Press Row Podcast: Biggest Stories of 2016

Posted January 5th, 2017 at 9:45 am

Press Row Podcast

Every year it’s important to look back on developments within the sports gaming genre, not just as a reminder of what has happened, but as insight into the direction individual franchises are going and the trends within the industry that will impact them all. Bryan Wiedey and Rich Grisham discuss some of the most important stories of 2016 in the new year’s first episode.

Reference Link: The biggest sports video games stories of 2016

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  • Keith.

    Just saw where Rocket League was the most downloaded game on PSN in 2016.

    To me, that’s got to be the story of the year.

    No surprise, but it’s also good to see NBA 2K (#11) finishing ahead of Madden (#16) despite the later release, and despite Madden being at least $10 cheaper than 2K17 on PSN over the holidays.

    • Yep that’s pretty remarkable.

    • Casor_Greener

      Cheap, free at one point, and fun. Not that surprising

      • Keith.

        I could be wrong, but I believe it was free in 2015, which makes the 2016 downloads title even more impressive.

        • Casor_Greener

          If that is true then I would have to agree with you. I know I had never heard of the game until I got it free from PsPlus. I played it quite often after that and downloaded more free add-ons but never paid anything. It’s probably the best game I ever played with hearing no hype before it.