What to expect from Franchise mode in Madden NFL 17

Posted June 12th, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Rob Gronkowski stiff arm Madden NFL 17

EA Sports promised a “renewed focus on Franchise mode” for Madden NFL 17 and today the company revealed just what improvements and additions have been made. It’s not a reboot of the mode, like with Connected Careers four years ago, but rather a series in refinements to the systems that are in place and the introduction of some long-requested features.

Franchise will include a real-time score ticker, full player editing, practice squads, and more injuries plus allowing for decisions to be made on when to bring players back from them. Improvements have been made across the board to areas like the gameplan process, XP system, progression/regression, confidence, drive goals, and SuperSim.

One big (optional) new addition to the mode is “Play the Moment” which cuts down on the time it takes to complete a full game by only handling certain critical situations such as third downs, when teams reach the red zone, two minute drives, and overtime. There’s also “Big Decisions” which are made in the menus but then tie-in to the presentation within games through commentary mentions and on-screen graphics.

In today’s special episode of the Press Row Podcast, Madden designer John White discusses many of the changes to Franchise mode for this year (34:28) and how they’ll impact the experience of playing the games and through multiple seasons.

  • newtonfb

    Another year the most important aspect of the game is the worst part. Game Engine. The players still move around like blocks, nothing is smooth like it should be. It will be another year of Pasta and other sites that wont touch on the subject. When you watch The Show you forget sometimes its a video game because how smooth everyone moves and the weight every person has. Madden still looks like its the same engine from 2004 with tweaks.

    • jake

      And also how they run right through each other in The Show cause there’s no collision detection lol

      • Iown You

        They do the same thing in Madden and Madden has both standard AND real-time physics, lol.

      • Keith.

        Dude, The Show introduced new animations years ago where guys go out of their way to avoid each other. Maybe if you’d played the game you’d know that.

        • Chiryder

          It’s painfully obvious during pursuit of a tackle.

      • dze

        This is true. It’s a lot different when you have 22 players all smashing into each other. A lot more technical and difficult to program than baseball where its all just one player stuff.

    • Dan

      Pasta is actually pretty good at telling it how it is with Madden. He knows the game is a joke, he knows the AI is broken, he knows that the developers watch more Keeping Up With The Kardashians than actual NFL football. He also understands that Madden drives traffic however, and that articles like this help his business. He can’t come right out and say that the Madden franchise is pathetic because he’d be upsetting his readers that actually like Madden and enjoy playing unrealistic, arcade style football.


    I miss the old franchise mode. Where you could control all 32 teams. You could switch controllers on the other side while in-game and play as the other team. Like what NBA 2k is doing. I like too do that to challenge myself. I hate that you can only control one team. Just too boring.

    • Jesse

      You can control all 32 teams in Madden 16 Connected Franchise. You just have to do it Offline.

    • Chiryder

      you can control all 32. They set that up two versions ago. Pay attention.

  • Packers96

    EA SPORTS showed only CGI scenes !!!
    I want see Madden’s real gameplay at 2016 E3 !!!

    • jr

      You aren’t gonna see anything at E3. They have their own event going on

    • Jesse

      That is real gameplay. It’s just zoomed in from Instant Replay. How can you not see this??

  • MCJedi1

    What I’m waiting to see is real game footage. Pasta, will EA allow E3 floor game play footage to be released?

    • I don’t know the answer to that at the moment. My guess would be not immediately, but that they’ll let their Game Changers release some in the days ahead after they’ve screened it.

  • Brendan Muldoon

    As a fan of Franchise, I am excited by these changes. Bryan, anyway you can ask them for these two things. 1) When you play franchise and sim game the computer stats should generate based on the quarter length. I’m tired of playing 5 minute quarters and always be last in offense but first in defense. 2) Anyway to have retired franchise numbers not be issued. I should never see #34 on the Bears. Thanks!

    • Not sure on the second question yet, but I believe the first was somewhat addressed in the podcast. They worked to get those simmed numbers balanced with the numbers generated when the games are played.

    • Jesse

      If you play 15 Quarters with Time Clock Acceleration set to 12 seconds, you get realistic stats, and about 60-65 plays a game, which is the average that you see on Sundays. And, if you play REAL FOOTBALL, and not cheese bullshit, you’ll get realistic scores too, when set on All-Pro..

  • ReenTheAngry

    What about revamping scouting?? Or coaching schemes and packages!?! I don’t care about what shirt my coach is wearing! I care about how my coach effects my team! Come on EA! Please don’t disappoint!

  • Tazdevil20

    A few questions, Bryan – maybe you can find out.

    1. Can we finally get a waiver wire? Fantasy football apps even have one. It’s a very big deal for online league players.

    2. Is there finally a draft board? How hard could it be to implement a board that just takes the players that the user has listed. When the board is empty, take the highest projected player available, or take the player that corresponds to the team’s needs. This is very, very basic programming and a very simple algorithm.

    3. When a player is playing while injured, which ratings are affected? For example, if I have two WRs hurt, one has a fractured wrist, the other a sprained knee, will they both simply have their speed affected? Obviously that would make no sense for the WR who has a broken wrist. That would affect his ability to catch the ball. I can’t imagine that they were smart enough to think this through given their track record.

    4. Is there any visual representation of an injury? i.e, players wearing a knee brace or elbow pad, etc.

    5. Are there injury statuses like in real life? Doubtful, questionable, probable, out?

    Would appreciate it if you could get some answers here. Thanks!

