Press Row Podcast: NBA Live in for another shake-up

Posted May 11th, 2016 at 9:30 am

Press Row Podcast

EA Sports has been unable to recover from the attempted reboot of NBA Live as NBA Elite while at the same time seeing their competition flourish to become a juggernaut. It’s been six years but the company has yet to produce a compelling quality product since that fiasco and in the process consumers have lost all confidence in the Live brand. The series can’t escape its past.

Knowing that a shake-up was necessary EA yesterday confirmed the first report of Live being pushed back to 2017. Despite that acknowledgement uncertainty will continue to surround the series as there’s no guarantee it will again see the light of day on consoles. If it makes it back as currently scheduled the form in which it does could be very different than what consumers have become accustomed to with traditional annualized sports games.

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  • MoneyMayweather

    I honestly don’t care anymore. This only hurting the true diehards of the series like me and I’m not gonna speculate anything or anyone at this point I”m just tired of the delays I bought my copy new at retail and dropped about 30 dollars in UT. at this point I’m just gonna move on there’s no sense in hoping and wishing for a return. when it’s obvious 2k is the better game and will continue to be.

  • beff

    good show. i doubt another nba live ever comes out on consoles. they arent going to keep throwing money away when they can do something decent on mobile instead.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Pretty much Beff. YOU GOT IT DUDE!

  • MoneyMayweather

    Thanks for the Update Pasta listened to this all the way through all I can say is I agree with everyone points and hope a game comes out in the near future whatever that may be.

  • Keith.

    Enjoyed listening to you guys piss on Live’s grave. Also, great to hear Rich back on the show.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Whoever decision it was to let Mike Wang go after NBA live 10. Should be fired and never work in the video game industry. and Whoever decision it was to reboot the series when it didn’t need rebooting should be fired also and never work in the industry again

    l actually played Live 10 more than NBA 2k10 that year.

    if they had let wang continue for another year NBA live 11 could have competed with NBA 2k11 with wang at the helm. I don’t wanna say this but after they let wang go and made that horrible demo in Elite 11 that was the beginning of the end for Live

    I don’t blame Wang for leaving I blame the idiots at EA sports for letting him walk

    EA has no one to blame but themselves over this mess and Maybe live doesn’t need to come back the series has been mismanaged throught the 2011’s. I think it should be defunct because Wang isn’t coming back at Sean O brien couldn’t make a functioning video game basketball game if he had a gun to his head.don’t blame the fans blame the Dev team it’s blood on their hands. Don’t blame the fans for not wanting to play a shitty game when 2k exists I’m so sick and tired of trolls taking their hatred on NBA Live fans what do they have to do with EA shitty dev team and decisions like Letting wang go back to Novato

    It’s on the devs I don’t wanna hear people Piss on EA’s NBA Live name I want to see someone put to task the dev team and big wigs at EA sports the delay/cancellation falls squarely on their shoulders not the live fans they just want a good game to play can you blame them?

  • jbstoner43

    EAsports are no longer relevant in the gaming industry. They are living off of their success past and exclusive licensing. When was the last time EA game have been mentioned or won an award.

    • C’mon now, EA’s stock is at an all-time high. They’re successful in the way in which they care most about. The digital revenue they generate from the sports games (mostly FIFA and Madden) are a big part of why that’s the case. Whether we’re completely satisfied with the products apparently matters little.

      • jbstoner43

        Come on pasta. What games have been relevant that they’ve put out.

        • Relevant in what sense? FIFA is the biggest selling video game in the world every year.

          • jbstoner43

            Ok, but this is America and soccer isn’t America’s sport of choice. Football, baseball, basketball and golf are the sports of choice in America and EA has dropped the ball in those titles. We can agree to disagree and I respect your opinion, but I think EA is stale when it comes to making a true SIM sports game.