Dangerous Golf release date and trailers

Posted May 4th, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Dangerous Golf garage

One of the more unique video game spins being put on a sport this year is with Dangerous Golf, which has drawn obvious comparisons to the Crash Mode from the Burnout series. New studio Three Fields Entertainment was formed by the original founders of Criterion Games. Dangerous Golf is all about creating the most destruction with a golf ball in a number of unique locations.

The release date for Dangerous Golf of June 3 has just been revealed but a price has yet to be announced. It’ll be coming digitally to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Four Ways to Play

World Tour
Embark on a world tour of destruction. Compete in 10 Tours that take you around the globe. Unlock 100 different holes, each featuring different combinations of play mechanics.

Co-Op World Tour
Two golfers playing dangerously together. The perfect Couch Co-Op experience! Take turns to Tee-Off, Smashbreak and Putt. Players take turns but scores are combined. Damage does not reset between turns. Work together to maximise scoring. Use one or more controllers.

Party Golf (Offline)
Destructive golfing fun for up to 8 Players. Pass the pad and take turns to set the biggest scores. Choose the holes to be played.

Party Golf (Online)
Take on and play against the most dangerous golfers in the world. Up to 8 Players.

Four Unique Locations

USA (Kitchen)
Make a huge mess. Splat food onto the walls and floor, break microwave ovens and dishwashers. Break open the Store Room, access the Back Alley and trash the Bathroom.

England (Castle)
Cause chaos. Knock down the suits of armour, spill paint onto works of art and smash priceless antiques. Explore the Dungeon, Armoury, Queens Corridor and redecorate the Great Hall.

France (Palace)
Let them eat cake – but only after you’ve knocked it all to the floor. Break bottles, vases, tables, grand pianos and grandfather clocks. Drop down to the Wine Cellar, make a noise in the Library or break into the Secret Vault.

Australia (Outback)
Set fire to the gas pumps, break all the windows and run riot in the store. Tee off on the Forecourt, make work for somebody in the Workshop, spray paint in the Paint Shop, rock the Rooftop and light up the Alleyway.

  • MoneyMayweather

    so instead of getting licensed arcade sports games we get unlicensed ones I still don’t get why developers can’t make licensed arcade games like NBA street NBA JAM NFL blitz NFL street the bigs and games like that with real players it’s sad enough college sports games are on hiatus what a piss poor generation this has been everyone is hungry for new games new experiences and all we get is the yearly rehashed sports titles and money grab modes

    it’s pretty sad.

    What a waste of 400 dollars for a console and 60 for games for nothing that is innovative anymore just the status QUO new Madden new 2k new Fifa new live with nothing worth to getting excited for.

    I hope sony and MS release a new console this year and put this generation to bed because I wasted my cash on a lack luster generation with nothing to get excited about and just playing bad games.

    • There are two big reasons why they don’t make licensed arcade sports games anymore…

      1) They’re too costly, because of the license. Don’t sell enough to justify.
      2) The license hampers their creativity. The leagues take control and stifle it. That too limits sales potential.

      • WilsonRamos

        2) is what happened with the NFL blitz games the NFL forced them to tone down the tackles and violence.

  • PK

    This looks fun, but it also looks like it lacks legs. Might get old after a few hours, just like Crash mode in Burnout.

  • OnlookerDelay

    Interesting how this got publicity on a sports gaming site, yet the official release of the most realistic golf game in over a decade – Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf – doesn’t get a story, let alone a mention….

    • cubs223425

      At least you mentioned it. I never heard of it, so I’ll now be watching for its console release. We’ll see if it is a good alternative to Rory and The Golf Club, as the former’s lack of content and the latter’s lack of overall depth (beyond the courses) were a disappointment on both fronts.

  • sKram

    at the right price this could be a lot of fun