    • Yep I’ll try and check into all those things. My gut feeling is, with something like a draft board that has been so widely requested, if they didn’t mention it already it’s probably not in. But I’ll work on getting some definitive answers in the days ahead

      • Iown You

        I already know o-line AI will be broken as always, so I won’t even bother asking.

        I just want to know:

        1. Did they fix the warping and sliding on the “air supremacy” catch animations?

        2. Did they fix the warping and sliding in the game in general?

        3. Are there any new weather settings at all? Ability to set your own temperature? Anything?

        4. Did they fix the God awful run animations? Like these:



        I’m sure the answer is ‘no’ to all of these things, but I figure why not ask anyway.

        Thanks in advance!

    • Adrian Juarez

      I agree with you on #3, we need a draft board that can sim pick our watched player if still available. As for the simmed drafting based on needs, it’s there, just needs to be overhauled and fixed. Like seriously why do I want the lamest qb/cb over a decent one or why draft a dt/wr when I am loaded at those positions.

  • Jesse

    All I really want is all the stupid, useless modes GONE. Like, Ultimate Team and Draft Champions…it’s complete crap and a waste. Ultimate Team would be a BLAST, if they had Team Builder in it like they did for some NCAA Football games. There, you can make and custom your own uniforms and stadiums…but, to have Andrew Luck in a Jaguars uniform playing at Soldier Field is about as fucking dumb as a football bat.

    Also, for me, the other annoyances I have are minimal. RETIRED JERSEYS would be great. I shouldn’t be able to choose #32 for the Cleveland Browns.

    An expansive Off-Season would be nice. Something NOT as stale and boring. Also, between games, I want the stuff in between the games you play to be just as fun, if possible.

    Playoff, Monday, Thursday, and Sunday Night Football atmosphere…would be AWESOME. There should be a difference between these types of games than the Raiders at Arizona on 4PM, Sunday.

    The Super Bowl should be a separate EVENT all together. Make it epic, and make it so it feels like I have accomplished something. Make it worth-while.

    Pre-Game, and Post Game Interviews would be SO sweet…

  • MoneyMayweather

    NFL 2k5 still champion. is it gonna take Madden EA 20 years to finally make a game better than NFL 2k5 maybe by that time 2k can make football again

    • Jesse Schultz

      Have you played that POS game recently?! It’s laughable…let it go.

      • MoneyMayweather

        No it’s still amazing looks like you haven’t played it in ten years

        2k makes the best Football and Basketball games Bar none

        and EA makes the best baseball games.

        wish MVP baseball would return to wipe the floor with the show.

        • BravesFan24

          I actually wouldn’t be so certain of that. Yes, MVP 05 was a great game, but we don’t know that MVP would wipe the floor against The Show were it still around today. EA has a thing for building up a series then finding a way to destroy it, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • Military Cookies

      2k had the chance to lock up the exclusive rights but passed. I kind of laugh because had they done this and Madden disappeared, all these posts would likely be all about how 2k sucks and Madden 05 is the greatest game ever. Don’t get me wrong NFL 2k had some good qualities but I always thought Madden played better back in the day. This is probably why they sold better than 2k, who has to resort to price cuts which led EA to buying the exclusive rights. So blame 2k for this whole mess.

  • Chiryder

    what about the depth chart? I heard they’re not doing formation substitutions. But, it’d be nice to be able to assign a slot receiver (I know they did something like it last year, but that shouldn’t be the #3 receiver, should still be #1), or nickel corner, or have a chart for 3-4 vs 4-3 vs Hybrid. Especially for a hybrid. Edge rusher instead of DE or OLB or nose tackle vs DT.

    • Jesse

      Formation Subs are IN this year.

      • Chiryder

        whaaaaaattt? I saw on twitter a developer said it wasn’t.

      • Tazdevil20

        Formation subs are NOT in. #Facts

  • Zach

    This is so far the only news that has entices me because graphically I think it is still a bad looking game

  • BravesFan24

    The franchise features actually look pretty decent, just a shame the gameplay and graphics are still subpar.

  • Sting Guy

    Playoff Mode !!!

  • M3 Commish

    Hey Pasta, I posted yesterday in hopes of getting it approved … and or at least a reply from you regarding my post. However, neither took place. I’m just curious to know, why? I felt that it was not only a good question but one that was relative to this article. I wanted to know whether or not the ‘practice squad’ was a feature that league members when playing online in the franchise, could practice against other owners within the online franchise league. They had it before and wasn’t sure why they took such a great feature away. Looking forward to hearing back, thanks.

    • Sorry didn’t see it, looked just now and for some reason it was flagged under spam and no idea why that would be the case. Wasn’t intentional.

      I’m not aware of there being a way to practice against each other with your franchise teams but I’ll try and find out definitively.

      • M3 Commish

        Nice, Pasta. Thank you so much for you reply.

  • tony oree

    franchise features sound nice and all but they need to add the pro bowl for the ps4 version dunno if its still on ps3 either I miss playing the allstar game

  • Paschke

    How about being able to see the fastest or best overall for the whole league in rosters like 10 years ago.

    When looking at players as soon as you back out it takes you all the way to the top player. It’s so annoying.

  • HeatFan786

    EA rests on its laurels year in year out. The drive isn’t there when the competition doesn’t exist or is very weak. I just don’t understand how Madden 05 was the pinnacle of their series and then it becomes a see-saw affair that gets us nowhere. “New feature” then taken out and reintroduced as another “new feature.” Remember the presentation in Madden 12 with the player lineups? Same with Madden 08? Now it’s like fancy player lineups taking up too much time and space on the screen.