OSFM rosters haven’t released yet either, so that is a letdown. The improvements to this game are significant, but the bugs are major for me


    Oh, just realized, there’s a 4th thing I forgot to mention that year after year amazes me and that is that game reviewers continually love blowing smoke up SDS dev’s asses. OS 8.5/10, IGN 9.3/10, PP 4/5 stars? For a game that continually never functions as advertised?!? Seriously!?!? Oooooh…but look at the graphics! What a joke.

    • To be fair to the reviews this wasn’t that much of a problem until yesterday. It was an annoyance sure, and there’s really no way a game with that kind of annoyance in menu slowdown should be 9+, but it was still functional and games could continue to be played. There’s no way anyone can predict that 8 days after release all of the sudden the game would not be working.

      • D-DAWG-ROCKS

        Well, I for one cannot attest first hand as to the how poorly online actually performs due to the fact that I refuse to purchase MLB The Show on or even near release date ever again. I’ve been bit too many times and as much as I’d love to be playing baseball online right now I refuse to be suckered into investing in this product and these dev’s only to be let down once again.
        Based upon what I see on the forums, over the past 8 days there are hundreds of complaints about bugs, failed connection messages to the point of it popping up 8 or 9 out of 10 times. Disconnects and freezes still happening on a regular basis leading players to have to decide to leave their system running for hours to try to record a win or shut down and take the loss. It’s completely unacceptable.
        This piss poor online experience has been going on for years now and for years (this one included) reviewers have been giving this game an 8/10 or better. It’s nonsense! I could see 8/10 or better if the game was marketed without any online capabilities what so ever but for SDS to hype 2/3rds of the available modes being online, and to expect consumers to continue pouring money into the game (DD) after their initial purchase, not to mention Sony expects you to pay to play online now a days it just has gotten way outta hand.
        They should never be able to put a game out on the market that doesn’t function as advertised. PERIOD! Where else would you go to purchase a retail item, get it home, realize it was flawed and not expect to take it back for a refund of your money or at the very least a replacement item that does function as intended. It’s BS plain and simple.

  • ryan spain

    guess im one of the lucky ones i havent experienced any slow downs since the day after release, which is expected with most games.yes there are a few bugs, but im sure they will get ironed out. great game though, love the showtime feature

    • BravesFan24

      I only started experiencing issues last night. Had no issues whatsoever prior to that. I haven’t tried tonight yet. I agree, it’s annoying but I’m sure they’ll be ironed out.

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    Why doesn’t someone come up with another game and get rid of MLB games (RBI 16 is fun enough for exibition except I can’t hit). Maybe make a World Baseball League with teams from USA, Japan, Dominican Republic, even European countries for fun. Dream on, Kid, dream on.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Why do 2k Sports and Sony have such a hard time getting the online working for their titles.

    If there’s one thing EA always does right in Madden is the Online service is always great maybe 2k and Sony should hire some of EA internet guys to fix their shit.

    • jbstoner43

      One thing The Show get correct is authentic gameplay unlike EA. I’ll take great authentic gameplay over great online unauthentic gameplay any day. EA is no longer relevant in the sports market and once they lose the NFL license, EA will be done.

      • MoneyMayweather

        EA isn’t gonna lose the NFL license. Madden is a very popular game.

        and I don’t know which exclusive contracts EA has besides the NFL but I don’t see any other companies trying to make any NBA MLB or NHL games

        those are the three sports I care about most it’d be nice if EA rebooted NFL street or NbA street or Midway did another NBA ballers

  • Casor_Greener

    Where is Keith to defend this game against all criticism?!?! This is ridiculous, bet it’s not covered on OS either. Straight Booty

  • Big Frank

    What a Joke! is the only Baseball game out there and they can’t even get it right.
    there is a lot others issues with this game and SDS gets away with MURDER because they have no competition. Shane on you SDS Dev’s

  • Big Frank

    How come Josh Donaldson only show his personalize Home Run animation on Exhibition games! when you hit a Home Run on Franchise he doesn’t do it. Oh and please don’t say that you need to hit a monster no doubter home run because it doesn’t matter!

  • jbstoner43

    All of you guys are crying over spilled milk. The show will get it right. Why not the same criticism against EA, EA have been robbing the consumer for years in all of the their sports titles..


      “Spilled Milk”? SDS spilled this milk 5 or 6 years ago and has yet to clean it up. As for EA, it’s quite to opposite. They don’t shut their servers down on you forcing you to buy their next issue every single year. I still have EA games from 4 years ago that work beautify and continue to be supported online. Can’t say that for “The Shit Show”! No, they attempt force you to continually purchase their faulty product year after year knowing that they don’t have any competitors to worry about.

  • Bill

    You all complain so much about madden and EA but this is never a problem with madden.

    • Michael

      lol madden servers are down all time time and it’s sometimes impossible to connect to players in online franchise games

  • Michael

    No problems here playing RTTS and Franchise, that’s all I need

  • Scott

    Can anyone tell me is MLB 16 worth the upgrade from 15 on the PS3?