The first sign of life for the next NBA Live console game may have come from Korea

Posted January 17th, 2017 at 3:30 pm

The South Korea Ratings Board recently classified a game called “The Drive to NBA Live” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This may be the first indication that the new NBA Live promised by EA to be out before April is nearing release, or the translation could be literal as far as it being an introduction in the form of a demo for that upcoming game. In America the Entertainment Software Rating Board has not rated anything new NBA Live.

EA has a strong presence in South Korea with PC games like NBA Street Online and FIFA Online along with a studio dedicated to mobile games. The classification from the ratings board however specifically notes it as being for Xbox One and PS4. The name could be telling too, should EA be planning to release an NBA Live 18 in the fall they would need a title that didn’t attach itself to a year. It’s also possible that the next NBA Live will be more akin to the company’s efforts on mobile which don’t attach themselves to a year or traditional release dates but instead continually update with new content.

NBA Live has consistently been scheduled in as a 4th quarter release (January-March) in EA’s financial briefings. To this point the company has yet to reveal anything at all about the game. In the meantime their focus has remained on NBA Live Mobile.

  • J.D. The Horseman

    Need that NBA STREET over here in the states

    • SockfulOfNickels

      That’s literally the only thing that makes sense for EA to do with basketball. It for sure would sell more than NBA Live wouldn’t it?

      • J.D. The Horseman

        Some things just make too much sense to do..

    • WilsonRamos

      would still be worse than 2k’s blacktop lol

  • hungryandrew

    Oh no, mayweather will get excited.

  • Dounte

    Thanks for clearing this up Pasta…. I figured EA had some type of connection over there and that ” The Drive to NBA LIVE ” was a little more than just a demo being rated… It’s still kind of confusing when one believes a mobile type port over to consoles or an always online connected type RPG type basketball title sort of like an Kickstarter… Whatever the hell it is, it better be leading up to something spectacular.. I know that much!!

  • Keith.

    Speaking of dead games, has anybody seen any mention from EA regarding their Golf game? That and UFC were supposed to rotate every year, with this being the year for a new golf game, but EA’s golf forum has been dead for months. Wonder if EA will slide their NBA game into the hole created by golf’s demise.

    • SockfulOfNickels

      I was just thinking of this as well… there’s been no word of a game it seems like, which is crazy, they have the structure for a decent (certainly not great but not terrible) game, it would be a shame if they didn’t get another one out this year. The Golf Club kills it as a game I think but doubt EA is scared of that game as competition.

      • Keith.

        They should be scared of The Golf Club as competition. It’s a great game, has a decent following, and was successful enough to fund a sequel + Vive VR support.

        And, probably most importantly, The Golf Club doesn’t have to pay tens of millions of dollars for licenses, rights fees, etc., so they’ve already got that advantage right out of the chute. EA vs HB Studios might not be Steelers-Patriots, but EA would have to be awfully arrogant not to see TGC as solid competition. Oh, wait…

        • bltzkrieg666

          The Golf club has better golf mechanics than EA’s game but it is a literal snore fest to play. If golf club could polish this game up and get full commentary and the PGA license then we might have something. Overall neither of the two golf games even comes close to replicating what real golf is all about. GC does do it better than EA but they are still miles away from being a true sim golf game.

    • MoneyMayweather

      EA is garbage the only game I will support is NBA live

      • hungryandrew

        Flip flopper.

    • If there’s no sign of it at their next financial briefing (I believe that’s on Jan 31) then its prospects would definitely seem gloomy.

      • MoneyMayweather

        Pasta I have to admit you were right all along. I doubt NBA live 17 will see the light of day I doubt there if working on anything on this point just working on NBA live mobile.

        If they were gonna come out with something there would have been a trailer at Christmas.

        It’s already January 18th nothing is coming out I doubt it will.

        No thanks to clowns like Hungry andrew who think NBA live is just a punch line.

        I would have definetly bought two basketball games this year really enjoy Live’s game play and it was a nice change of pace with 2k

        it’s a shame 2k has the start up glitch I assume some people just pissed off with 2k would have at least tried NBA Live this year it’s a got damn shame 2k now has the reigns to do whatever they want

        it’s a shame how 2k sports has ruined SEGA sports legacy with Garbage after release support of 2k basketball the game is just the same every year 2k14 and 2k17 play the exact same

        it’s a shame because during the SEGA sports years on dreamcast you could definetly see growth and change in the game play mechanics.

        • bltzkrieg666

          Well I can tell you for a fact that the game IS coming out. You people need to get off this board and expand your horizons. All you need to do is hit up the developers Twitter Accounts or search for various community FB pages where some of these developers frequent. The game is in FACT very much alive and will be released as stated Q1 of 2017.

          • To be fair, every game that’s in development and gets canceled was sure to come out…until it was canceled. NBA Elite 11, NBA Live 13, and NBA Live 17 (technically delayed?) are three examples from this one series alone. So there are no guarantees involved here.

          • MoneyMayweather

            Thanks for that BK666

            I assumed nothing was even being worked on I only check pasta padre and the occasional Youtube

            but I did hear awhile ago about a devoloper video describing the new game play in Decemeber.

    • hungryandrew

      I read somewhere that their UFC game while started of slightly strong, failed to meet their sales figures.

      • Keith.

        No doubt. UFC 2 was on sale for $9 on PSN over the holidays, just 6 months after release. Can’t imagine there will be a UFC 3 in 2018.

        • I also don’t think the Ultimate Team really caught on. So that’s a concern. But they still have the contract, and my understanding is that it may require a certain number of releases over its span so I think we’ll be seeing at least one more (plus we have indications that it’s in fact in development still)

          • Keith.

            EA’s not in the business of losing money and disappointing shareholders (ask John Ricotello), and has paid millions to walk away from underperforming licensing agreements in the past. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with all 3 games (Live, Golf, UFC).

    • BravesFan24

      Yeah, the silence on their next golf game is odd. I’m wondering if Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour was such a disappointment that EA has decided to pull the plug. It’s a real shame, actually. The Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series was always a lot of fun to play, but it felt as if EA didn’t try with “Rory”. The graphics were pretty, but almost everything that made “Tiger” great was missing.

      • MoneyMayweather

        I played RORY it’s not the same change the name back to Tiger.

      • Rebel

        I hate to sound like a “hater,” but it sounds pretty typical of EA. They had a really good thing going with Tiger. Tiger 14 was, other than a few annoying problems, on the verge of being a spectacular game. So of course they ruined it all with the change to Rory.

    • bltzkrieg666

      One of the extremely rare occasions when you make a relavant comment. Where is EA’s golf game? I have been asking that very question on both their FB and Twitter pages only to receive no response. They did state that the game wouldn’t be a yearly release but they have completely gone radio silent on this game. As for LIVE, people need to get out of their proverbial bubbles. We have a FB community for NBA Live that is very active and Erika Imburgio from EA frequents our page. The game is very much alive and well I might add. As far as UFC goes……..well, who really gives a damn about UFC? I think we all can safely say that Fight Night is the game we all want back. The real head scratcher is why EA doesn’t release a baseball game, especially when XB1 has no real baseball games and The Show is getting long in the tooth now.

    • WilsonRamos

      people forget 2k baseball sucked and died so did 2k hockey. Their just lucky they have 1 gem in nba

  • Joseph Wade

    They been awfully quite on Live.