The biggest sports gaming stories of 2016

Posted December 30th, 2016 at 11:15 am

Every year it’s important to look back on developments within the sports gaming genre, not just as a reminder of what has happened, but as insight into the direction individual franchises are going and the trends within the industry that will impact them all.

2016 was a year that saw strong efforts across the board from major publishers and more independent developers making their way in to cover the abandoned arcade-style games and various niche sports. The broken release schedule remains a major concern, publishers are still struggling to gain traction in the world of eSports, the return of college sports games don’t appear to be any nearer, and post-release support is providing greater value and longevity to sports games than they’ve ever been able to offer before. Check out summaries of the important news stories and developments from 2016 in the piece written for Sporting News!

  • Iown You

    I’d say the biggest story is Madden’s unit sales dive. I expect some devs at Tiburon to start leaving for “new opportunities”…

    • Keith.

      Agreed. The game was free for a weekend in October, which I don’t ever remember happening before, and it’s been available for $29 essentially since Thanksgiving. Even if they do eke out 4 million in sales this year (no guarantee of that), I’d think the average $/unit sold would be really down.

      They’re living or dying at this point with MUT, and it’s only a matter of time until more notable names follow Kolbe (the guy they brought over from The Show who exited Tib this year) out the door down in Orlando.

      • Iown You

        What’s funny is how Kolbe’s coming was supposed to be part of bringing in a new era in Madden presentation, putting it on par with The Show. Instead, we get Brian Murray’s nonsense NFL Films vision where cameras whip over to players and make you dizzy like some ridiculous Japanese Super Fun Time Happy Hour Show, and constant shots of the coach before every play completely ruining what he’d built (and well I might add) with pre-play cameras in Madden 15 and 16. Plus, that stupid low “larger than life” shot damn near every post-play.

        I’ll be somewhat surprised if Madden 17 hits 4 Million units, and even then that’s a big dive from last year’s 7.4 Million. This game is finished as far as I’m concerned. The reasons for it are obvious yet clearly Tiburon doesn’t understand it, and thanks to shill havens like Operation Sports they will continue to be encouraged by idiot fanboys who aren’t fans of football at all, just fans of cheerleading and trying to get a job at Tiburon that they aren’t at all qualified for.