Madden NFL 17 roster update details out of week 15 of the season

Posted December 22nd, 2016 at 3:45 pm

The roster update for Madden NFL 17 following week 15 of the season is now available to download. Khalil Mack continues his rise as he now stands only a point away from reaching the exclusive club of 99 Overall rated players in the game. He began at 94 and rose to 97 for week one, and after falling to 93 after week six has been climbing ever since.

Notable players on the move in the update include Eric Weddle (+1 to 96), Eric Berry (+1 to 94), Aaron Rodgers (-1 to 94), Jimmy Graham (+1 to 93), Tyron Smith (-3 to 93), Aqib Talib (-1 to 93), Bobby Wagner (+2 to 92), Greg Olsen (-2 to 92), Gerald McCoy (-2 to 91), Michael Bennett (+1 to 90), Janoris Jenkins (+1 to 90), Sean Lee (+1 to 90), Larry Fitzgerald (-2 to 90), Adrian Peterson (-1 to 89), Brandon Marshall (-3 to 85), Tyrann Mathieu (-3 to 85), Mike Adams (+3 to 83), Keith Smith (+10 to 78), Jalston Fowler (+6 to 78), Keith Tandy (+4 to 78), and Ty Montgomery (+2 to 78). View all the ratings changes made throughout the league with the new form here.

  • Deroen Pruitt

    I don’t understand how Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith getting reduced by 3 points. He didn’t give up a sack and Ezekiel Elliott ran for a season high of 158 yards. When is Ezekiel Elliott going to some (TRK) rating? His (TRK) rating is way too low since he leads the with yards after contact. Defensive tackle Malik Collins leads all rookie defensive tackles with 4.5 sacks but yet doesn’t get any increases nor has he been inserted into the starting lineup. Last but not least, defensive end David Irving only got a 1 point increase after his performance against Tampa Bay. He played like Reggie White in the fourth quarter with two sacks and was tossing their lineman like salad but yet received a 6 point decrease in black shed? Ridiculous!

    • Jordan Reaume

      Brah these ppl have nothin to do with the ratings lol theyre just tellin you what changed

    • Yung_Pretty_Nigga

      The cowboys are overated anyway . Madden knows it and rates tham as so

      • Logic

        For real, They have Dez Bryant rated a 92 overall the same as Beckham yet his stats aren’t even close

  • Packers96

    Pasta, any news about week 16 roster update ?????

    • Next one will be later this week, prior to the playoffs starting.