10 hour trial for NHL 17 now available through EA Access on Xbox One

Posted September 7th, 2016 at 12:15 pm

NHL 17 Vladimir Tarasenko

NHL 17 is out now to download as a timed trial with EA Access on Xbox One. Subscribers to the service will get 10 hours of playtime after which it will expire. The timer is ticking down whenever the game is loaded regardless of whether it is being played, menus are being navigated through, or if there is any activity taking place at all. Because of that make sure to exit out and close the application from the Xbox One home screen when not in use.

The 10 hours are there to play whether or not all are used by Tuesday. Saves are stored on the hard drive so progress in any of the modes and online records and stats carry over if a full copy is purchased. The complete game is available during the trial period.

EA Access launched July 2014 and is only available on Xbox One (though there’s now also Origin Access on PC). This is the case because Sony has declined to offer the service through PlayStation 4 saying it doesn’t offer enough value – despite being arguably the best value in all of gaming. EA Access includes the “Vault” which offers unlimited play with nearly every game from the company’s catalog this generation, 10% off all digital purchases, and the ability to play games up to five days before they release with a limited timed trial. EA Access is priced at $30 for a full year or $5 month-to-month.

Features for NHL 17 include a mode dedicated to the World Cup of Hockey, the introduction of Draft Champions mode, arena and team creation options, and relocation plus other ownership duties in Franchise. The game is still available for Amazon Prime members to pre-order for $48 standard edition or $64 Deluxe Edition infused with extra Ultimate Team content.

  • PanRecords

    the file size is 19.65 GB before keith moans

    • Keith.

      30 GB left unused again? SMH

      Keep settling for less, and EA will keep delivering.

  • PanRecords

    fun game basically what the last two games should have been though when they remove all the features for this generation.

  • Hatrick Marlo

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me….is there an option to customize season length in franchise mode? Can I set a reduced schedule where I play each team once (29 games) or twice (58 games) ?

    • Pdubz

      Or this same option in Season Mode?

      • SockfulOfNickels

        This is exactly what I need to care about a season/franchise mode, I use it in 2K and it’s awesome.

    • Smsixx


      If you played every team once it would be 31 games, and twice would be 62 games.

      I see your NFL knowledge is on about the same level of a player who would be brain dead by the end of a season that lasted that long.

      • Hatrick Marlo

        This is an NHL thread. 30 teams…29 opponents. I see your inability to read is on about the same level of a player who took a few too many head shots… stay in school, boss.